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Once you get to Inferno in HC, you will figure out what best suits you, unfortunately, you do not have many chances to figure things out, you need to be very careful. If you need help, let me know or post in the HC forum.

Good luck in HC and stay safe.
Hello fellow S/B monks. :)
Looking to hit 100k with a modest budget. Based on what I have so far, where is my biggest "bang for buck" upgrade would you say? I have been using/following advice from this post for a little while now, great stuff. Thank you!
Also on a different note, I am using a pretty basic build, and have LTK as my spender. Cannot seem to get a build using WoL that I am comfortable with yet. How have you worked it into your game play? Thank again.
Would say witching hour. Your EHP is like 800k! Your profile dps is buffed though as your dps is 82k. Adding a standard WH 70d/9as/45 cd will add 9k+. It drops your ehp by 200k but I think is going to happen regardless unless modest means billions. Upgrading your gems in your chest to 54 adds another 1.5k. Using a BT ammy without CC is a huge crutch to your dps and that is where you are. Weapon is good but no LS and not sure how good that 1k LoH will do you later on. Craft some gloves/bracers/shoulders and see if you get lucky.

I have switched to DW primarily but still have my shield and use it for certain packs. You may want to incorporate DS and switch to quickening dropping BoH for spirit. Or, use chant of resonance in lieu of transcendence or ES.
Looking to hit 100k with a modest budget. Based on what I have so far, where is my biggest "bang for buck" upgrade would you say?

craft shoulders and bracers

your dex is really low at ~2100 with some semi-decent rolls it can go up to 2300 without any loss in other areas and with decent rolls (that is 6cc braces and 300+ dex on both) it should easily go 2450-2500.

after that.. craf amulets untill you hit bi/trifecta and then ditch BT amu and pants.

all this on budget (well almost)

crafting gloves is for the lucky and rich, my first trifecta (and a bad one at that :/) was the number 50ish
Ok thanks! So to the crafting tables I need to go. Time to farm up some more essences. Will check back in after I get some decent rolls.
I really love the sword and board play style. could anyone help me out and steer me in the right direction?

much appreciated, ratt
@Ratttt One monk basic you are missing out on is OWE. Makes me sad to see this. You MUST use the same elemental resist gear otherwise OWE is totally useless. In your case i would use poison as your elemental resist. If you use poison then that will allow you to use an "andriels visage helm" and get rid of the inna's as 3 piece inna's is useless. Also think about swapping that belt for a witching hour.
I just found a cool little shield on the AH for 250k gold, I decided it to try it. Wow ! Shields are fun ! The 52,5% critical hit chance with cyclone and wall of light make me feel like I've gained DPS, not lose 25k ish.

I think I'm a SnB convert.
Hey guys, great thread here! Tons of good information and its inspired me to work on a snb monk which I have been doing for awhile. I'm kind of stuck at this point and I'm not sure where to go for more dmg without spending 100m (I'm usually pretty broke)
I know nats ring/ boots would give me a lot, but again no money for that kind of set up. I've been thinking about switching out from fire res to psn so I can make full use of an andy's helm. How much res will I need extra to make up for the extra fire dmg find one with say 10% or less? If I did end up switching to that andy's helm, I'm sure i'd have to scrap my bt chest for inna's so I can keep the 2 piece bonus and I'd get a witching hour as funds permit. I farm with a friend on about mp5-7 now but I really wanna get up to at least ~125k dps until I start dropping major money on him.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
Somewhat in the same boat. Have been crafting away for gloves and still little to show for it. Not sure where my best upgrades would be without A) costing 100's of millions (I have a somwhat limited budget of less than 100m) and B) not make me lose a bunch of ehp.
Any advice appreciated.
Unfortunately, you'll need to either spend gold on gear and/or continue to craft. Your overall gear looks good and it just takes time to either accumulate gold or demonic essences.
Would an LS weapon be worth getting with my dps? And I am working on gloves currently, best thing to stick with until I get a good roll or should i work on ammy?
And thanks for all the help, this thread has been great.
I would hold off on a LS weapon until you can find one which will significantly boost your DPS. With regards to crafting, it's all luck and if you want to alternate between gloves and amulets, it's worth a try. Crafting can potentially produce BIS items and its usually vastly cheaper to craft than to buy gear. I'd personally craft amulets, that would give you a very nice DPS boost if you get a good roll.
Picked up a cheap board the other day.

Was looking for a new challenge as running echo/wkl seemed to limit my options on swapping out skills to try new things.

One thing I noticed is sustain is harder to maintain with S&B as higher dps doesnt grow on trees.

Snagged a fist weapon with both LS and LOH for under 6m and put back on my BT pants.

White mobs on mp 7 cota are not too bad but elites take forever,

Work in progress I guess but the new challenge is enjoyable
must admit after picking up an awesome shield, love using it in mp10 public party's pretty much survive all that kills the rest,
still prefer dual LS using WKL OH for most, but the very hard hitting melee jugernauts require a shield, main example is KD lev 3, the guard you sometimes find on the floor by a small room, that grp in there hit like a truck, really struggle surviving the melee hits without a shield, so i always switch out at that point.
jco310: Here is my SB gear, any advice on this gear!

Gear looks good, however, I don't see your shield. As long as your shield has good dex, vit, CC, life% and hopefully a resist, you should be fine on MP10.

If you've tried MP10 with a shield, and had any problems, let me know what issues you had. Your life could use a boost but I hope the shield you use gives you at least 10K life.
sorry, I changed to two swords. Please check up it again now!
I have other craft bracers.

Bracer 1: 298 dex, 68 vit, 51 arca, CC5 (decrease 1124 hp and 970 dps, but reach all resist 671)

Bracer 2: 279 dex, 46 vit, 25 light reis, 78 ar, CC5 (decrease 2040 dps and 2036 hp, but reach all resis 698)

current Bracer: all resis 633

I have another ammy can increase hp 4303, but decrease 5516 dps.

I also have some chest can increase hp 6240, but decrease 6229 dps

What should i choose? any advice?
Picked up a new board cheap on bid. Had nice dex/vit and crit chance with a socket. Unfortunately wrong resist for me but for around 400k didnt think it was a bad buy.

Grabbed a better sword as well. Am now over 100k dps unbuffed and on my way.

Hoping my old ef/wkl will sell soon to free up some funds.

Running only one life steal seems to be a bit of a challenge but am hoping at a higher dps it will get easier.

quick question though. Inna's or BT pants. I lose a huge chunk of dps with the BT but gain some LOH.

Would still be around 100k with the swap but not sure what I wanna do.

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