Booz: trade proposal for discussion.

Just thinking...I think there are two items that we can swap which will include my Nat boot. It will increase your dps but slightly lower your mitigation and vice versa for me. Yeah. Unless I get Tri Dunk, I can't see any other way to boost my dps significantly.

Which two items can we swap, one of our items being the nat boots. Just a thought.

Booz's Wiz:
What are you proposing ?

Yes it looks like tri cross would bring you significant dps boost, other then that it's maxing out stats on existing gear.
What do you think?
usually you do yourself no favors boosting DPS unless corresponding LOH is added too. Tricross will cause issues. But yeah it's you're big one.
O.k. I was thinking we can swap our Nat boots and Tasker. You gain intel, dex, 1% melee. I gain vit and 0.5 cc. everything else is somewhat scratch. Possibly lateral upgrade but I can buff little more mitigation and you can buff little more dps? just's kinda insignificant but it can be a consideration if you can afford to lose 0.5cc from tasker for slightly more upgraded nat boot. I was just thinking.
01/17/2013 10:50 AMPosted by Aimless
usually you do yourself no favors boosting DPS unless corresponding LOH is added too. Tricross will cause issues. But yeah it's you're big one.

Boozer can afford more dps b/c he got himself LOH/CC/CD/IAS nat ring the other night. For me...I'm kinda maxed out with my build for now. and there's no way I can come up with billion gold Tri Cross. In reality, I'm plateaued.

btw, booz, my nat boot is only thing that is comparable to Shandlar's I think. =)
I ended up selling that tri nat with loh. Too weak so I sold it .

Got different setup for now.

In reality the proposed trade would not be worth it especially on my end. It would be much of a dps boost since each cc is worth about 2k dps.

In the end I'm probably trading dex and 1% Marlee for .5 cc and vitality.

Maybe think of other ways to juggle gear a bit ?
How about I also include my Chanto Will on top of those two gears I mentioned. =)
U should add him and discuss in-game... he won't bite u I confirm.
He is already added in the game. I just want a discussion in the forum. But I confirm that he almost bit me.

Ya works since i'm at work, can't reply in game.

What about your will?

Hard for me to really juggle my gear. I have gold though haha.
I am potentially willing to trade certain stuff too, have too many weapons and sources floating around (LS Skorn, Sickle, Chants Set, Oculus, some Rares, etc).

Would consider trading alternate stuff for stuff I can use all the time.
I got no gold after I bought that Lacuni the other night after you said a descent Lacuni with AR is hard to come by. so I kinda jumped on it. Don't ask for the price. I'm sure I overpaid for it but man...I can not control my impulse of buying. I have no patience. Boosted my dps by 4k though with that extra 63 intel. Wasn't a lateral upgrade though.

Which set up do you have now?
I'm running with 850 loh after my new tri nat. Still at same defenses and bit more vitality with a new boot.

237k solo runs on mp8 are a joke. Reflect makes me "play" but after that it's flying thru. With deep freeze sheet dps is 273k dps and 79.5cc. Needless to say I run pretty fast.

On that note. When I play 10 I opt for my rare trifecta ring instead of unity. Gain a bit of vitality and boost my loh. Lose 9k dps but that's okay still. Wish i can find something with AR + unity stats. Saving up for that item.

I would consider a trade plus gold for your boot but otherwise think I have to pass on trading the TNT away.

Tbh your gear set is already pretty damn nice. 170-180k cm wizard is awesome already
Another suggestion I think is to just play the game and level up.

I was thinking if shandlar was at p lvl 100 he would have gained another 10k dps roughly from INT alone. Putting him at 230k and that is just scary thinking about it with his level of defense and offensive stats.
I like the name TNT. I wanted some discussion in the forum so time can fly by at work. These days, forum topics are not that interesting. PTR is just PTR. Who cares?
01/17/2013 12:17 PMPosted by Boozor
Another suggestion I think is to just play the game and level up

Yes, I was thinking about that already. If I get to let say plvl90, that's another 90 intel, I guess that would give me another 8k. Puts me at around 190K. not bad...huh. =)

time to go home. Thanks for chatting.
Where's aimless, we can compare pants, 3.0 vs 2.73, OS vs IAS wands, etc


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