Kripp already said there would be Ladder

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No, I just hate people making baseless statements. For instance you said his info is credible. He doesn't work for Blizzard, he has no in's at Blizzard. He has no advance notice of anything.

Lol you think Blizz is credible then??.....again i lol!!!!!

and again...LOL!!!

Uh yeah.. cuz bliz is the source... how can they not be credible....?
*slowly backs away homersimpson style*
01/15/2013 02:35 PMPosted by Shékinah

Anyone who's followed blogs by official Bliz said there won't be ladder?.

Blizzard also said there wouldn't be pandas in World of Warcraft, look what happened years later.

I think its interesting to see a few outraged of what is to come.

This is the normal reaction from people who can't handle change.

They say someones "trolling" when they refuse to believe the truth. Ladder is inevitable, the only thing anyone can really do is choose to stay non-ladder or choose to be a part of the competition.

I'll be back later to read the responses of those who are constructive, I wont be feeding these Negative Nancy's anymore.


Whoahwhoa don't quote me on it I put a ? after ladder for a reason because that's what their development team says. It's along the lines of "we don't see a point."
01/15/2013 12:09 AMPosted by FatherOfOne
is this whole forum full of idiots, so what if he said kripp said it, its a damn joke kiddo's. My one wish is when a game is mature rating they will actually keep the little ones away

Mature ratings don't keep the kids away. The one thing I have learned about being a father too 2 boys, is that most parents totally cave in and get kids things they are not old enough or mature enough for.

I am almost sick when I see a family eating at a table next to ours and the kids has an I(Intsert Device) with possibly headphones in to boot. What happen to families? I know my kids can frustrate the you know what out of me some days, but I wouldn't wish their company away any day for minutes of silence. Social skills people.
01/15/2013 10:18 AMPosted by Romeo

Like you mutilated the English language? Trust me I am not jealous of him. He gets about as much as my attention as the person at the Drive-Thru at Taco Bell. No offense for those who work low paying jobs to pay their bills, been there and done that, but you get the analogy.
Krip WHAT HAS HE PREDICTED every time i read or watch his stream by mistake , he is like NOSTRADAMIS he says the game will have EVERY THING then when one thing happens it predicted it watch this !!!

COMING SOON in D3 upcoming patch

More barb changes
slight dmg change to monks AGAIN
blizzard will sell gold like it does not to try and balance AH and keep a riegn on how much outhers make off the game (unless there hand is in the till)

Costume's ---items will drop from random bosses and elites and from respledent chests !!!!


SOON pets

ok so now i have predicted what will happen when any of the above happens

I PREDICTED IT plzz follow my stream at wwwwwwww.whogivesa!@#$

i have more W's in my web site iam better

LOL Nice... Thumbs up...
but i do like ladder but whats the point ? see who plays the most ? i mean like said above by some one else , IT TAKES A GOOD single evening of play to hit 60 if u rush maybe 2 or even just a week of nightly play.!!

so a ladder will just keep score on who plays the most wich is all the ladder in D2 did kinda LAME

but iam down to play NON-ladder and watch the min wage players quit there jobs at wal mart and mcdonalds to ROCK at diablo 3

with that said i actually think it would be irresponsible of blizzard to do the ladders since it just means a bunch of kids skip school quit jobs and ruin college semesters to hunt the top spot when we all know some 3man korean team will be top or the next good programer who finds a way to hack and BOT with out being detected

GL all WTB bul kathos 1k dps+ with socket hit me up

100% Truth!

I am going to age myself here, but I used to play a word based game back 1987 callled GE or Galactic Empire. They reset it about every 3-4 months and you had to rush out and get new planets and build them up for taxes and you wanted the best planets closest to the neutral zone. My friend and I both being Highschool boys woudl literally log the BBS with my dads computer and 300bps modem and stay online for 12-15 hours at a time that weekend and take turns sleeping on the couch in my parents basement. I had a $30 a month unlimited credit account so it was to easy.

In hindsight it was foolish as all get out. Maybe we should have went out and gotten some fresh air. I can so see other kids making the same mistake with a reset in ladders.
In hindsight it was foolish as all get out. Maybe we should have went out and gotten some women. I can so see other kids making the same mistake with a reset in ladders.
OK but what if you want to play multiplayer and 80% of the player base is playing the ladder? It kinda becomes a very sad game to play alone all the time, right?
As I said, the ladder system is good if you have time to start from 0 every now and then (something which I unfortunately don't)...

how do you know how many will play ladder?

If 80% want to play ladder, would that not mean that the vast majority wants ladder reset? Shouldnt it be implemented asap if 80% of the players want it?
Do they have two seperate RMAH, one for ladders and one for non-ladders? Another possibility, but I think the issue that arises here is that players become less incentivized to buy from either market. The ladder RMAH might not sell as well as it could because players are worried about the end of the ladder and the value depreciation as the ladder characters join the non-ladder population. *As what happens with the end of each ladder. The non-ladder RMAH sales might also suffer when the ladder comes to a close because people would wait for the influx of items to drive prices down before buying.

two RMAH would not give any issues nor would it stop people from selling/buying. Just look at D2, 3rd party websites selling items where booming. Thousands of people traded fg vs D2 items every day.

People are willing to pay for a headstart, even if it looses in value 6months later
dude, kripp knows more about the game than jay wilson -.-, im not saying it like a fanboy, i barely watch him, but for what ive seen, he knows more about the game than him, and he would be able to make the game so much better...
@databandit, seriously u guys r !@#$ing retarded and should die.. this is a real job, kripp has youtube and twitch MONEY if hes getting paid for it, its a job -.- he has to do a video every day and live stream every day, if it wasnt a job, it would be a hobby but he gets paid for it, and he HAS to do it
Who or what the hell is Kripp
01/16/2013 07:33 AMPosted by Honzik
Who or what the hell is Kripp

Im guessing you dont know what google is either.
01/16/2013 07:33 AMPosted by Honzik
Who or what the hell is Kripp

He is what the community calls and "Elite or Hardcore Gamer" that creates videos for subscriber money on Youtube. Profitable, I doubt you get wealthy doing it, but I guess it fits his needs.
The ladder system in diablo 2 was one of the worst part of the game. And I for one really don't want it into diablo 3.
Look! More hidden kripprints!
who's Kripp sound like an as been to me i'm on forum often and never saw his name before

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