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Ok I am running a gtx 660 ti.. I am running everything on high with V sync on. Everything runs smooth until I hit a high density of mobs my fps drops arreat creater mostly. What is causing that? I can run Farcry 3 on ULTRA also black ops. Any suggestions?
it's propably your hard drive .... since I switch to SSD drive all those issues are solve
v sync is having issues that will be addressed in next patch
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Three performance-related issues in Diablo III seem to be centered around using the Vsync setting in the in-game video options, disk asset loading stutters, and a possible overheating issue.

Vsync: Vsync stuttering is normally caused by a machine being unable to maintain 60fps, falling behind and then alternating between 30fps and 60fps. When this is the cause, the player may want to limit the frame rate to 30fps, or reduce system and graphical settings. Ongoing optimizations by the developers will also help on this front.

Disk loading stutters: We’re working on the disk asset loading stutters as well. In an upcoming patch, some of the prefetching in the game is being changed which should help with the stuttering.

Overheating: There are some people having what appear to be video driver resets leading to long pauses as Diablo III reloads assets and then resumes playing. We're working to reproduce the issue internally. For now, we believe it could be due to the video card (GPU) overheating. Many users have addressed this on their own by limiting the frame rate and underclocking their GPUs.

The developers are making incremental improvements to address these issues. These will be rolled out across future patches. this is from a blue a couple of post up
Ya I saw that Kage I was just asking blue if they were gonna fix it by the next patch. Nah Pat I do not think so I have a fast fast computer and very good. Its prob diablo 3!
Also I just turned V Sync off but the screen tears I am running over 145 fps why does the screen do that?
I set my max background the first one to 60 and the foreground i left it at 8 it runs perfect I see a slight stutter but im stuck at 59-60 fps it hardly moves.. everything on HIGH. Never stutters or lags but when V sync on its a little smoother but lags in big packs so they will fix that?
Up anyone?

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