Looking for Good CM Wiz

Hey guys looking for a well geared cm wiz for mp 10 Ubers on the weekends. In the group so far we have a Barb DH and Monk. Add me in game if interested Ochi#1322
i do lots of ubers and always love a solid group

add me if you want :D
Yep. JoeMammy#1301
I do uber10 every night. Add me if u like.
Still looking to have more CM wiz on friends list so one always available for ubers
Hi Ochi,
I do MP10 whenever I can as well. Please feel free to add me..

I will add you when im home from work

I am currently in the UK so I will be online at 'odd hours' in the US server. If you happen to need a CM when most CMs are asleep/working/schooling, I might be around =)).

Thanks guys, I will add you all once i am at home. Bump for more wizysss
u can add me up
Added you all still wouldnt mind having more accessible
add me V1powered#1919
u can add me ayerun#1511
I'd like to run ubers with your team. Add me please

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