[1.07 PVP] Barbarian will still be the king.

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Too early to say I was right?
xept... players can dodge, not monsters.
only an idiot would actually believe barbs could be anything better than the bottom feeders of pvp.
@ Op I guess you haven't been watching the top barbs in pvp streaming on the PTR, they're at the bottom of the food chain.....

Monks are dominating everything 1v2, 1v3 (evenly matched top geared class players in the world)....

Dh's and Wd's are also doing very well, wizards and barbs at the bottom.
The PVP is actually VERY balanced.
Monks are doing well right now, but that's only because pvp is new and people havent fully figured out effective strategies. DH are inherently superior to monks. Only WD should really pose a problem for DH since they cannot effectively counter haunt.
LOL I returned to this post as well. Flash, where are you buddy?
Jay will make us OP in PvP just as we are in PvE! just you wait,your mockery will eat you in the end.
Maybe, but that will not change the fact that Flash and his original post are both total fail.

Blizz might change it in the future, but he could not be any more wrong on his original post.
Op took Diablo whining to a new level, he did it in advance and quickly found out how stupid he was.

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