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Witch Doctor
I plan on hitting 60 very shorty on my witch doctor. Basically up to this point i have just been power level up to level 60 without much thought. Basically i made this post because i am wondering what stats im going to want on my gear before i buy some. Also i will need a recommendation on a build too. Any help is greatly appreciated. here is a link to my character http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Uniden-1515/hero/30413617
Yes i know i still have level 22 gear on but i have been having a friend powerlevel me so there was no need to buy anything. I dont plan on keeping any items that are currently equiped.
Spend some time looking at the New to Level 60 section of

Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

Then if you have specific questions post them up.
for the stats just go for core stats: int ( dont forget 10 int=1 ar), vita, ar, cc and cd, dont add too much as cus it will just burn ur mana quicker.

For gear, we dont have much choice. If u plan to farm higher MP then bis are:
-4 pieces Zuni set, A MUST HAVE for high mp, zuni chest, boots and ring then u got the choice between the mojo and the helm
-Belt: the witching hours, i recently upgrade my rare belt to a WH, it boosted me of 17k dps!!
-Amulet: tal rasha for high primary stats and cd/cc but very expensive or a similar rare one
-Bracer: Lacuni for the ms, extra as and can roll cc or a nice rare one
-gloves:high int, vita + cc+cd and + as if u can afford trifecta glove

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