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hello friends!
it seems my gear is ok (armor) but im hitting about 80k unbuffued,
any suggetions what should i upgrade next?
what about skills? this set of skills often "saves" me being killed by elites.

another question - ive used bul-kathos sword sets and got this ik weapon, is this my damage weak spot? i see barbs (higher levels) hitting for 150-200k - its just because the CD addoon on weapons and open slots?

my hero profile:

thanks you,

please help :-)
CD, CC, and IAS play a large part in paper dps. It looks like you are creating a whirlwind build. ww builds require ias and cc to be effecient and cd does play a huge part. I would try and get a set of weapons with either sockets or high crit dmg. After that look at a bunch of ww/dt builds on the forums to get a good idea of what to do for skills. As for survivability if your above 100k dps with good enough attack speed you can get away with minimal ls and some loh. with 100k or less dps at least 1200 loh is advised. your gear isn't actually too bad so I would really work on your skills and getting 2 1h weapons that will really allow your potential to be exploited to its fullest.
hey Lidsvier, thanks for the answer!

what weapons u think i should get?
ive saw combination of 1 axe\mace and EF or dagger on OH,
which should i choose? or should i choose a skorn?

thank you!
That is really up to you as a personal preference. From an efficiency standpoint, the axe/mace and ef is best. However ef's aren't cheap es[ecially good ones. So I would say mace/axe dagger with ias. And of course ias on gear to get at least 2aps total.
First, replace one of the defensive passive with Ruthless. 5CC & 50CD is too good to ignore.

You have an amazing IK weapon, but I feel it is too slow for WW build. Switch to dual wield might drop some paper DPS but is easier to run with higher attack speed.

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