What D2 had that D3 does not.

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Last I checked D3 was an MMO

I agree, as that stands for Massively Multiplayer Online
and this game sold, what, 10 mill and the game is only online.
People seem to confuse it with persistent world games
or games you need to pay a fee for continually.
in diablo 2 had way better stats on items then diablo 3 does in fact they seem to have gotten rid of a lot of them like crushing blow, open wounds, - target defense, stats in diablo 3 are actually really lame. i also cant build my character around life steal like i could in diablo 2.
01/13/2013 07:27 PMPosted by TheSaint
Check the amount of patches D2 got bub. D3 already put in more then half of what D2 ever got.

D2 has had 21 patch updates, i think D3 has a few less than that
01/14/2013 07:37 AMPosted by Synol
Go play a hammerdin without an enigma and tell me how great D2 is. Since it's not about the loot, go do it without gear.

I did play Hammerdin without enimga, you got magi and I used a unique for dueling that gave open wounds chance, which can not be resisted so it worked out good.
There are tons of item combinations I used in Diablo 2 with tons of different builds and play styles.

I never said anything about it not being about the loot, I said that it was not so loot dependent.
Example would be choosing another armor over enigma you would not lose 25% damage or survivability.
01/14/2013 07:55 AMPosted by Pookie258
Check the amount of patches D2 got bub. D3 already put in more then half of what D2 ever got.

D2 has had 21 patch updates, i think D3 has a few less than that

Don't forget to add the fact that games that are generally considered "complete" upon release don't necessarily need as many patches. D3 has had 27 combined patches/hotfixes. Interestingly enough, at basically the same time after release, World of Warcraft only had 12 patches (which included hotfix type changes), despite being a completely new style of game for Blizzard. Since most of the D3 patches now are basically implemented in order to play catch-up from the games design misfires, I think it is very telling in that the game was obviously released incredibly prematurely.

However, despite the fact that I do not agree with many of the design portions of the game (itemization, characterization/customization, etc), I must say that the most player-critics of must admit that Blizzard has definitely put in the effort in an attempt to fix the game (just not correctly by and large).
What D2 had that D3 does not.

short : lategame :)
OP nailed it.

But i'd just like to point out some of the game design flaws..

- Dialogue: Beyond juvenile and stupid. Its as bad as that soap opera where the characters pop in to announce exactly what they're thinking. Master tactician Azmodan is more useful than Tyrael in telling us what to do next. Leah is just a babbling brat in pigtails constantly going on about Uncle Deckard and the Enchantress has the IQ of a lollipop. the only dialogue worth listening to/reading is the Scoundrel.

- The areas (except Act 1 which is perfect) are not up to Diablo standards. They lack that certain darkness and haunting manner from previous installments. Diablo is more about catacombs, crypts, over-run temples than battlefields and open war. After Act 2 there is no mystery/darkness. Or at least include a bit of each.

- Predictability: There are NO surprises whatsoever. Either in gameplay or lore. Adria is evil (who saw that coming?). Zoltun turns on us (gasp.) Even the plot twists aren't that well presented.
As for gameplay, i'm thinkin first meeting Duriel on Nightmare. We've ALL been caught out. If you say otherwise you're full of !@#$.

- Horadric Cube vs Jeweller. Gems/Runes were epic. When you found a high tier one, you would be through the roof! or you can at least make them from smaller ones! In D3 its all about gold. If you dont have the cash, you can't afford to either make, or buy them! Not to mention its frustrating how many gems ACTUALLY drop for you. they are more common than potions which kinda takes away the joy of them. Remember the Hellforge in Act IV? I LOVED doing that quest again because of the gem rewards. THAT is what a reward should be like! not some pathetic XP and spare change.

- Blacksmith: What a useless waste of binary digits. Who here actually crafts their gear, rather than hunt for it or buy from the AH? Honestly? 1/500 players?

- Deckard Cain: Maghda? really? a person of Deck's importance and you chose MAGHDA to be the one to kill him??
i miss paladin
in a word, Fun

D2> D3 in terms of fun!

once i started on d2 couldnt stop

after a few hours on d3 i felt bored.

its like if blizz does not implement those so call changes/patch i woulda quit the d3 a long time ago

in d2 all u need to do was go into a game and u could hostile every 1 and start a FFA in a hurry. was both chaotic and exciting

u could have it however u wan u can form diff parties

always love going into cow games baal games etc

popping other ppl's char in a pvp/pk

it sad 8 months into d3 and still only patch notes on pvp

more than half of the peeps on f list has quit.

i guess its the end of a awesome franchise truly.
Cool story, go play D2 it is acutally still going. I'll play D3
01/14/2013 07:47 AMPosted by Alchemist
i also cant build my character around life steal like i could in diablo 2.

Omg how? how.. ca.. why not? ow wait. this is diablo 3 and not 2...
OP is completely right.

In Diablo 2 I could make a build and then enhance it with the correct items(The joy when i found a razortail for my Light Javazon) if I found or traded for them. Uniques/Sets literally made builds.

Diablo 3's itemization, because of Damage on skills being directly related to items, is boring. Every single person in this game is looking for the same thing. Main stat, Crit chance/dmg, Vit, resist.
Every upgrade you find(or buy in most cases) is just an incremental upgrage to your stats.
Does this item have more dps and stats than my current item? No? Vendor junk Yes? Equip
BOOOOOORRINGGG! It doesn't matter a flying **** if its a wiz wielding a double handed battle axe or a barb with a dagger. Items are just placeholders for stats essentially theres nothing exciting about them.

In Diablo 3 there are no "builds". You do not BUILD a character. You level up the same as every other player in the game, you switch your skills about whenever you like. Your character is the exact same as every other(if they want to be). There is no math to be done when making your character, no decision making(ones with consequences!), no depth, no attachment to "your character" and ABSOLUTELY NO reason to reroll the same class.

I had 4 different necromancers in D2, 3 different amazons, a trapsin , werewolf/bear/caster druid. This was fun, there were consequences to my choices. It was fun working out what builds worked , even more fun watching something you built up from the ground succeed and pure and utter bliss when you traded for or found that one item that enhanced your build more than any other. This was the lure for me in D2 and it doesn't exist in D3.

The Story/ Atmosphere:
Honestly I would have given this a pass if I didn't have to endure the damn thing every difficulty level. The story was such an upset in this game. Granted in D2 there wasn't much of a story either. But it wasn't in your face at every corner. I don't want Diablo telling me his every ******* thought as though I was his diary. Diablo in D2 was always regarded as epic and he had one !@#$%^- line!!!
The game is overall too bright. Go play the D2 and tell me there is anything like the Durance of Hate in D3. Where you can't see anything and a horde of stygian dolls could descend on you at a moments notice. The gritty dark atmosphere isn't there. Instead I have the stupid scoundrel regaling me with stories i've heard before every ten seconds. Its just too much.

Anyway 1.07 has confirmed for me that this team just doesn't understand what Blizzard North did. How to make a Diablo game fun and addicting. So much so that it retains a loyal sizeable playerbase to this day. Its a shame, such a waste.
I thought D2 had better music and the story was really dark and gritty (which I liked). I also thought charms and rune words were cool.

Other than that............I'm all for sticking to DIII. DII feels too outdated, and I don't mind the inclusion of DIII's AH/RMAH because if I recall, people used to take to Ebay anyways for items sometimes.
Morningrise, Xtreme, and Jawn all have it exactly correct. This thread should be used as the Bible for D3 patch 1.1, to be followed verbatim and in its entirety.

My previous post lamented the deaths of the things that made D2 a good game, some of which you guys have outlined. In summary, we can miss D2 (and the creative talent behind the game) all we want, but the people who made (and make) the biggest decisions about what D3 is like would rather have their predecessors' heads on a bind-to-account-on-pickup platter than "revert" back to those "heathen" days of gaming. Hence, RIP D2.
D2 had mana burn. Should they bring that back too?
You don't like America? Then leave! You don't like your job? Get a different job. Are you poor? Get rich. All problems will be solved by your impeccable logic, Plutarch.

And yes, Dikembe, they should bring mana burn back. They should bring back every aspect of D2. That's what we're saying. They should bring back duping, muling, and everything else that was stupid about D2. I miss building a character only to find out that it's complete garbage at level 85.

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