Pick ONE gear you want from the Wiz above:

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@ Blazers

01/18/2013 09:08 AMPosted by Ricstar
I want your Mempo of Twilight. Can't never find one with good Attack speed and CC.

Your Tal's Ammy :D

I like the Tal's Chest.
want that chantodo's

Your Witching Hour. It has all the right stats I'm looking for.
good duncraig cross

Your Zuni Pox.

tal armor

I think your witching hour would be nice!

I want your source!
@42 I do like your witching hour...
@yodatoy very nice gear but
my bestest friend in the world, eric says that cm wizard gear is garbage
so ill have to take nothing from u :)
@SteelPhantom: Take off your pants! No.. I'm not interested in seeing what's inside... I just don't have a BT pants and would like to try it out.
@dboy zunni pox i guess.. trifecta is always nice :D
@xfactor u have something sinister that id like to try out :) almost accidently sold my boots last nite, luckily i canceled it so its just sittin in my stash

@dboy u on ptr, if u are ill take off my pants for ya :)
@SteelPhantom and whats that you wanna try? pls dont strip my pants ya ?:P

btw where have your boots gone? someone stolen it?
@xfactor that sword is epic
@Balls4Sail Your mempo
@ Torrential

Nice amulet.
@ KhalARon

I want your mempo, but for my WD

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