PvP Dueling Tournament!

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*NOTE: To everyone who signed up, I would still like to carry out this Tournament if you all are still interested. Right now, I'm just waiting for Blizzard to fix the PTR and incorporate the Elite status of players and CC reduction. This will allow players who have specifically geared for PvP with Elite Damage Reduction or +Damage vs Elites items to play to their full potential.

Also, some players are still not able to port in their character a 2nd time, me included. This means players who have re-geared will not be able to use their new items.

Once Blizzard updates the PTR, we can carry this out.

Currently, there are 26 players, just need 6 more players and we can have a 2nd bracket.

If you guys are interested to carry this out now, without waiting for them to patch the PTR, let me know. Then I will organize the match-ups and we can proceed.


As Dueling is coming and there seems to be no form of Ladder implemented, just a FFA kill all format with no scoring. I would like to put forth the idea of a Tournament to promote friendly competition and more fun!

Dueling won't be implemented for at least another 2 weeks (just an estimation), so all the following is up for discussion and changes. But I thought it would be nice to have a form of competition where reward and recognition become big incentives to build better PvP characters and promote PvP gearing and build diversity.

It is of course an official ground for players to settle their scores once and for all and find out who's the best Dueler among us.


The following are the outline of the tournament concept I have in mind and is totally open for discussion:

1) Each tournament will have a 16 players roster and match-ups will be arranged for a 1v1 format with a referee present (role of referee will be explained later).

2) All 16 players are to be from the designated bracket to be allowed to enter the competition. Bracket is determined by the PvP Dummy score on DiabloProgress. Rank 1-1000 will be one bracket, 1001-2000 will be another bracket and so on. This is to ensure a more fairer competition where players of similar gear are matched against each other. Players who wishes to enter the competition will provide a link to the DiabloProgress profile with the gear set he will be dueling with. This is to ensure he is within the bracket he is entering.

3) Each player will contribute a sum of gold to enter the competition (5 million perhaps) to create a pool of reward. If 5 million then pool will be 80 million.

4) Reward will be given out either in a Winner Take All form or in percentages (1st place 50%, 2nd Place 35%, 3rd Place 15% for example).

5) Dueling will be conducted by a referee where he will set up the game and have the preparations ready (preparations explained below). Both players will enter the arena and whoever reaches 5 kills first wins and will proceed to the next round.

6) As we have no idea whether Blizzard will implement gear locking to prevent switching of gear. I suggest the following: There will be 2 piles of white items (normal items, not rare items dyed white :p) on 2 sides of the room before entering the arena. Each pile will consist of enough items to fill up the whole inventory of the character save one slot for potions. I counted 29 2-slot items and 1 1-slot item. Both players are required to pick up ALL white items then throw down their potions and picked them up again for referee to verify their inventory is full. This will ensure players do not switch out gear that will push them into another bracket. Players will carry all these items throughout the duration of the duel. They will only drop all the items back in the same place where they picked them up when they have finished. This will allow the referee to invite another 2 players in for the next match-up with the items ready on the ground.

7) Referee will enter the arena with no weapons and take out all thorns damage items and reflect skills to prevent disruption of tournament.

8) Referee will also inspect players to make sure they are using the gear set they provided on their DiabloProgress link when submitting their profiles to enter the competition. Any gear change are to be reflected on their DiabloProgress profile and submitted to referee for approval 1 day beforehand to ensure they stay within the bracket.

9) Players will be allowed to use any skills they want, there is no restriction on skills or skill change.

10) All match-ups will be judged (who reaches 5 kills first) and recorded by the referee on videos and uploaded on YouTube. What's the point of a tournament if the rest of the Barb community can't see it right?

11) Players will hand over their entry fee gold to the referee for safekeeping before beginning the tournament.

12) Match-ups will continue till the Winner is decided and crowned the Best Dueler in his bracket.

13) 3rd and 4th places match-ups can be arranged before the Finals if the reward gold is to be given out in percentages format.

14) All match-ups, videos and Winner rankings will be updated in an official thread. The Winner can bath in his glory with his combat prowess and road to Championship captured on videos for all to see. And we can finally all know who's really the best PvP Barb out there!


The above is a very very rough outline of the tournament concept I have in mind and is open for discussion as Dueling is still a few weeks away.

I also suggest a percentage of the Gold pool be given to the referee as compensation for his hard work. He has to conduct the match-ups, prepare the white items, record and upload videos etc. So gold pool could be distributed in the percentages 1st Place 50%, 2nd Place 25%, 3rd Place 15%, Referee 10%. We will of course need a very trust-worthy person to be the referee as he will also be safe-keeping the gold.

Using DiabloProgress as a measurement for division of brackets may not be ideal but I think this is the best have for now as there is no Ladder or scoring system implemented by Blizzard. Even if they have, there is no official tournament. We could also use The Hall of Godly Barbs Hall Score calculation as the metric for division of brackets but I think that's more of a farming efficiency score (I could be wrong, pls correct me if I'm wrong).

Also, if we have people to sponsor the tournament with more gold than the players' entry fees, it will make it more exciting. I can start off by adding a 10million gold to the pool. I know it's not much but I'm not really that rich either.

I know the whole thing sounds like a lot of work but I think it will also be a lot of fun too!

Hopefully if this Tournament is successful, we can extend it to other classes so we it will be an All Classes Tournament.

I hope you guys find this idea interesting and we can discuss on how to make it more fair and successful. All rules and formats are open for discussion.

Any player who would like to participate in such a tournament is free to post your interest here and who you'd like to match up against. We can see if this can be arranged.

We can even try this out in PTR and you can battle against some EU Barbs as well.

Thanks and let the feedback roll...


*TLDR: 16 players in the same bracket (no bracket also can) battle it out to see who's the Real King of Duelers. Each player pitch in 5mil for the reward pool, Winner takes 50%, 2nd Place 35%, 3rd Place 15%. Match-ups will be judged and recorded by referee and videos will be uploaded onto YouTube for all to witness the True PvP Champion of Barbs!*

Current players participating (includes US Barbs PvP Rank on DP):

1) Aracknid #1574 (9737)
2) Crypter #1856 (14)
3) Nikeboy1984 #6661 (2)
4) acrimony #1561 (NA)
5) BALLER #1390 (5)
6) SGfuNkz #1950 (NA)
7) ryan87a #1635 (671)
8) TEDDY #1928 (829)
9) Det0x #2856 (EU 1488)
10) Joch #1760 (39)
11) FeRMi #1453 (102)
12) Jook #1782 (1)
13) Fizzlesprig #1762 (154)
14) SoLiDAlvi #1156 (11480)
15) Wayneold #1685 (1136)
16) T0ny0 #1847 (3212)

Reserve or waiting for more players to form another bracket:

17) LordZeus #1756 (15965)
18) TimPam #6231 (8650)
19) SAIGA12 #1980 (1428)
20) impepe #6528 (34)
21) fookya #1334 (1456)
22) MooseJuice #1132 (12749)
23) wilbur222 #1278 (169)
24) Razlin #1697 (28624)
25) Indigowombat #1149 (11319)
26) CrayolaBox #6494 (7079)
I'll pitch in and help if I can. I don't think I should enter the tournament though as I have 0% chance of winning and may cause some players to grief lol!

Edit: If anything I can be the ref for the top matches (and ensure the ref doesn't die lol).

Hahaha, I think you will make the best Referee! Thanks for volunteering to help out. I will be glad to have you on board!
I'd get in on this for sure, though my gear isn't great so it may be a pain to find a good match.

Also gotta hope I can get my new comp before PvP so I don't have to play on a MBP with a 9400m.

Nice, will see how this goes. Getting more Barbs to join will make it more fun.
Sounds like fun, you can count me in.

Having one of the best SnB barbs in, this will be great!
sounds very fun! haven't much read the rules but count me in!

Very nice, battle of the SnB!
Count me in. Dual Wielding for now. I'll have more details when I get it sorted out.
Count me in :)
@Baller and Acrimony

Nice, mixing it up. Some DW and some SnB. Who's next?

Any Throw?
@ orion: Thanks for the hardwork of putting up and organising this tournament! it sounds really cool. I have recently rerolled my barb so i dont have any gears in my profile. Busy gearing up my barb atm but am definitely interested to join in! Count me in please.

ohh btw..will be doing HOTA barb here.

PS: will update my stats of d3progress here when im done. shld be soon :)
@Baller and Acrimony

Nice, mixing it up. Some DW and some SnB. Who's next?

Any Throw?

I will do throw as well heh.
where are the 2H'ders?
This looks like it could be a lot of fun. I am in.
Can i join?

Gonna do skorn tho i might die very quickly against this godly barbs.. Lol!
So will there only be 3 ultimate winners? Or will there be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from each bracket?

I mean I would totally be down, but I can't compete with most of you guys so I would be giving away 5mil
@Baller and Acrimony

Nice, mixing it up. Some DW and some SnB. Who's next?

Any Throw?

Hey man,

Heres my link if you need it.


I plan on having throw in there, so ill be like a hybrid throw/hota.
i just read the guidelines and sounds pretty fair and fun for everyone, here is my dp link for your reference, skills are not updated and may vary depending on the opponent.


EDIT: also i agree on giving some % reward on the referee for organizing and putting up an effort especially for capturing the fight on vide and uploading stuff in youtube or anywhere.


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