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Witch Doctor
Hi. I saw a rather useful pricing guide for items that Barbs use. 1 handed socketed weapons, certain stats on armor (which really can be applied to every class). I'm just unclear what to keep when it comes to Mojo, Ceremonial Knives, VooDoo masks, etc.

What do you look for in an item that is class specific? I know INT is important for WD, but I've heard that some WD melee. Do you need high attack speed and DPS for a knife? Would you rather dual wield? What type of build do you have and what types of items and properties do you look for? For example, is a socketed Gidbin any good?

What about rings/amulets? What stats on those are really helpful (besides the regular stuff like resist all and magic find, high INT/VIT, etc.) Does attack speed or crit dmg help a WD? What about those special bonuses that are specific for that class only (ex: Lower Zombie mana cost, etc.)

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe others will start saving stuff and put up more useful items for Witch Doctors on the AH as well. If there is a thread that already goes into depth on this, please share. Thanks!
Since in WD world there is no such thing as Mana gen. over crits, mana gen. is the first prob. u need to deal with (esp. if u continue to use zombie charger).
So, get a set of zuni is a good starting point.
Then looking for items with INT, crit. chance, crit. dmg, vital and all resist. Attack speed is probably the last thing you will look for in shopping for now.

Since you already have a zuni string, you can buy a ceremonial knife with life steal, crit. dmg and socket.

Your mojo is good enough for now for bear mana reduction and you have a very good mana gen helm. You should not need to get other zombie mana reduction gear for now.... before getthing the above items...

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