Diablo 3/ Starcraft 2 Lag problem

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I was playing starcraft 2 and I was shift building mutliple buildings when the mouse cursor started freezing and I was unable to build and click fast and the mouse became choppy

I was playing Diablo 3 as my DH and I was shooting arrows and I let go of my mouse Cursor and my DH kept shooting arrows and when I tried to shoot in another direction or walk or DO ANYTHING my mouse would chop up Severely.

I just played 3 other PC games that I have that AREN'T Blizzard games and they ran totally fine.

My Bios video cards and EVERYTHING is up to date. I have used this video Ccard Nvidia GTX 560 TI For a year now and NEVER had a problem with SC2 or Diablo 3.. And now this. Why is it doing this?

I also downloaded them from the website which im going to uninstall and install using my CD's because idk wth.

Let me also add I just did a speedtest and my Cable internet is completely fine so that isn't the problem either
I'm having unplayable lag issues in D3 also. It started last night but is continuing today. Unbelievable rubber banding, input lag, and random disconnects. This issue happened last time they had a live PTR too.

The game feels completely broken. It sure isn't on my end. Every single game I play is online and they all run great except for Diablo.
I can't believe this isn't more widespread. I go from 40ms ping to 400 or 600 or 1000+ms repeatedly. I can't clear a single map without serious problems, not to mention finish a full run.

My internet is fantastic and I have no problems in any other games. Sucks for me I guess.

My barb will continue to WW when I let go of the button. Input lag such as overpower and health potions activating a second later. Losing health when no enemies are hitting graphically. Rubberbanding repeatedly in a row. All these things will happen during a play session. It isn't just when I load a zone either.
i have same issue since monday. my ping in private games at w3 r ok about 40ms and in d3 ive go 125-800. im technican in internet provider at my region so i have access to whole my network. checked since few days and my ping is going high at telia routers. whats is going on. i can put my traceroute log if u want. happy that im not alone at this.
I've been having the same problem for the last few days, they need to fix this.
So, I've lost 2 hardcore wizards in the past 2 days because of this lag. I don't believe it's on my end, as I can play other games for hours without any problems.

Log into Diablo3? Runs fine...and then you're rubberbanded and getting raped by adds. I quit this game months ago due to this bull!@#$ and was told it was fixed.

Please address.
I have the same issue. Annoying as hell. Its fine in the first 30 minutes. After that however, everything freezes. I can still move my WD but every other in-game char is frozen. I can't even logout properly. I have to close the window manually to get out of the game.
Same here. Every application on my computer is running well with the exception of D3. Terible lag spikes make it virtually unplayable (or at least sufficiently not enjoyable). These effects began with the most recent sever maintenance and have persisted since.
Same thing here, and I've tested other games/programs that use the internet and it's not on my end. I have been having horrible lag issues for the past 5 or 6 days with D3. Spikey MS and random disconnects so bad I stopped playing Hardcore 4 days ago and went back to Softcore. I die 4 or 5 times per run due to this and it's getting to the point where I'm tired of logging in because I know it's going to the the same thing every time.
I think they switched hosts to akamai technologies... I am getting huge recieve windows from this company when I play. I got a 500mb download the other night from them after I launched D3. It has been pretty steady.... Launch diablo ... get spammed by akamai with nothing.

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