The SIMPLEST change could improve PvP so much

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Add K/D stats for each character

Reset counters every month
i like it how there is no point system.
and be sure to integrate this before fixing 1-shoting people while being invulnerable.
PvP is on hold.

Dueling is what is and its already understood by the devs that dueling is short and simple.
The game doesn't keep score and there are no objectives. We wanted dueling to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so we created a minimalist system -- we know that even without rewards and objectives, some players just want to beat each other up. Some matchups may be one-sided, and we don't expect that battles will be necessarily balanced. But that's okay, because dueling in Diablo III is more about kicking !@# and taking names in a no-holds-barred sort of way, and this design certainly allows you to accomplish that.

Why can't people understand that?

Why do you care so much about these technicalities like this, everybody knows what's meant. Here's some BS for you too
"a prearranged combat between two persons"

This is not a dueling system, this is an arena FFA with multiple people. Nobody cares about terminology
dueling needs different modes.

-spectator (other than youtube and twitch)
-ffa (already in)

1 year at a time i guess.
01/16/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Sÿlak
PvP is on hold.

PvP isn't some random combination of letters to mean whatever the heck you're implying it means in your post. It stands for "player versus player". PvP is coming in 1.07.

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