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Right now when we find a useless legendary we can either vendor it, try to sell it on the AH, or brimstone it. Generally, things like Frostburn gauntlets get brimstoned. Sadly though, some things like poorly rolled Manticores get brimstoned as well. I have personally done that to two that I've found.

What I propose is a new way to use these 'useless' items. What if we could take two of the same legendary, add some gold/gems, and create 1 new of that same legendary? We could take two garbage Manticores, throw some gold at it through use of the blacksmith, and create a new Manticore, possibly with usable stats! Suddenly, good legendaries with bad rolls become useful. The quality of gear goes up because below average legendaries get rerolled into good ones. Items are now taken out of the game and the economy is no longer as flooded.

But what about terrible legendaries like Frostburn Gauntlets? No matter how many times you reroll those, they will never turn out good. Why doom them to brimstone, and only brimstone? Well, what if through the blacksmith you could roll a *random* legendary using other legendaries as the material components? What if 5 Frostburn Gauntlets could be rolled into any other legendary? Maybe a recipe that takes any 5 legendaries and rolls out a new one? Perhaps the new legendary could be any legendary *except* one of the ones used as materials?

Through such a system all legendaries would become useful. It would dampen the discouraging streaks of 'brimstone' legendaries because you know that after you get 5 of those, you get one free! It's like any good marketing deal. Buy enough, get something free.


I like it.
I could get on board with this. Although chances for a good roll would have to be the same as chances of a good roll when it initially dropped. So, 0.0002%?
Chances to get a good roll wouldn't need to be increased at all. It would just give us a way to use all those bad rolls instead of brimstoning them. Any way that gives us the power to keep working up our level of gear and gives use to now useless items..
This would be an awesome idea. :)
what if you just bought a bunch of crap legendaries on the AH? I think as stated it would be a little broken. Agree getting crap legendaries is kind of bullsh*t tho
TF2 does this correctly, and it works for TF2 very well. I'd love to see a system like this for D3.

Rerolling items = good. Make it somewhat expensive or use some sort of gem?

I don't know, but rerolling GC's in D2 was expensive but fun. I agree +1
Anyone remember these?
3 Perfect Skulls + Rare Item + Stone of Jordan
Perfect Skull + Rare Item + Stone of Jordan

For some reason when people bring up useless legendary and a new use for them, those recipes come to mind.

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