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Demon Hunter
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What is the next improvement i need to make without it banking the bank here's my char

Thanks Genesis

I just came back to diablo and used this guide to rebuild my DH after switching to Warrior for awhile in the past. I must say its awsome I spend around 8 million and got the following numbers:

85k Dps (With out Sharpshooter ofcourse using your build)

71k Life

405% Crit Damage buffed

42.5% Crit Chance

300 or so All Res

Played around with it for 10 min and things seemed great!

Now i'm planning to replace all my pieces for about 80 million so I can go for the "Good build" in your guide but i'm wondering if you have any tips how I should farm this money.

In the past people just did Siege breaker runs but what would you advice these days?

I just want to get the money together asap so I can start to farm the paragorn levels following the second vid :

For the people that are intrested in my char here it is :

Great guide man!!! btw how can I vote it for sticky dont recall there beeing a button for it so.

Edit: The main idea of my question is weather I should be farming a certain boss like in the past or just get straight into the paragorn farming route shown in vid 2 and money will come while doing that.
Thank you genesis. I will implement gear shifts as suggested and as opportunity and budget permit. And I understand the skills much better now.
What crowd control effects affect ubers? Does knockback from windforce do the trick?

I think I will go down that route, simply because you have put in the calculations that I have been having trouble with. With that said though, is there a way I can throw some of my resist back? I have dropped from 450 AR to 330 AR with Inna's (when I do this.)

I'm still trying to figure out how other DH has such good survival rating with DWing when I have done everything I can to get there but in the end have to give up some to get to 200k unbuffed. Also, do you think 200k unbuffed with DW is respectable? As far as I can tell with the Halls of Godly DH, the only DW DH I see is roughly above 200k. How much would I have to do to get to a point where I can just stop upgrading?

P.S. As of now, I got the belt, it is different from the one you posted but it is very close. I lost my resist, down to 330 but that's ok I think. But is there a way to boost my AR some how? Maybe upgrade a little to hit 210k DPS

Your CC is awesome, and your CD is pretty good. Improving that would be good, but so would improving your AS. As a calamity user, your key advantage is your rate of fire. You could probably get your attack speed up a bit higher without sacrificing anything. When I put on my calamity, I think I'm at 2.76 attacks per second WITHOUT any pure attack speed rolls (just set items or legs that roll it 100% of the time). If you're thinking about a new reflection, you might want to get one with CD and average damage. I'd normally say CC, but your CC is very high as is and CD is cheaper. If you want more resists, get new gloves. You can higher dex, higher vit, higher CD AND get AR if you lose the GF and MF. Other than that, you're in good shape!

As for your specific questions, any average damage will help you. Simulate new gear in a build calculator or spreadsheet before buying. Any %damage will really benefit you for exactly the reason you pointed out. You've hit the most commonly used one already though. The only other ones that are DH viable are SoJ and zuni boots. I wouldn't jump on the boots neccessarily, but SoJs are very useful for any sort of farming/pvp. You should go buy some of my HA SoJs haha. For you, go with CD. You've got tons of CC and get the archery bonus of even more. You won't be able to boost your CC in a cost effective manner at this point.


You've got a really solid DH there. If you want to go down the eHP road right now, start getting more vit. Look into vit mempos, inna's belts and pants. You should be able to get another 200-300 out of those pretty easily if you want to. For DPS, it's going to start getting pricey. Dex upgrades will help, but a big part will be improving your CD and CC rolls. Yours aren't bad, but you're missing a few points in CD and CC on each item. It starts to add up fast! You could also upgrade your bow. I'd normally say you should look in the 1300 DPS range, but now that the flavour of the month seems to be DH (people seem to think they are OP, but seem to ignore haunt and storm armour..........), that might be out of reach. Looks good!


What I do for gold these days is basically a combination of Alkaizer runs and flipping. Alkaizer runs are fast and efficient runs, so they go fast and should, theoretically, give you the most chances for drops. Flipping is more profitable for me though, particularly now with the game changing so much. If you can predict some things or hop on trends fast, you can make a bunch of gold. Not going to give out details (for obvious reasons), but if you know the market, you can use it to your advantage. Of course, it takes money to make money this way.


Sounds good. Hope it goes well!


I'm not entirely certain. I haven't done many uber runs, so I'm not sure if WF works. I do know that bola can have a brilliant stun effect on ubers though. It is best used with high attack speed (so basically a calamity). You can effectively permastun them if your CC and AS is high enough.


The only place I see that could get some resists are your gloves. Realistically, you'd have to lower your dex expectations to get an affordable pair, so your DPS will go down a bit. I know you don't want to go with a mempo, but now I will pressure you! If you get a mempo, you will boost your resists by 30-40, increase your dex by 100, and could get similar vit and %life. It will also give you the opportunity to improve your attack speed. It will cost you some CC (not sure if you're ok with that), but the net DPS will probably be positive and your eHP will definitely be positive (d3up is under maint, so I can't check). If you get a CC mempo, you will definitely boost your DPS but won't be able to get the vit.

You're definitely doing well at 200k unbuffed. I'm only at 220k unbuffed myself and I feel that I'm doing pretty well. I would caution you about taking that 'Hall of Godly DH' score too seriously. I don't believe that it captures enough of what a DH is in practice into giving it a number. My score comes nowhere near making it on that board since it the formula is DOMINATED by legacy nats users. I feel that it fails to recognize the use of high CC and night stalker and a disc regen source. What I will comment on is that most high end DHs on diablopogress don't actually dual wield. They use a calamity with a DML. The reason for this is the HUGE eHP gain, increased AS and tons more CC too. Of course you lose out on some CD (and probably DPS in your case - your spite is quite nice), but the eHP gain would be huge. It's worth considering. The only other thing I can see you doing is upgrading your calamity. If you could get another 100 damage on yours, I imagine you'd see a pretty good DPS boost.
nice info there @genesis

got any suggestions for me with a 700-1.2 bil igg available for upgrades?

planning on running strafe / cluster arrow depending on the duel and hungering arrow or evasive fire as a hatred generator

duel oriented

With where you currently are, I have no idea what I would do with 700-1200m haha. I would probably just go look at some of the top legacy nats DHs on diabloprogress to see if that is worth upgrading, since I have no real grasp at what a good legacy set looks like. The only thing I know for sure is that a socket in your helm would be great for a vit gem. You would probably get the most benefit out of getting a marquise emerald and amethyst (when they come out) for your headgear and weapon. If they change the ruby to actually compete with an emerald, that might be worth considering. So save accordingly, as you're probably looking at ~100m per gem as they currently are. Other than that, I suppose you could upgrade your gloves to have more vit and bracers to have more CC. Maybe look for an ammy just like yours that also has vit and/or AR. These suggestions are pretty nitpicky, but you're honestly at a point where you basically have to compare your gear to near-perfect gear. I mean you're only 20k behind my DPS and you're using legacy nats AND a calamity... That's very impressive.
hi genesis - any suggestions on what would be the biggest bang for the buck upgrade? im running bola ID / spike traps for higher mp runs.

hey with the reported nerf to Min/Max damage, how worried should I be about my damage drop? Would I drop below 204k before I'm able to pad my dmg a bit more?

As the 2 things I'm aiming for currently is another Calamity and Nat's Reflection.

Much like Keegan, you're running top notch everything basically. My advice would be to find some high end calamity DH and see what they've done. Follow their lead if you like their results.

Personally, I would probably look at eHP. When I redid my build, I had DPS like yours, but my eHP was about 100k less. Now redone, I'm about 25k lower in DPS, but I gained over 300k eHP. Is that smart? Possibly. If that's what you're into, it's time to start looking at boosting your vit and resists where you can. I'd start with your pants. Look at rare pants. Many of the top pvp dummy/heroscore DH's use similar, or the same duped, rare pants. They give you access to similar stats as your depth diggers, except you can get into 200+ vit. Look at REVRAC's pants to see what I'm talking about. While they are undoubtably 2b+ pants, it would be worth looking into something similar. You could get some more vit on your gloves and some vit/%life/both on your belt. Of course this will be expensive, but I don't know what else to say. For DPS, it's basically the same thing. Try boosting your dex where you can and try to get average damage on your ammy. Again, super expensive... I don't really know what else to suggest. You're basically at a point where upgrades will be stupidly expensive and barely give you anything. You're fighting for single stat points now, like that missing 1% CC/AS on your lacunis or that last ~10-15% CD and marginally more damage on your bow.


I have no idea how Blizz plans on dealing with it, so I find it hard to advise you. If they do reduce the damages, it will hurt you without a doubt. How much? Probably not too bad, but you'll see the sheet damage drop. If they decide to make current calamity's legacy (wouldn't that be nice), then you could be in line to make some money. Just remember that 200k is just a number. While I understand your ambition, there's only so much you can do without unlimited funds. Just to give you an idea of how much of a plateaux you're on, I simulated a calamity I flipped the other day (sold at 840m) on your current build. We are talking about a 9k DPS gain there over your current bow for a huge amount of gold. I don't know about you, but for 800m, I'd like to get more than 9k DPS. Hell, I sometimes regret the amount I spent on my CC mempo, and that was a third of the price and gave me 1.5 times the results (and more in terms of survivability with night stalker procs). Point being, you're going to need a whole new level of investment to get to where I think you'd like to be.

If you're interested in upgrading anything, get a CC mempo. You'll boost your eHP, DPS and will be able to make it invisible in 1.0.7 (I seem to recall you didn't like the look). It's expensive, but it is most likely your cheapest option for best results. It also gives you the bonus of improving your attack speed, which is presumably part of why you went with calamity. You won't be able to get an upgrade on your reflection worth a damn without spending huge amounts, so I wouldn't really consider it. My mempo adds 15k DPS and 30k/70k eHP to your build right now, and it's not even a very good CC mempo. If you ever wanted to move away from your calamity, my manticore/DML combo boosts your DPS by 25k and eHP by 56k/143k.
Hey, Genesis, mind taking a look at my DH? I'm fairly new to 60, and so have little clue what I should be looking at improving. I currently have 3.5 mil to spend, and once patch hits, i'm going to sell my 65 brims - they should go for a decent amount by then.

My stats look something like this:
HP 60k
Damage Reduction 55%
Dodge 40.5%
MS 12%
CC 47%
CD 280%

Also, I was wondering about the deal I got on my Manticore. Did I get scammed or make a good trade? I paid 2M for it.
Hi Genesis again,

do you have any suggestions for upgrades? I have about a 30M budget right now.
Any suggestions on the next item I should look to upgrade? Budget = 20m

I feel I have pretty good survivability at this point, so I'm looking to try and maintain that while increasing dps (who isn't?)....
Nice, sticky requested.
If anyone is playing the PTR and comes across a marquis emerald and/or ruby plan and you don't intend on using it, I'd love to buy it from you. I'd like to do a couple tests to ensure that some theoretical results translate correctly to the game. If they do, I'd really like to know! I don't have much time to play the PTR (especially farming), so I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me.


So far, so good! There are some things I would change if it were my DH with what I know now though. Your CC is great, but your CD and AS are both on the low side. As I usually say, you can make your AS good enough using certain set and legendaries that have these guaranteed rolls, allowing you to focus on CD. With your budget, you won't be able to get the full getup though. Take a look at my budget build and see what you can take away from that. Of course, you can do better than that with your budget, but the theory and reasoning is all there!

Now for your manticore question. I can't say for sure without checking the AH, but I wouldn't pay 2m for it. It does have great dex and a bunch of vit which is very nice, but its damage isn't huge. I suspect you overpaid, but that's ok. I've overpaid for so many things in the past that I thought were good deals and also skipped out on some good deals that would have made me tons if I had bought it, so just swallow it and move on!


Definitely look for a new ammy. While yours has good CC, CD and damage, it has NO dex or vit or AR. You might also want to look for gloves that are similar to yours, just with higher dex and some AR. Try getting vit on both your pants and belt too. You could probably walk out with better eHP and DPS with a good rare ring (as a replacement for your unity).


For DPS, I would start with a new ammy. Yours has high dex and a decent amount of CD, but there isn't any CC on it (or anything for eHP). You could also chase down as much dex as you can get. A good target would be about 2.9k (I normally say 3k+, but you don't get dex on that type of WF). On that note, get a better WF if you can. I don't know much about them (I feel that they are inferior), but I have heard that you can get high end ones for pretty cheap. Your eHP is pretty good, but I wouldn't start packing it in yet. At 400k you're in good shape to deal with a lot, but I would personally shoot for higher. Looks good though!


Thank you! I appreciate it. I hope it can get stickied before the thread fills up (that's at 25 pages, right?).
Actually i'm left with a question! Basicly I went for the first build 8 million budget and I'm upgrading my gear one at a time while leveling up paragorn, towards the second build 80 million budget or so.

I'm not 100% sure in what order I want to get them though I already bought a weapon thats in the second build range during the first build. I'm thinking about going for the boots and than completing the 3/5 set bonus and going for the pants 2/5 after that. Than I would go for the Helm so I can put in the extra EXP bonus.

My main doubt is weather I should go for the movement speed buff straight of the bat or just go for the biggest increase of dps one by one. Afterall my killing speed is ok but it can always be better.

What would you say about my chosen order I'm about to buy my first 8 million piece in a day or two so .

Edit: I assume if you do suggest me to upgrade for the best dps increase I can just put build 1 and 2 next to eachother and pick the item with the highest DPS
(% of Total) difference and work down the list till the lowest increase.

Thank you for this guide, I've been following it since your original budget build & feel I've achieved that successfully (to some degree). I think I'm in between builds at the moment & am struggling with my next target upgrade (DPS while maintaining EHP). Manticore seems like the next obvious choice, but that looks prohibitively expensive (100mm), ditto a mempo w/CC or nats ring w/CC.

Any suggestions on a cheaper option I might be overlooking? Have about 50mm to play with.
Good day sir, what next gear improvement can i make with my very limited budget of 8m. Thanks
Hey Genesis,

Thanks for helping me last time :D really appreciated! But I've got a question. I now have close to 1 mil ehp and 155k dps unbuffed because of the gems and my rare pants. However I found out that my attack speed is extremely low. It is sitting at 1.73 attacks per sec. Should I change my pants to Innas or switch to a ring with attack speed instead? Thanks.

Also saving gold for a single socket manticore :p

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