What is the HC to SC player ratio?

Just as the title asks, I'm curious what is the ratio of people that play hardcore to softcore?
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Even if I had all the data, I wouldn't know how to answer that.

What constitutes a "hardcore" player? Do I make the list? If you look at my profile, I have more SC kills than HC (including the HC kills in my graveyard, and the ones I deleted), yet I certainly spent a lot more time on HC.

What about people who spent almost all their time on SC, but tried HC once or twice for, say, Normal mode, and thus, have HC characters on their account.
That's a reasonable response Bottle. Without a clear definition of "Hardcore" this question is indeed difficult, if not impossible, to answer. So I suppose let's call a Hardcore player any player that has a hardcore toon that is at least paragon level 1 and spends more time playing hardcore than they do softcore. Let the definition of a softcore player be similar. If anyone would like to add to or tweak these definitions please feel free.
The ratio is 87:1.
Is there any legitimacy to this 87:1 or are you just posting arbitrary numbers?
Ppl that plays hardcore also plays softcore to test builds and practice, so any ratio might be a little wrong
certainly, I realize that coming up with an exact ratio is essentially impossible, but a decent approximation would be nice.
01/05/2013 02:43 PMPosted by DamageInvite
Is there any legitimacy to this 87:1 or are you just posting arbitrary numbers?

Just arbitrary numbers. Sorry, I don't usually troll, but I couldn't help myself. :)

It's impossible to know unless we have Blizzard's proprietary information. I guess you could try to figure it out based on comparing items posted in the AH or something, but I don't know how. Maybe some math folks can get on that.
You do realize blizzard is the only one with access to this data right?

I mean you could take samples and get a good guess but they are the only ones who know the real HC:SC player ratio (using your HC player definition)
A good, educated, guess is all I want. I figured someone or some website had these statistics readily available, apparently I was wrong.

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