Doing Ubers with a full DPS Archon gear

I'd like to know which build you usually use to do the ubers having an Archon gear.
Thanks for the ideas,
Have fun.
i'd like to know too, im sure a dedicated archon player will come around soon and let us know
Try the hybrid archon build (Schenko's post), with his mentioned uber modifications.
Living Lightning Arcane Dynamo RoF Snow Blast, Arcane Torrent Disruption or Death Blossom, or Disintegrate Intensify with casting cost reduction and Arcane Hydra.
Living lightning? the range is very short I think..
you will need frost nova to keep them in place while you're refreshing archon
it's hybrid archon you want here.

frost nova/cold snap and living lightning.

true archon builds can't proc energy twister due to low aspd. got to have at least 2.3 imo hence they rely on living lightning coz it doesn't need aspd to properly proc cm.
I had 2.38 in previous gear and used wicked wind to reset archon.!gbY!YcYcaZ

Change Sparkflint to Crystal Shell, that's about it. Sometimes I'll change Deep Freeze to Cold Snap, depends on the people I'm playing with. Also occasionally swap my Zuni chest in place of Tal's. Again, depends on MP level and who I'm playing with.
I can run Hybrid Archon for MP8 ubers with little difficulty. I swap in Living Lightning for Forked Lightning, Cold Snap for Wormhole, Pinpoint Barrier for Scramble, Improved Archon for TP rune, Crystal Shell for Sparkflint, Evocation for Galv Ward, and, if necessary, Arcane Dynamo for Glass Cannon (I prefer GC tho, because its hard to get a good long burst of the beam in without interruptions or needing to relocate). Cold Snap/LL works great. Even with a slow-as-mud spear, I have accidentally locked my barb friend in SB's grab.

Ghom/Rakanoth is a bit tricky because, out of archon, the mitigation is too low to withstand Stinky's clouds. I end up having to skirt the stage between archons and use the various summon stacks to refresh instead of keeping the freeze on the ubers.

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