Druid for expansion!

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I loved werewolf and werebear in D2 they could add them as class who's primary stat is based on what form they assume. Werewolf is dex based, Werebear is str, and maybe like a wererat or something for int based.Then whatever form you were in would get bonuses (like WotB) but also different bonuses to certain skills.
i loved my werewolf druid. but werebear was worthless. i think they should just stick to werewolf and give it more skill options
lol - wererat should indeed be INT based :-)
I totally agree. I'm playing Witch Doctor and the zombie dogs and gargantian just don't do it for me as did the wolves and grizzly!
I think Blizzard will do something far more original that bring back old classes.

But then again, it may just be iterations of them...
Not much other shape shifters in lore, besides Werewolves and Vampires really though..

Possibly things heroes would be more interested in killing than playing as :-(

By iterations I'd think something along the lines of:

Paladin -> Cleric/Priest/Adept
Necromancer -> Warlock/Summoner/Cultist
Druid -> Werewolf/Vampire/Usurper

It'll definitely be an iteration if so... come on, think outside the box for ones guys lol
Two chars for expansion:

Necro + Druid

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