Rmah Order 10 days in ''Processing'' Help!

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Hi Omarakos,

I have a Rmah item that was sold 10 days ago now Order Id: 1260885417
The item still have a ''Processing'' status on it and i would like you to please check out what's happening. I sent 2 tickets before, 1 they told me to wait 10 days wich will be today and the 2nd one told me if i have further issues i need to post on forum for support so i hope i'm at the right place. Thank you sir and have a nice day!
Blizzard please answer my thread plz!
There are not normally any forum support agents around on the weekends so you probably have to wait until later Monday afternoon for an answer. Even then, all he can do is tell you the status of the auction, he can't give you the item back, give you money, or change the game code. What they normally mean by posting on the forums is to post over in the Bug Report forums :/ Which will be what you have to do if Omrakos can't shed some light on it for you.
Thanks MissCheetah :)
Please escalade my thread to someone who can help. Blizzard keep sending me the generic answer that most Rmah are now fixed but mine isn't. Please help!

You'll need to submit another or reopen an existing support ticket and ask them to escalate it for you. I can't do that for you in here. A ticket must exist in order for it to be investigated. That gives them a way to contact you as well which isn't really that viable in a forum environment where personal info can't be shared.
i have the same problem they say it s gonna take 48hrs it s been 8 days now....when will they come back from vacation?
I reopened my ticket yesterday the woman said she sent it to the Rmah team for further investigation ill keep you informed of how it went for other people like you that are in the same situation.

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