1.0.7 looks good, but it's missing something important!

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So I'm not the only one...
100% correct, nothing to add my dear
Still no blue post! Whats the point in the blues being around here?
01/16/2013 03:13 PMPosted by Brian
Still no blue post! Whats the point in the blues being around here?

To ban those of us that dont like the game?
Yes, this is truly sad... no blue love at all. Just for the love of God say something... the ideas are sound... ALL of them... Hell, if I had half my ideas in the game I'd have 1000% more fun personally ... I can't even imagine what the "older" crowd like me would think. You might get some fun around there... UHOH, it's the fun N AZIS... they've come to take our fun!!!
wow good post(s) OP

Check out this idea to put bad itemization to new use.
Hey all a question. With the unique crafting plans that drop off bosses at 50%. Is that on any mp level, or will higher mp give it a better chance. Also can these plans be dropped from any other place or demon, or just bosses.
Give this man a microphone....Blizzard needs to fix this game and itemization is the key +1

Yes this topic deserves some major notice from the Blizzard team.
I have played over 900 hours and to be honest have found some really good items.

Total number of items on my character I use myself that I have personally found.... = 0
Total number of items on my character I use myself that a friend on mine has found = 0

Yes the items are out there but ultimately it's a very frustrating hunt.
And sadly the balance of legendaries is a waste of so many great stats in one item with NO possibility of rolling with a particular stat if it has another.
It's really limiting the game to a selection of items.

Blizzard nerfed barbs and damage done by monsters because they were (not unhappy) but wanted barbs to be able to build differently rather than be 95% all the same build....

Well how about they change the balance of Legendaries.
I'd love to try an echoing fury but all the monsters do is run the other direction, I want to kill them not play chasey.....
Or you find a barbarian only belt and the first stat is cold resistance 38 then 3 other useless stats, or a one hander with 186 DPS..... in inferno MP10 !!!! come on.

We can't have the best of everything but this is an awesome point.... we just would like some balance.

I mean who uses a two handed axe, sword or mace other than a Skorn.... Increase the attack speed for a 2 hander to 22%....

Oh... and does anyone know why speed is limited to 25 no matter what we are wearing??
Agree 100%, fix the itemization, is frustrating dont find good items for my self.

Excellent post, good points and very constructive.
Look at this, a nice organized constructive post with no blue response! They respond much more to troll posts than these even though they complain that posts are not constructive.
Thank you @op. Itemization is one of my serious peeve with the game. Nice to see something constructive...

Although I think the other major issue is the lack of char customization...
You would think blizzard would know this..............

you would think.
great post, +1

now blizz listen ffs
I say PvP needs score board. haha and life time kill + Achivment for them
sticky requested

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