Pick ONE gear you want from the Wiz above:

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Could use the belt for the rare occasion I farm MP1-2 in Archon.
(Me: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Niko-2983/ )
@ niko toss up b/w your wh or zuni chest.
@yodatoy your blackthorn pants or chant force
Yoda, come up off that ammy, maing!!!! That thing is patently incredible.
baibaiboo: i would really love to have ur WH
can i have your Chantodo's Will or Blackthorn's Duncraig Cross
@bda145.....Maybe your Nat's set so I could try em out....

@gamerdude, cant see profile,,,,
@ gcanum
ur wand

Your Tal's with AR/Armor.

def want your amulet

nice gloves

Your WH, think its slightly better then mine.

Your WH, think its slightly better then mine.

@ richtko -- I'll take your wand but mostly to flip =P
@ Addictman -- I would want your Zuni boots....
@s2kboi -- Will like to try out a socket chan for my cm set up. Gonna skip that duped tripox though :\
@XFactor - That Mempo. All about that Mempo.
@GwaveWobber - Your Blackthorne amulet to complete my +Vit bonus. :)
@choobie, I could take your stormcrow so I can try a new build.

wow, this post is still going...it revived.
@yoda your tripox makes me cry with jealousy. Also when did you start dabbling into Archon?

DAT pox man, very nice! Prolly one of the best I've seen!

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