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The itemization, finding items was considered the "end game" and how the game rewards you for time spent playing it and is still the same glaring issue. The itemization is so bad that it actually causes several other problems one being "some" people think that the AH/RMAH ruins Diablo when actually this problem stems from the itemization. D2 had a "pay to win' element as well, eBay, while not built into the game it did exist and there was no out cry from the community about it. Same can be said for the AH, trade channels did exist in game and serves the same basic function. Not a lot of people used the trade channels because it wasn't needed. So some might not realize this but the trade channels required you to not play the game like the AH, you would have to read a constantly spammed channel to look for sellers or buyers, and usually everyone either "lowballed" or over charged. It was a lot of grief, finding serious traders wasn't easy and the channel was mainly used to rip people off.

Blizzard sits behind the term, "RNG" but anyone who has played this game excessively knows that certain drops have a much lower chance to drop. The odds are stacked against us, the itemization is A LOT more like the lottery than it is random. There are several major changes to the itemization in D3 that differs from D2, two of them I consider to be the root of the cause.

ILvl: while also in D2, this would determine whether a certain item could drop or not, there was another factor involved called "TC" or treasure class. In order for certain affixes or legendaries to drop the monster had to have a certain lvl and treasure class. For example Pindleskin at one point could drop anything in the game, later Blizzard went back and lowered his treasure class since he was too easy to farm. Now ilvl is another ball bouncing around in the lottery machine.

Affixes: not the actual affixes themselves although I plan on getting into them, but how they used to work.Before you could get 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes on an item. This has been changed that an item can get 6 prefixes, this is why you never find any good rares. There are 120+ affixes total, (some don't apply to every item) in most cases you need either four or five prefixes in order to be good. On top of that, each affix then has tiers from its min to max value. So in order to get a really good item you need to win the lottery.

With the update to legendaries, gear has gone towards a more "LoD" approach than "Classic" and while people seem to prefer that, you guys did a really bad job with it, I'm sorry to say that. Some of the updates are detrimental to the itemization of the game, or in your case the end game. Manticore is one of the worst offenders, but Lacuni's are by far the worst along with Skorn, Meepo, Witching Hour, Inna's pants, and the offhands.

Stacking ONE legendary of each type with one amazing unique ability followed by most of the affixes needed is a huge imbalance. You now have set the bar for most rares to low end of these legendaries. Ideally you should have one unique affix, one prefix and one suffix, allowing for three more random mods. This would of forced you to spread the love across all the legendaries making most of them useful instead of one clear winner. You also wouldn't have set the bar so low for rares.

We're going to have to live with these legendary changes, the current issue with itemization affects rares more than anything. You have addressed the ilvl part of the itemization and I feel it was an improvement. You need to take a look at how item's are generated and revamp the prefix/suffix list. This change shouldn't affect any important gear, you would possibly make a collector item out of a few blues, but I doubt it.
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Below is a list seperated into prefix and suffix. You can see that the prefix list seems bigger than the suffix list and that the majority of good affixes are prefixes. The list is decieving, there are actually more suffxes than prefixes but I have the class skills listed as one when actually it's 58 suffixes. Another thing to realize is that every piece of gear doesn't have to compete with every affix.


% to Blind
% to Chill
% to Knockback
% to Slow
Crit Chance
Crit Damage
CC Reduction
Dmg vs Elites
Def Range
Hatred Regen
Health Globes
Health Regen
Ignore Durability
Life per Fury
Mana Regen
Pickup Radius
Resist All
Single Resists
Spirit Heals
Spirit Regen


% to Fear
% to Freeze
% to Immobilize
% to Stun
Arcane Dmg
Class Skills x58
Cold Dmg
Def Melee
Fire Dmg
Holy Dmg
Lvl Req
Lightning Dmg
Max Dmg
Min Dmg
Min/Max Dmg
Poison Dmg

Weapons are the easiest and important so I'm going to start there for an example so I can show you the "RNG."

Crit Dmg (prefix)
Dmg (suffix)
Dmg% (prefix)
LS/LoH (prefix/suffix)
Socket (prefix)
APoC/Ias/Stats or Stats/Vit (wand only prefix/prefix/suffix/prefix)

So 3/3 at the minimum, most likely 4/2 or the very best is 5/1. "So what?" you might think. So... while your weapon needs 4 or 5 prefixes you have roll against a majority of suffixes.

Helm: 5/1 (crit, life%, res all, socket, stat/vit, pure stat)
Shoulders: 4/2 (life%, pickup rad/single res, res all, stat/vit, pure stat, pure vit)
Chest: 4/2 (life%, res all, socket, stat/vit, pure stat, pure vit)
Amulet: 4/2 (crit chance, crit dmg, ias, stat/vit, pure stat, min/max dmg or loh) 5/1 resists/socket.
Gloves: 5/1 (crit chance, crit dmg, ias, stat/vit, res all, pure stat)
Belt: 4/2 (life%, pickup rad/single res, res all, stat/vit, pure stat, pure vit)
Bracers: 4/2 (crit chance, pickup rad/single res, res all, stat/vit, pure stat, pure vit)
Ring: 4/2 (crit chance, crit dmg, ias, stat/vit, pure stat, min/max dmg or loh) 5/1 resists/socket.
Pants: 4/2 (pickup rad/single res, res all, socket, stat/vit, pure stat, pure vit)
Boots: 4/2 (ms, pickup rad/single res, res all, stat/vit, pure stat, pure vit)

This is what the majority want. You can see that your items need to be more prefix than suffix. If you do manage to get all the right affixes you then need to roll high on each affix. Use the term, "RNG" loosely please.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is class specific items should only be capable of rolling the proper stat for that class. Not to mention that the block chance on shields should be affected by the shield type and the damage range on mojos and sources should be affected by the offhand type, like quivers. Mojos, shields, and sources need to roll 7 affixes to be good and this needs to be addressed.
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Now I'd like to talk about the affixes themselves. First of all I'd like to talk about the affixes I think should be removed from the game and wouldn't impact current items.

Dex/Int, Str/Dex, Str/Int, LoK, Max Dmg, and Min Dmg.

The first three have no use in D3, in D2 maybe, but this isn't D2. LoK isn't needed and between LS, LoH, and health globes It's fluff that dilutes the chance of good loot. Max and Min dmg is a good affix however you have two versions of it, while this is the least offender of all of them it is a duplicate affix and poor one at that.

The next group of affixes need work in order to be good. I believe they all have the possibility of being good and shouldn't require a ton of work to do so either.

% to CC, Bleed, CC reduction, Class resources and skills, Health globe/potion bonus, Ignore durability, Lvl req, and Thorns.

Some of these have been mentioned already which is good, because you acknowledge that they need work.

% to CC suffers from its low chance to proc because of spell coefficients. The % needs to be buffed to 10% with a 100% coefficient spell. You should also remove the 100% chance to snare with cold damage weapons and adds cold damage so that the % to chill and slow are the only ways of snaring from an affix.You should add these affects to the fear immunity you gain briefly after getting feared. You should also add jailor, frozen, and vortex to that fear immunity buff. Don't forget to buff the cold damage to be on par with other elements.

CC reduction. See what I just did there? Dueling will already make this affix good, along with buffing the % to cc procs.

Bleed chance should be buffed that it procs 100% of the time with a 100% coefficient spell. It needs to be % based and the duration needs to be shortened to 1-2 seconds. Buff this so that it's always useful in higher MP and useful vs high hp monsters and elites in lower MP.

Some of the class resources are good, some are ok, the life per resources are bad. They can't compete with health regen and it's no contest considering LS or LoH. I would change life per fury to fury regen, Life per spirit to max spirit, and hatred regen to disc on crit.

Class skills need two changes. The first being that you can get them on more than one piece of gear so we can stack the damage, or crit or a certain skill or reduce a certain skill to no cost. The second being only class specific items can spawn these affixes.

Healthglobe/potion bonus needs work. You change it to a on hit proc that you can spawn a health globe. Remove potion from the affix. Then you buff passives like pound of flesh, vengence, power hungry, add one for monk, similar to gruesome feast. With a chance on hit to proc a health globe, you make it viable for higher MP. With a buff to those passives to gain dps, you could make this affix viable and promote "build diversity". Also buff potions so they give back more health.

Ignore durability is lackluster. Change it so that having the affix on any piece of your gear affects all your gear. I realize repair is one of the gold sinks in the game, however it so marginal that it doesn't matter at all if we can prevent it entirely. You need to add real gold sinks into the game we want to spend on gold on anyway.

Lvl req is a medicore affix, You should start at 10 levels instead of 1, and go to 30. So basically from the start of hell to possibly the start of nightmare.

Thorns needs to be % based. You should really buff this to the point where its OP in lower MP and really good at higher MP. This will also bring back tank builds and hybrids and promote "Build diversity"

The last group of affixes aren't bad at all but still need work, they are GF and MF. While these affixes could be ignored and left alone. MF and GF, mainly MF have caused quite a bit of problems in game. It's a difficult issue for sure, it's always been a staple in D2 and with the direction D3 has gone I'd argue it no longer has a place in the game. The best thing I can think of is that GF/MF on gear only affects monster kills and NV/Paragon GF/MF works on everything. Everything being chests, barrels, etc.
I think i'm in love over here .... THANK YOU, this is a major problem and also why another game (icwhatudidthere:D) that I play is extremely fun in this regards.

+1 to fix items and build diversity would be improved.
this post needs blues attention, this is 100% correct in whats wrong with itemization,
but sadly the ah/rmah says diffrent, gl on geting them to fix this issue thats been here since release :(
+1 Blizz need to see this. Thumbs up people.
+1 Like all.

Would be nice to have a meaningful drop once every two hours instead of two weeks..

Although removing certain affixes is a bit of a waste, maybe they can simply lower the chance of rolling them.
Very good post, blizz should read it.
Spot on.
life per spirit spent isn't bad at all. get 60 LPSS in a bell spam/overawe build and holy cow, the nonstop healing.
If only we would get more tools to craft items with potential into items worth equiping, like being able to add a desired proc, stat or socket ...

The effect of the new gem tier will probably be a massive price increase to decent items with sockets. Then again; the minute a socket quest or mechanism were to be revealed, prices of decent items WITHOUT sockets would skyrocket too.

If itemization is not addressed (and keep in mind that not everything has been revealed yet, there is hope!), 1.07 does not really target the more serious problems the game has, but merely tunes the mechanics of RNG by adding more stuff that relies on it.
Excelent post! CM's/Blizz, please look into this thread, it has excelent advices to make this game actualy fun in terms of itemization! A blue response into this matter would be very enlightning.
Great ideas!

Blizz might say then there would be too many good items, but it's better to have less rares drop and have them be better, than to have more rares drop and have so many be useless. People should feel a sense of excitement when a rare drops.
I agree with you on most parts but you think min/max damage is a waste? If it weren't for min/max damage then most black weapons would probably have close to the base weapon damage that the white version of it would have and therefore low dps. If you look at high dps weapons on the AH it's either because of added elemental damage e.g. +155-599 Fire Damage or in the case of a black weapon it would be +min/max and +% damage.

In the case of thorns it would need to be both %based damage as well as work on both ranged and melee attacks. Also it would need to reflect the damage before damage mitigation takes places from Armor and AR.

I would also like to see a tighter stat range for Inferno Items. For example an ilvl 61 chest shouldn't roll 25 AR, 25 Str/Int/Dex/Vit etc but rather it should roll like 50-80 AR, 100-200 Str/Int/Dex, 100-300 Vit, as the affix level increases so would the minimum value of the stat range (the max value would be unchanged) so at affix level 62 it could be 60-80 AR, 110-200 Str/Int/Dex, 110-300 Vit, and at affix level 63 it would be 70-80 AR, 120-200 Str/Int/Dex, 120-300 Vit. That way there would be a much higher chance of rolling a useable item either for yourself or for someone else.

It took me a while to understand your point about prefixes and suffixes but I guess what you were trying to say is that with 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes it reduces the chance of multiple bad prefixes from rolling together and the same with bad suffixes from also rolling together.

PS is % to CC = % to Crowd Control like:
Chance to Stun on Hit %, Chance to Knockback on Hit %, Chance to Slow on Hit %, Chance to Immobilize on Hit %, Chance to Freeze on Hit %, Chance to Fear on Hit %, Chance to Chill on Hit %, Chance to Blind on hit %?

I find chance to freeze on hit quite useful especially when you put it on your scoundrel combined with the Multishot ability. Just equip a Buriza-Do Kyanon and The Star of Azkaranth both with a high Chance to Freeze on Hit % combined with attack speed rings to constantly freeze the enemies.
This is 100% correct in every way shape and form. I would really like to see some Blue attention from this

Blizzard- acknowledged in the patch preview that much of the player base feels that they would prefer to find drops or craft items rather than shopping for them in the AH.

A step was taken forward in crafting.

Now a step needs to be taken forward in drops.
+1 UP!
Good post, +1

About the Life per Resource: It needs to be a percentage of your max life. Alot of skills have flat values which makes them bad (for example monk Mantra of Healing: Flat Shield amount) lategame. Those flat values are in since the start and there is no way to make those skills stronger which leads to less build diversity.

What is also needed is a functional use for stats other than the main stat and vit.

While Armor, Dodge and AllRes is ok, it is just not enough to make those stats viable for all classes.

Str: Add damage to your weapon dps (1 dmg per 50 str or something like that) and that damage is also used in skills that have "% of weapon damage"

Dex: In D2 there was a chance for you to hit an enemy. Unfortunately this is not implemented in D3 but Dex could be used for CC, CD or ApS increase

Int: This should increase the strength of non-damage skills. For example it could increase the heal amount on flat value heals.

Well D3 still has a long way to go to be actually perfect but at least it's taking some steps.
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