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01/14/2013 05:37 AMPosted by jling28
I agree with you on most parts but you think min/max damage is a waste? If it weren't for min/max damage then most black weapons would probably have close to the base weapon damage that the white version of it would have and therefore low dps. If you look at high dps weapons on the AH it's either because of added elemental damage e.g. +155-599 Fire Damage or in the case of a black weapon it would be +min/max and +% damage.

The is min damage and max damage and then min/max damage. The latter is the affix on high dps weapons and should remain in the game. I'm talking about removing min or max damage. The affix only comes with one.

01/14/2013 05:37 AMPosted by jling28
In the case of thorns it would need to be both %based damage as well as work on both ranged and melee attacks. Also it would need to reflect the damage before damage mitigation takes places from Armor and AR.

Good point on the range. Depending on the % reflected and how high this mod can get stacked since it can spawn all pieces of armor except jewelry and weapons iirc. Plus barbs have a passive to buff thorns damage by 50%. The mitigation before reflect might be needed.

01/14/2013 05:37 AMPosted by jling28
It took me a while to understand your point about prefixes and suffixes but I guess what you were trying to say is that with 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes it reduces the chance of multiple bad prefixes from rolling together and the same with bad suffixes from also rolling together.

Well the prefix and suffix list needs to be rearranged. It needs to be more balanced instead of prefix heavy. Perhaps keep trifecta as the three prefixes wanted and move everything else over to the suffix side. Basically "triple stat" affixes would all be suffix. dex + vit + dex/vit for example. This isn't an easy job and I'm not sure where to begin myself.

PS is % to CC = % to Crowd Control like:
Chance to Stun on Hit %, Chance to Knockback on Hit %, Chance to Slow on Hit %, Chance to Immobilize on Hit %, Chance to Freeze on Hit %, Chance to Fear on Hit %, Chance to Chill on Hit %, Chance to Blind on hit %?

Yes. These need to be buffed. Coefficients really hurt these procs.
Great post OP

Now, if only Blizzard would actually take heed of the good suggestions some of the players in this community produces.
While I agree mostly with your analysis of the game, I don't think it really gets to the core of the itemization issues. The real problem is they are boring and as a result they make the item grind boring.

I remember playing pre 1.04(I think) when Act 2 was almost impossibly difficult for people that had day jobs. I was grinding for items. I was pulling in yellows by the 100s. I realised what I was saying to myself. Weapon: Does it have higher dmg than mine? Does it have higher main stat? Yes: Equip, No: Vendor Trash/Maybe sell on AH. Armor: Does it have higher main stat/resist? Same result as above.

This system is the same for EVERY CHARACTER in the game. Every single character in the game is grinding hours on end for small incremental changes to their damage/vit/resist due to skill damage being tied to weapon dmg and survivability being tied to LOH/resist/vit. This is BORING design.

I remember when I played D2. When yellow items had a chance to be great force multipliers to your characters inherent strengths. And uniques literally made character builds work. I remember finding a razortail and a Titans revenge on my Lightning Javazon(One of a handful of builds for a single class!). The joy I felt when I trasformed from a standard Javazon who dealt lots of lightning damage to a Map clearing monster. And how I had to work around Lightning immunes by trading my !@# for an Infinity runeword. This was fun to me. Making builds. It ate months of my life. Now i couldnt care less about my demon Hunter. She isnt mine. I didnt care about getting a few thou more damage/ more resist every now and again.

I can't see them fix this. It seems they want the item system to be like this. its unfortunate because i dont play anymore. I got bored. I keep hanging around the forums just in case something pops up. As of 1.07 its becoming more and more clear that this team does not understand what made D2 what it was.
I don't understand why you would want to remove LoK.
You prefer having 1k hp per hit? I prefer having 10k on kill.
If you didn't try it, you should, it's FUN (you seem to have forgotten what this is)
What these posts forget is that you didn't NEED to win the lottery back when the game came out. Gear that just rolled 4 good affixes was quite good and more than you needed to farm everything in Inferno. 50k DPS would obliterate anything before monster power.

Now, because it's been nerfed so hard as to require the monster power settings, you need those perfectly rolled 6 affix items to play very efficiently at the higher levels.

In other words, your effectiveness curve was supposed to flatten out very quickly once you reached "good" items (good for back then). The increase in relative power from good items to godly ones was not very significant in terms of how well it let you clear Inferno.
this awesomely detailed thread should have more visibility. heres a free bump
I don't understand why you would want to remove LoK.
You prefer having 1k hp per hit? I prefer having 10k on kill.
If you didn't try it, you should, it's FUN (you seem to have forgotten what this is)

Some people on reddit are claiming this is a viable stat especially for budget builds. The only use I thought it ever had was exploiting the life gain with hydra. I don't think I'm alone in thinking this affix is terrible. Maybe we all assume it is? Blizzard mentioned affixes a few months back LoK and Thorns were mentioned. It seems even blizzard perceives it as bad?
Brilliant ideas, good thread, here is a bump and hope Blizz listens to this!
I'm no game designer but as an avid player of both D2 and D3, these are really great ideas. I think the comparison between the current item roll/loot situation for rares and a lottery system is a fantastic analogy and the idea of splitting the rolls up into suffixes/prefixes would be something worth throwing into a test environment for sure. I hope this gets noticed!
I want this on the most popular threads bump this !@#$ to 26 pages
I cannot agree more. We have been complaining about Itemization for so long!!!

On top of that, Rares cannot roll stats high enough to compete with legendaries. The point is, Blizzard clearly stated that they wanted rares to roll stats that could be higher than legendaries but it is NOT the case!
Thanks you Testa for say all that things. I will give +1 for your post
You can express your thoughts very well.

Good post! +1
Agreed !
Very good post.
This is one of the best posts I've ever read on this subject. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it. I hope Blizzard takes notice. There are a number of people in the community that are dedicated to constructive feedback to make the game better. A number of us, like myself, simply hope it does get better...
This new patch has shown that blizz will listen if the argument for change is clear and concise, much as the PuRad argument was.

Cheers to you, and well-thought posting sir/madam.

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