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Demon Hunter
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I am looking for Mempo, but I hesitate to lose CC. I'm starting to believe if I had DML, it would give me more room to breathe regarding my gear. I am seeing your advising others to do DML with 1.0.7. Is there a reason for this? Or is it purely because of PvP wise, more health is always nice.

Also about when, or how much damage, do you think MP 8-10 is viable for me? I just want to gauge where I am at currently. I'm trying to upgrade still but I think I'm at a point where any upgrades for me would cost a load.

I'm almost certain he is talking about me lol. As I'm the only one here I believe, that is DWing with Calamity/Spite and was having issues deciding between WH and Inna's Belt. (One that comes close to 200k dmg I mean.) I have passed that barrier with Genesis's help and advice and I'm certain he advised me to go down my route because my eHP was already pretty high all things considered. I do have more areas to improve, but I'm trying to stick to DW but if it gets to a point where I have to go back to Calamity/DML, I will eventually.
Hi nemesis, can you check my DH gear and tell me what would be the most logical upgrade under 1m?

and how do you get a hellfire ring? i quit diablo like 4 months ago and just now started playing again following your guide, id love some guidance on what to look forward to, and what to farm, since ive been farming act 1 mp2 so far, though im not sure thats too effective.

I would suggest you get vile wards with vit, rare bracers with dex, vit, AR and CC, an ammy with CD, a rare ring with CC, CD, dex, vit and damage (to replace your litany), and upgrade your manticore to a high damage 1 sox with dex. Yours has nice vit, but it's damage is super low. Of course, this won't all be accomplished with 4.5m. I would probably save for a good bow. From there, the rest of the upgrades come in no particular order. I would personally start with the DPS upgrades, but eHP upgrades are fine too.


That's great to hear! In your quest for DPS, don't forget about eHP. It's easy to do and you feel stupid when you realize you don't have enough. I've been there haha.


For high MP, the most basic criterion is to be able to facetank. That means get yoru eHP up there. I'm sure that in my previous post directed at you I pointed out areas I would suggest you upgrade.


Good choice! Barbs are fun, but DHs are the best haha. If you're going for calamity (which I think is definitely a good idea in 1.0.7), an important part about that is the bow itself. If you have a bad calamity, even a marquis ruby won't make it as effective as a manticore.

When I say a good calamity, I'm talking about 1200+ DPS, socket, 40%+ damage modifier (this is VERY important for the new ruby), decent enough CD and MFD. MFD can roll up to 50%, but with your attack speed, I wouldn't worry about that too much. Clearly get the higher one if all else is equal, but don't go crazy over it. I would say that you could easily sink 500m in that sort of bow and be set for a very long time. The rest can be purchased at 50m or less a piece. Basically everything on my diabloprogress gear is about 50m each, less my belt, mempo, chest and quiver. If you want to go high end but skip out on some of the more expensive upgrades (which I would probably suggest), get yourself a high dex mempo (250+) with good vit, a good inna's belt with high dex and vit. Those are the only pieces that have cheaper alternatives, so everything else is basically dependent upon judgement. Since you'll be running with inna's belt and pants, you won't have the option to go with inna's chest like I have. That means that your chest will likely be more expensive. Nats chests with good rolls (comparable to my inna's) run into the hundreds of millions or even 1b+. Don't do that haha. Get what you can for your budget.

I would suggest choosing to use a calamity with a DML as your offhand. It gives you better AS and CD while also topping up your vitality. DW might be able to get you a bit more DPS, but you lose tons of eHP - not worth it.

I haven't put my calamity to much of a test as of yet. I don't have a marquis ruby in the PTR and I really don't enjoy it much in live (DPS is too low for my liking, and it sucks for strafe), so I'm not an expert of its mechanics. The idea with the new ruby is that it benefits weapons with high attack speeds. With my diabloprogress gear on, I'm shooting at 2.76 attacks per second. I feel that is pretty fast, given that the benchmark for high AS builds is about 3. The only way to reach 3 would be to drop some CD or CC on some of my gear. My simulator tells me that, in general, dropping CD for AS on gear like mine isn't a good move. For that reason, I'm going to suggest that you build yourself basically as my guide for the high end build suggests, just with a calamity as your weapon.

So, the short version is: 500m on your bow, up to 100m on select items (each), 50m on the rest (each). With my calamity and a marquis ruby, my DPS will be basically at 300k buffed whereas my manticore with a marquis ruby (absolute best gem configuration, without changing to marquis emerald too) puts me at slightly less DPS. What does that mean? It means that the calamity is basically on par with a manticore. My manticore has low %damage, which sucks, but the point still holds. The cons of the calamity which held me back in the past are no longer there, so I think you're making the right call. This is all assuming that they don't change/nerf anything about the marquis ruby. If they mess with it, things could change.


For the most part, it looks like you're doing pretty well at getting vit on all your gear. There are a few spots where you can make it up, though, and I think by doing that, you could replace those amethysts with emeralds again to boost your DPS. Your shoulders are debatable. You've got high dex on there which almost makes up for the lack of vit. See what you can find with 200+ dex and ~80 vit. You'll lose some dex initially, but the vit gain should clear up about 2 vit gems, so you'll walk out with a net gain in both (approximately). Your mempo could also gain about 50 vit without too much trouble, freeing up another gem for dex. Neither your bracers nor gloves have vit, so that alone should definitely pick up the slack to replace all your vit gems. While you're at it, see if you can get some AR on your gloves too, assuming budget permits. After that, you'll be in pretty good shape! Hopefully that helps. If not, come yell at me and I'll see if there's anything more creative I can come up with.


I'll start by answering your questions.

1: It's a reasonable solution. I'm not a big multishot guy myself. I feel that for paragon levelling, strafe is superior. It's extremely fast and easy to do. My next choice would be the classic HA/BL build. I haven't done much with multishot, so I'm biased. I suspect that if I were to do it, I would drop night stalker for TA (and in your case, perfectionist for steady aim) and use the multishot rune that gains disc. This will let you vault through the maps fast. Without doing some testing, I can't be certain if the new exp bonuses will change the efficiency. As of now, the fastest exp is in MP0 though, and if 1.0.7 changes it, I can't see it moving past MP1.

2. For PVP, the common build relies largely on impale to deal massive damage (and un-dodgeable DoT effect of chemical burn) and strafe/turrets/fan of knives to deal with other stuff. I haven't tested it much, but fan of knives/strafe has proved useful against WDs. Their pets always get in the way of single shot things, so burst AoE damage is nice. Of course, this is subject to change as we learn more and the patch evolves.

3. That question is somewhat contradictory. If you're not farming for paragon, you're presumably farming for loot. It's good to note, however, that you get the more loot per unit time when you kill things faster, that is in MP0. So by extension, paragon levelling in the most efficient manner also means farming in the most efficient manner. If you find it more fun playing against tougher enemies, then absolutely do that. Quantitatively, low MP is where it's at, but your enjoyment clearly comes ahead of that. I personally find it most enjoyable when I'm racing against the clock trying to get the best times possible. That might change over time, but for now that's what I do.

I have two general comments about your gear. First, I would drop your andys for a mempo. That will help with your eHP. Second is your bow. As a general trend of observations, I've noticed that (from a cost/benefit perspective), you're better off getting a high damage 1 soc with dex unless you have a 2 soc with 1150+ DPS with a dex roll. Changing your bow will give you a huge boost in DPS. You could probably find a better one with just the cost of one of those (soon to be redundant) emeralds.


Yeah, losing the CC is definitely an annoyance. The eHP gain would be big though. You're absolutely right about the DML. If you did that, you'd have up to 10% additional CC, so hopefully that would be enough to make you comfortable enough to drop your rare helm. You'd also gain up to 5% attack speed on your quiver and 8-9% on your mempo. The net gain with a DML could conceivably be another 75-100 dex, 250-275 vit, 13% AS, 6.5% CC and a bunch of eHP.

When 1.0.7 hits and I start using my calamity, I will definitely be using a DML for basically these reasons. It frees up so much room for other gear choices and also being superior in terms of eHP. It doesn't really have anything to do with PVP for me, but more to do with being a well rounded DH. Much like you, I am concerned about high eHP. Losing that quiver might let me get another 10k DPS, but I lose out on tons of CC (which translates to disc when talking about night stalker procs), the eHP, attack speed and quiver bonus. That quiver bonus alone adds TONS of DPS that you just don't see on the sheet DPS.

With the right skill selection and play style, I can't see why you couldn't do MP10. With eHP like yours, I was able to do MP10. Particularly with your resource regen you should be set. If you're not sure about the build, take a look at my high MP skill part of the guide. That's what I use. If you're doing ubers, you can always use bola/thunderball to stunlock them. I wouldn't try solo unless you're prepared to bring in backup if it goes to hell.


I'm not Nemesis, but if you want someone to look at your gear, you're going to have to post either with your diablo profile or provide the link.

Blizz released a guide about hellfire rings, including all the steps required to get to the fights in which the components of the ring may drop.

The best farming is done in Act III inferno MP0 doing Alkaizer runs.
Oh crap sorry got confused by the similar name haha, and i thought it automatically showed for you on view profile as it did for me to check your stuff, anwyay here it is and thanks for the help ill look for more info on the rings. From what i can see you cannot buy them but only craft them, correct?

oh and im really outdated on runs, i dont know what alkheizer is, what would a run of those consist of?
Just found this:

I was farming MP0 doing Alkaizer runs, as I always suggest. Hopefully this helps prove that low MP runs are not only the most efficient in terms of experience, but they are also efficient loot runs. This should fetch me 100m+ easily (there are only 3 like it on the AH). I've been doing these runs for the past couple weeks at rates of around 75m exp/hour. In that time, I've made a net profit of around 125m (~150m before AH tax). So for those who aren't sure how to get gold, just do this! It only takes one good drop to change the game for you drastically. Spend enough time at it and you'll eventually get drops. Either that or I'm just REALLY lucky haha. Please don't misinterpret this as bragging or flaunting. I'm only saying this to help illustrate why I think MP0 is the most efficient by backing it with my personal experience.


Haha no worries. I wasn't sure if you meant me or not, but I try not to assume things. I think there's a setting somewhere in your profile that allows you to choose between your WoW/SC/Diablo profiles. If you plan on being here a lot, I'd suggest changing to that so people can see your stuff.

For the alkaizer run, it's basically just a streamlined arrangement of act III locations so that you get a 5 stack quickly, then you hit the major exp areas. Once you finish the run, you leave the game a restart it. They generally take me about 10 minutes, but I add on rakkis. I feel that it offers pretty good exp for the time that it takes. I'm also not one to believe in luck (drops are RNG, and RNG is random by definition), but I seem to get tons of legs there haha. Totally coincidental, but it makes me feel good. Here's a video of the route. I only watched a couple minutes, so I don't know if it's all good. If he talks about gear, ignore it and just focus on where he's going and why.

If he doesn't do it right, here is the breakdown: core of the arreat (azmodan checkpoint), tower of damned 1, arreat 2, rakkis crossing to fields of slaugher, keep depths 1 (check for nearby elites) then go straight into depths 2. Don't do keeps depths 1, if that wasn't clear. You go there just for easy access to depths 2.

Gearwise, your bow, bracers, left ring and chest are all good. In fact, your bow is awesome - hang onto that for a while. The rest is all stuff I would change ideally. I would get a mempo and nats boots to start with, then change out your ammy for one with CC, your other ring for a CC/CD ring with dex and vit (average damage too if you can). You can change out your belt for something basically the same, just with AR too. For now, you might want to stick with that. Inna's 2 piece would be ideal, but you'll take a big eHP hit if you do that. Your shoulders are reasonable, but even low end vile wards with vit will top them. That's probably the least urgent of all the things I mentioned though.
So for drops its the same to farm act 3 with mp0 than mp1 ?
Hi Genesis,

I need a little help gearing forward. First of all, the link to my build:

I recently converted to a Calamity with a view to socket it with a Marquise Ruby once 1.0.7 hits. However, before that becomes live, I'd like to get my DH to 200k DPS with Archery passive. I need some advice on how to strike that balance between eHP and DPS. I took a look at your "High-End Build" profile on d3up and it looks fantastic (especially the Calamity).

It seems that when I try to get DPS gear upgrade, my eHP will suffer quite a bit and everything feels like a "side-grade" instead. Maybe you could point out a direction for me to work towards. I don't have a particularly high budget, currently it stands at 200m.

On another note, what's your view on the best build for a Calamity user on high mps? I've been using a Xbow for the longest time and Stun Bola/Spike Trap worked very well and I'm sure for most DHs too. Is there a better build for Calamity wielders?

Thanks in advance.
01/30/2013 02:01 AMPosted by Quas
So for drops its the same to farm act 3 with mp0 than mp1 ?

if you can kill mp1 as fast as mp0, then do mp1. you have a slightly better chance to getting better quality items and more drops as you increase your MP, although RNG still plays the biggest role.

Personally I prefer choosing a MP which I can kill fast but not too easily because it gets too boring after a while.
Bump to get this great thread stickied!

Theoretically with higher MF you have a better chance at getting more items with better rolls. In practice, however, getting more kills in a shorter period of time seems to be better. I've found most of my good drops in MP0.


Good choice. I think that with a marquis ruby, the calamity will be the best PVE weapon. You can't beat the resource regen of it. The only problem is its high attack speed for strafe builds, but a cheap manticore is always an option.

Haha I wish that calamity in my build was mine. I didn't actually mean to leave it on there. I was testing a couple things last night and wanted to see what sort of results I could get with my calamity. For some reason it got deleted and I couldn't be bothered to put it back up, so I used another one on my profile. Mine has about 50 less damage and 25% less CD haha.

Seeing that, though, does give a good peek into what it takes to hit 200k DPS pre-patch. That bow is a TOP NOTCH calamity, probably worth 2b+, and yet it only puts my DPS to 223k. With my calamity (which is pretty good), I'm sitting at about 205k. What I'm trying to say is that upgrades for you to get there will be PRICEY.

An entry level high dex cc mempo like mine would give you a 6k DPS boost. Given that they are sitting at around 250m right now, I probably wouldn't suggest it unless you have tons of gold. Your best option would probably be to give up some vit on your quiver and look at 300 dex ones, with max/near max AS and CC. That would probably be the cheapest option. If you looked into CC reflections, one like mine also adds about 6k DPS. Again, it's not cheap (way cheaper than a mempo though).

If it was me, I would probably get a 250+ dex mempo to start. I'm looking at a 251 dex one right now for about 30m. That would give you 3-4k DPS. If you want to stick with strongarms, I would probably drop the AR for 220+ dex ones with vit. Again, this sort of upgrade will basically just give you DPS in the form of a dex boost. These will run you between 15 and 20m and net you around 4k DPS. So far, this should have you at around 195k DPS. The last bit of DPS from my quiver. Right now I'm looking at a 289 dex 185 vit 19AS 9.5%CC HA DML for 40m. That would get you that last bit of DPS for sure. All of this would cost you around 100m and should get you at least 200k DPS, but you'll lose a bunch of eHP from the quiver.


Yeah, that's a general way of looking at it. For strafe, MP0 is undeniably the fastest though. It doesn't work anywhere near as well in MP1 or higher, so in that respect, MP0 is the best. If you use a HA/BL build and have the DPS to 1 shot things in MP1/2, then it would be worth considering (particularly when 1.0.7 comes out).


I feel obligated to warn you guys that Blizz has changed the way rubies work. It no longer computes the weapon DPS as it previously did. As a result, the benefit that weapons will receive from rubies will be less than before. This change will likely have the biggest effect on calamity users (as far as DHs go that is).

To be clear, I don't know exactly what the final result will be. As of right now, the new damage modifiers have been added to other tiers of rubies to properly scale, but the calculations from before seem to still be in effect. This basically means that whatever damage you see now will be reduced when they put the new calculations into effect. They changed it so that the damage bonus is directly applied to the weapon instead of going through what Blizz called "a bunch of unintuitive calculations". They gave a couple of examples of basic addition, but didn't address how %damage modifiers will effect the calculations. For now it's just speculation, but I don't have high hopes.

The new rubies will probably still help the calamity compared to emeralds, but it almost certainly will not stand as high as it did with the old calculations. If this has proven anything, though, it's that everything in the PTR is subject to change. Before you invest heavily into anything, really think about whether or not you want to risk its effectiveness on future changes in the PTR.
Hey nice thread

need help with my DH. Aiming for low MP speed farming with high MF/GF. I'm a little squishy, all resists a bit on the low side. DPS only 76K. Any suggestions for cost effective upgrades? Hopefully don't want to sacrifice MF/GF or the PUR on my nat's vision if possible...

thx in advance
Please ignore :)

Thanks again for the info.
Thanks for putting this together. I'm a returning player that's been gone since before the new level got put in the game, (sorry, don't know what they're called yet,) but this really helps me see what skills are best to use atm.
Hey Genesis!

You mention in your guide that you wont comment on Calamity becasue its more for niche-like builds or perhaps very high-end builds when combined with like a X% elemental damage bonus item.

Could you maybe expand on that?

I also believe in creating a flexible gearset for all sitautions, whether it be XP farming, item farming...but wondering if its worth investing into it for high MP farming and ubers? Especially in 1.0.7 its all about hunting elites and bosses for those archon items so maybe worth it?

Also im a noob and dont understand what all the fuss is about min/max damage bug and how it will affect calamity to explain very briefly??

Finally, if I do use a calamity, is there any other dual-weilding crossbow i could use in off hand to match the calamity? I searched Danietta bows but their top DPS seems to not match the top DPS of a calamity!
Hi Genesis,
Very helpful thread, it definitely helps many DH out there...

I also need advice about my HP/eHP. What can I upgrade in your opinion for more survivability?

My profile is:
Hi Genesis,

First of all thanks for this thread!

I took your advice on most part regarding which gear to get and stat roll per slot. I spent around 1b on my gear without the gems. (I'm excitied to pop in a marquise ruby for my calamity! :D)

calamity: 255m
nats: 115m
mempo: 97m
DML: 80m
WH: 95m
gloves: 10m
Inna pants: 70m
Inna's chest: 77m
bracers: 29m
ring: 60m
vile ward: 38m
nat boots:42m
amu: taken from my barb(prolly around 80m now)

I favored AS in favor over some stats which you proposed as I want my DH too shoot fast.

The main Pro that i see is i don't need 'preparation' in high mp as my atk speed along w/ high crit, regens my disc to be able to have gloom active always.

Definite Con is my HP and DPS isn't as high as I expected or is it because my paragon is still too low?

I have a few questions:
1. What would be a good skill to replace preparation?
2. Did i get a decent set from my gold?
3.. Is there any part in my gear that I over payed for?
4. Any inputs you may have.

Thanks in advance!

I'm not seeing your full build right now (missing pants, belt and ring), but I'll see what I can do. I would change out your chest for nats chest and whatever boots you have for nats boots. This will give you a bunch more DPS, full movement speed and guaranteed AR on your boots. Make sure to get vit on your chest, and if you wanted to you could also get pickup radius. If you're going to use nats sight, I would suggest getting one with CC at the very least. Without that, it doesn't add a whole lot to your build in any way. You definitely need a new ammy. Get one with CD and CC, as well as some dex and vit (average damage too if you can). The rest will probably not fit your MF motif.


Welcome back! I'm glad it helped. I think the term you were looking for is paragon levels.


In the past, you are correct. I generally didn't suggest the calamity because of its very high cost, both in the weapon itself and supporting gear. Particularly at lower levels of gearing, it's hard to make a calamity do it for you. Even now with my gear I don't like my calamity, largely because of how it's overall DPS is much lower and that each hit is much lower compared to my manticore. This translates into me having to shoot more times to kill things. There are specific applications of it (such as ubers) that are nice, but in general I always thought of them to be expensive to make work. Then Blizz showed us the new marquis rubies which changed that all for me. They made it so DPS could be comparable to manticores. Then they changed it again. As of now, the new rubies add *some* damage, but not enough for me to like it. The elemental damage bonuses, such as inna's belt, applies only to what people refer to as 'black damage'. Black damage is non-elemental damage. So basically, weapons like calamity or WF will have this damage bonus applied to its full damage, whereas manticore users will have the poison damage subtracted from their weapon damage, and then have the %damage boost applied. It basically just lets black damage bow users to get more out of those affixes.

That's totally up to you. I always strive for a good build in all situations, so that means high DPS and high eHP. I like being able to do anything I want. I don't think much will change in 1.0.7 though. If you're into speed farming for exp and items, then low MP will still be your jam. If you want a bit more of a challenge, then gear for it and have some fun.

There was a bug that was introduced basically at launch that was never changed (and, according to blizz, will never be changed). These calculations gave black weapons an advantage for damage bonuses, such as the marquis ruby. The old calculations made it so these rubies would turn calamities into pretty nice weapons. They decided they didn't like this, so they changed the way rubies work on these weapons. They basically nerfed it all the way down (as of now on the PTR). Things are subject to change though.

If you want to DW, danetta's spite is where it's at. You get a socket, dex, CD, +disc and decent enough damage. Most people use a DML though. It gives you more AS, CC, and a ton of vit. You will get similar DPS but way more eHP.


For more survivability, I would get some vit on your pants, boots and preferably more on your quiver. You're limited with your +disc on the quiver though, so if you want to keep that, you basically are stuck with that sort of vit/dex. Your belt could also have some vit, AR or both on it. Of course that gets pricey though. At the cost of some DPS, you could change out your bracers for rares like mine.

Your gear is very good, but you're missing out on a bunch of vital stats because of MF. Some of your stuff is top tier, but others aren't. Your gloves, for example, don't have a second trifecta roll on them. If you're doing this while you work on paragon, that's absolutely fine. Stick with that. When you're done though, you're going to want to change out a bunch of that stuff. Aren't you basically at max MF at 72 paragon anyways?


This looks really good! Going with a little extra attack speed didn't mess up your CC or CD, so that's good. For the most part, I'd say you did pretty well for pricing. Good deal on that calamity, that's for sure.

You may still want to have prep on your bar in high MP though. I haven't done much with my calamity, but in my few Ghom tests in MP10, I was underwhelmed with the disc regen I was seeing. It was marginally better than my manticore. Even with my manticore, I can basically keep enough disc at all times to gloom. Brutal affixes on elites always mess with you and will drain your disc faster than you may think, so keep that in mind.

Paragon does have an effect on that, but it's not huge. By the time you hit 50 paragon, you'd have about another 10k DPS and 30k/50k more eHP (no-dodge/dodge). It helps, but what you're seeing is the result of a calamity build.

1. For high MP, I wouldn't. Test it a bunch and find out for sure if you really don't need it. In high MP, I wouldn't use vault though. You spend so much time standing still fighting that vault isn't very valuable.

2. I'd say you definitely did well. You've got awesome supporting gear for any weapon type and enough eHP to deal with high MP no problem. To give you an idea, my gear with my manticore has the same DPS as your gear does when I simulate my manticore on you.

3. Maybe your nats ring, WH and pants (and maybe ring too - I have never looked into rings without primary stats, so I could be wrong). I got my nats ring for less and it also has vit. Your WH has pretty good DPS, but for that kind of gold, I would have looked at something a bit better. I know the market is limited though. I got mine for about 100m. It has a bit less DPS (about 4k less due to dex), but has more eHP. I'm undecided about whether or not I'm going to stick with it though. Pants like mine were half the cost and give me about 12k/21k more eHP.

None of these things are the end of the world or even a bad call though. It's easy to sit here and look at how things can be improved once all the pieces are together, but much harder to see how it will all fit together when you have none of it, especially when you're brand new to DH. The only way to really know is to spend time putting together mock character builds in a build calculator. That's what I did when I was gearing myself in the past. When I redid my build over Christmas, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I still put things into a build calculator to make sure.

4. Overall, that's an awesome set of gear. I hope you aren't disappointed with your calamity. I don't know if you saw, but Blizz changed how rubies interact with weapons. The results we were seeing with marquis rubies is no longer there. You still get a bit of a DPS boost compared to emeralds, but it's currently nowhere near where it was. As of right now, my calamity has about 45k less DPS than my manticore. With equivalent rubies, that changes to around 35k. I don't know if that is enough for me to take the bait. Some people say that DPS isn't everything. While I definitely agree, it is a significant part. DPS directly influences the effectiveness of gloom, and thus your ability to survive. I suppose I really should give it a bit more of a shot (the playstyle is different, and I'm pretty seasoned with my manticore), but my initial impressions haven't really been awe-inspiring. It's also worth noting that if you ever plan to level your DH, you'll probably want to strafe, and if you're going to strafe, you don't want a calamity for that. The attack speed will make your hatred drain way too fast. I'm not trying to scare you away from your calamity, I'm just trying to help you understand the pros and cons to both and why I have gone down the path that I have. I know that in your first post I supported the calamity decision, but since they Blizz nerfed it. It may change in the future, but as of now it isn't looking promising.
02/02/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Genesis
our gloves, for example, don't have a second trifecta roll on them

These was some test gloves :P

Thanks for the advice, I will look after them :D

(I need to collect some gold)

Ah yeah, that's a BIG change haha.

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