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Thought lag issues had been resolved so decided to come back and give diablo 3 another crack......still same old choppy game play.

You're unlucky as it was a lot better in Nov/early Dec, it's gotten worse to the point of how it was back in July/Aug again.
Today has been ridiculous, hitting 1800ms latency.
Blizzard does not care about this side of the World. Hon, Dota 2 and many other games have aus/nz servers so lame TBH.

Tired of the BS that Blizzard spills all over the forums, TBH Blizzard games are some of the worst for Lag now since most other games have servers in Australia. Before it was ok when no one else had them but its at a point now that Blizzard has little to fall back on now...........
Yup, horrible the last two days...cannot play normally. I'm on TPG in Brisbane, 1.8km from exchange, but speed tests yield me 14.5 mbps, 33 ms latency, 0 ms fluctuation, and 0 packet loss. Server side probs for sure.
Ive been having problems with TPG for a while, not only with D3. But now its just unplayable. TPG still denies the problem, but many forums are getting smashed with complaints of bad lag, dropouts and slow connections. Tired of having third world internet, no wait they have better net than us.
mine is real laggy. has been for about 5 days

i cant really play the game.

is there anything technical we can do to fix this.

SO frustrating.
I've slowed way down today. What could it be?
My guess if people started playing more after a recent announcement?

My lag is terrible last few days.
Thought lag issues had been resolved so decided to come back and give diablo 3 another crack......still same old choppy game play.


I thought i would try it again also but it's still the same as it ever was.
When you guys post lag issues, could you add what ISP you are with as well please?

It seems very situational these days as to who gets lag badly and who doesn't, I've read a lot of TPG people have issues, but I'm trying to work out what the worst ISP with D3 is.
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Narull, I'm with Telstra Bigpond on an ADSL 2+ connection and my interwebs have been fine but over the past 4-5 days I'll lag any time of the day. Basically it periodically starts off being fine, then gets about 0.2 seconds lag, then 0.3, etc up to about a solid 2-3 seconds of "oh god, run and pray"
I'm on IINET ADSL 2+
I know I can hit around 700kb/s in utorrent (is that any surprise given the standards of Australian TV?).
Anyways....I constantly play around 300ms, same as my housemate (duhhhh, but proves the computers are not the issue), and many other friends who live close by and I know one of them has the exact same deal as me, just less download quota.
The constant 1/3 of a second delay, I believe, has made us all godly gamers. I would love to see a PVP contest (in any game) where Americans are handicapped to our speeds....hahaha with our experience at the lag we would trounce them.

My friends and I's main problems are the constant rubber banding and +1000ms lag! Over a second is completely unacceptable for a good gameplay experience. Coupled with the fact a handful of these lags lead to d/c means we have never ever tried hardcore. One of my fiends lost a 10 million skorn (bought for 3 times the price a while back) while he was swapping weapons to test things and a d/c happened at the worst moment. Took a few days to talk him back into the game and then we all chipped in to gem his new skorn.
Point is, we are having fun, but it could be a lot better.
I am on IInet in Brisbane. I have also been experiencing high lag spikes, along with DC's. I have checked all the usual remedies. Just wondering if other people are experiencing issue's with D3 latency (out of the usual that is).
Trying to farm up some keys tonight and low and behold, 3 times in a row I've been DC'd just as I get 5 stacks
Stop start choppy all the way through


I'm with Bigpond out of Sydney
My problem came back today. Very similiar to what happened just after Xmas.

Completely unplayable reaching over 1k ms.

Ps.: TPG Sydney.
Internode, brisbane lag spikes for past month. Its a routing problem I think we just have terrible connection with blizzard. My connection is fine, D3 is the only game i play that has lag spikes and it's random unacceptable lag. Also when teleporting or using way point into a new area my ping meter goes red 800+ to 1000+ ping.

Fix it
Any blues want to answer this question? With something other then total bs or don't bother

They don't give the slightest about our gaming experience, there cheap and lazy.

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