Pick ONE gear you want from the Wiz above:

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@ EigenVector

Nice wand, I think I'll have it.
@BDF, that Ef would work well with my archon set
@Vikesfan353 I would have to say your weapon, but really anything is an upgrade since I just came back to the game.

Also sorry to the next poster I doubt you want anything of mine ha!
Shand cross is the best gear to take i guess when loh is so hard to add in but been a cm i guess your gear are all interlock with each other to synergise unless its a almost perfect stats items to be happy with it
Krath, I want a Hellfire like your's!
@bburgguy. Your mempo. Mempos like that are insanely expensive and prices never drop...

Probably mempo

Nice dps tri nats

nice high dps nat sadly if to give up the resist i cant fund for other slot to replace it to maintain at 730+++
@Boozor your amulet
@Krathozen Nice WH, I'll take
Yodatoy, that amulet is beautiful. I am getting a chubby just thinking of it. May the force be with you Yoda!
Skipping bacon cuz your wizard sux

@Torrential - your nats
Taking that WH @Junger.
The belt @@
You guys are all wearing awesome WH's. No wonder there is a shortage of good WH in AH.

@Catbin Yes, that's a nice Nat ring.
@Junger I want your BT pants. Nice armor!
i'm pretty sure he's just showing off
Your helm.
That unity

not really a gear upgrade but i wouldnt mind having those gloves handy for testing my different gear combos.

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