1.0.6 Pyro-Doctor Build

Witch Doctor
I have been sitting on this build for a while, so I thought I would give a short write up. I have not worked out all the details, which means some of the slots are still open-ended, but the basic idea is sound (I think).

Pyro-Doctor (basic setup)

Pyro-Doctor (basic setup alternative) <Edit: 1-6-13>

Pyro-Doctor (basic setup alternative) <Edit: 2-27-13>

Skill options:
Right Click-
Locust Sworm/ Searing Locust
Copse Spiders/ Blazing Spiders

The two skills are self explanatory, more fire. I (personally) am not a fan of locust. I have always had trouble aiming them, and I dont know if they are working. Also, they cost more mana. If you have low mana regen I would suggest spiders
3 key-
Hex/ Jinx
Mass Confusion/ Paranoia
Soul Harvest/ Vengeful Spirit

This slot is especially wide open. You can put almost anything here, as long as you remember that pyrogiest lasts for 6 sec. and spiders lasts for 4. You could even put Minitaou or Slam dance here, which could be good for ubers.

Skill options: <Edit: 1-6-13>
After some testing I have found this setup to work quite well for mp8 key farming:

Skill options: <Edit: 2-27-13>
The previous incarnation of this build is definitely viable with the proper gear, but it did have one weakness: single target ranged damage. Although I freaking love pyrogiest, I find that for more single target damage using a different fireball rune is necessary. This alternative may fit your play style better if you do not have the mitigation to stand toe to toe.

The key pieces of gear here are a Maximus with LOH and a two piece Tal Rashas. That is not to say that you must have these pieces, but from my small amount of testing even a modest hit to sheet DPS will still result in a large increase in actual damage output. Especially, if you get a max fire damage Maximus.

Also LOH is really important. I do not know the exact proc coeff on cloud of bats, but from what I can tell it is very large. With decent EHP and good LOH you can stand in the middle of everything and spam cloud with no issues.

Optimal Gear Choices <Edit: 1-8-13>
1. Tal Rasha Ammy + Tal Rasha Belt + Maximus
2. Tal Rasha Ammy + Tal Rasha Helm + Burning Axe of Sankis + Zuni String of Skulls

- Set up 1 will probably do less damage due to the low damage output of even a perfectly rolled Maximus and the lack of a withing hour, but the I personally really like having the demonic slave.

-Set up 2 will probably do more damage over all, but since none of the bonuses from string of skulls benefit the skills here, I am still not sure.

This build is still a work in progress, but I have done MP7 key farming, with very few issues. I have not tried this on ubers yet, mainly because my main is a CM/WW wiz, and everyone gets mad if I try to run my WD. Also, I am currently trying to get the software setup to record quality game play videos. When I do will will definitely upload some game play.

Please let me know what you think.
So I tried out your spec... looking for something other than ZOMBIE BEAR spec. I generally like it.
I tried out some new things... my play style is to get in soul harvest and GTFO so Dire Bats work well from afar. I was also having a bit of a mana issue so I changed the spiders to widow makers. Still playing around with it...
I was also having a bit of a mana issue so I changed the spiders to widow makers. Still playing around with it...

I think the reason you are having mana issues is because u are using pierce the veil. I find that without ptv, the regen from vision quest is more than enough to spam cloud of bats for at least as long as pyrogiest is up.

The other thing you should keep in mind is that as long as pyrogiest is attacking, vision quest will keep refreshing.

01/05/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Hippykillers
my play style is to get in soul harvest and GTFO so Dire Bats work well from afar.

As for Dire bats, I originally used these and found them to work ok. I really wanted them to be amazing because I thought the spec lacked single target damage. The main reason I got rid of them is, if you use this spec for key farming, Act II Key Warden with ONE SHOT you with your own bats. And I mean ONE SHOT. It actually funny if you want to check it out.
Hmm I might just have to get one shot and laugh at myself..

I feel like you could use that if you went low/0 dogs.
Added a few things.
Added more gear information
Tal Rasha Ammy + Tal Rasha Helm + Burning Axe of Sankis + Zuni String of Skulls

I like this option. Specially considering that a fire based build can get a good improvement with Fire skills bonuses from Tal Rasha´s first set (2) and increased with Sankis (from adding fire bonuses and from adding on fire skills, besides igneous dmg).
Been messing with fire builds for quite awhile - I think it's funny that we have more fire skills than Wizards do, yet they get the Conflagration passive (which goes completely unused).

My build is mostly for fun but it is -

Fire bomb - Roll the Bones (or) Flash Fire
Locust Swarm - Searing
Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit
Spirit Walk - Jaunt
Fire Bats - Cloud of Bats
Zombie Dogs - Burning Dogs

It's mostly a for fun build for fast clearing mp 1-5 and it's a change of pace from Bears/AC. Also, it's a blast to see Flash Fire and Locust Swarm spread everywhere and ignite the entire field of enemies in flames. Locust Swarm is amazing in my opinion, and if you're getting in close range to use CoB then I see no reason not to use it.

In MP 1-6 I have no mana issues simply by using Spirtual Attunement, Gruesome Feast, and Grave Injustice. In 7+ I'd probably do SA, BR, and then either Jungle Fortitude or Gruesome Feast. SV can't hurt if you find yourself dying a little more than you'd like, though with proper LoH, it's hardly an issue.

Edit: Probably not an ideal set-up for Ubers. Would do fine in Ghom/Rak, but would likely be a pain in the !@# for the other two fights. Since CoB is your money dps move, you're pretty much always close range. But King walking on you seems to be insta-death regardless of your stats and Kulle moves so much it would be hard to truly capitalize on the point of the build (fast-spreading AoE for adds/trash and a strong build-up of DoT to stationary targets/mobs with Bats). That goes for any of the fights really. Plus, Locust would be useless in Ubers of course.
hi... ive been working on a fire doc, am i correct to look out for this gear:

- stone of jordan (+Fire dmg)
- x2 tal rasha pieces (is it worth it)? i would go for belt & ammy
- the burning axe of sankis (with LoH?)
- Zuni Set
- how important is a high CC% and CD% focus?

any other fire spec gear?
Stone of jordan's fire damage doesn't matter.

That type of 'adds elemental damage %' just gets added to your damage.

So just get any WD SoJ with maybe -cost to firebats.

The axe comes with LoH:

I'd recommend a socket or very high crit damage.
Thanks dude, but Sorry I don't understand that fire comment

So there's a big difference to adding fire damage and increasing the % of fire based attacks?
Still work? :-)
Got some millions to spent on a new build.
Its effective like bears build or 0dogs?
I really liked it! The Sankis would be good w/ a Marquise Ruby Gem or Emerald?
The 'add elemental damage %' on an SoJ just gets converted to whatever your attack skill damage type is.

If you attack with bears and have a fire SoJ, it just gets converted to poison. (This is why cold SoJ is useless for WD)

So it really just increases your base damage.
Still work? :-)
Got some millions to spent on a new build.
Its effective like bears build or 0dogs?
I really liked it! The Sankis would be good w/ a Marquise Ruby Gem or Emerald?

It's a fun change of pace, but it's certainly not the most efficient WD build.
Not the most efficient for sure, but fun as hell!

I literally got myself back at playing after using this build. Set everything ablaze and move forward... just to do the same again, works for me for sure.

When everyone and their mother is playing zombie bears, when everything around is covered in poison, my witch doctor proudly stands in flames. :)

Love the idea, enjoying the build so much I can't describe. Farming mp3-5 is even more efficient for me now, coz after wearing SoJ I no longer lack mana, and elites die a lot faster. And btw, that 86k dps on my character sheet seems like 125-130k when in fight.

High five to all you Fire Shamans out there, cya on the battlefield.
Made some new edits.
This looks fun, thanks for the idea!
Magefist gloves work well with this build or the percent of damage is weaker than high int gloves?

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