giving away my monk

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I havbe been trying to upgrade my monk, which feels impossible due to the price of the gear i need. But i would be glad to take your monk off your hands.

I have been playing monk since 1.02, paragon 100. I would love to continue gearing my character but like i said, it is impossible right now for me to do.
i stopped playing the game for over a month now, played all classes but focused on my wiz and WD. i would love to try my monk again if you would lend me your items. you can get it back any time you would want. cheers!
I just gave about 50 mil worth of monk gear to another aspiring monk. I'm a cold res monk just like you and several of those pieces would help my build, especially got my eyes on nat's set or the bracers. Even the inna's pieces would upgrade me. Interested in any of it actually.
Came here just to say Hi to another cold Monk here :)

Your gears are really good. I have been farming for more than one hundred hours but could not find any upgrades. I want a Mempo with crit chance to buff my dps and EHP at the same time but they are just way too expensive.
I would "take good care" :) Please consider me as a recipient!!
Another good monk has left the game. I would recommend you to sell everything to RMAH, so if someday you want return, you can use that balance to re-gear your monk. 1.07 will buff monk spirit skill so why don't you mess around with spirit build. I would love to take care of your gears if you really decide to leave the game. Since monk is my favorite class but due to the price tag of monk's gears I wasn't able to put my monk to full potential thus it is why I've decide to gear a barb to farm monk's items.
i think im the one who will take good care of my gears rather than let them sit in dust
im planing to switch to monk, im currently using barb but im feel on my barb just like what you feel in your monk.

it will absolutely a good start on my monk if will give them to me and a good start for coming back in the game. im almost 2 months of not playing diablo III! btw this is the currently gears of my

thank you.
Give your stuff here. Tired of playing Barb want to gear up my monk ASAP. Dont hesitate broski just add me. :)
Your gear is amazing!!! Would be humbled to have any piece of it. The grind to get to your level will be a hard one but will strive to get there!
Amazing monk man, nice to see someone givin out gears when they are finished playing. I would love to have your items, but as you can see many would lol. Have tried monk quite a few times but takes so much time to make one or lots of $$ to build one. If you don't have someone else in mind yet would love it, or just a piece of it. Thanks man, and GL with you non D3 experiences.
Good luck on whatever else your doing. I'll put your gear to good use and retire some pieces down the road. Sorry to see ya go monks have the best class community.
if your still giving this away, just keep me in mind,
been trying to gear my monk for quite sometime, don't have a bad monk
just can be better.
But thx for just reading this if anything
Do you have enough attention OP? I just can't wait until he doesn't end up giving his gear away
holy hell. this had gotten crazy!!!
stick around so i can die in a duel to your enchantress lol
hi gelu i have a monk but cant get any better gear than i have i would llok after your gear so well and kill lots of evil with it. but im prob to late so:(
Let's do

feeww... zhuun.. ha!

your gears are safe with me
I'd definitely take your gear if you offered it up, since I'm also a Cold Monk. I've found that, if I want to raise my dps any it's going to cost a fortune, and looting for better gear just isn't happening. Personally, I want to know how you rolled that high of a fist weapon, since it seems whenever one drops for me I always get the shaft and I never had one roll over 940. Hell, toss me something that will finally give me the extra 7k dmg, so I can hit 100k total and I'd be happy.
You are a very kind person. I realized your build is perfect. If I ever get your gear, I will be dedicated to help out anyone that is in need free of charge. Including, free help with new people, farm gears for those ones cannot afford. Also carry some of the players having trouble with the game itself. And punishes those are mean to the others.
Well we are 24 pages into this so doubtful this will be read but I am stuck with my monk in the 70k dps range and anything to upgrade is getting exponentially expensive at this point.

This would definatly be put to good use with my monk.


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