1.0.7 looks good, but it's missing something important!

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This a great post
Great post my friend!

I agree with OP. The less useless stats available on an item, the better are the odds to "win the lottery" when you ID one.
You sir have spoken my thought exactly ever since looking at the gear system of this game, I especially like what you suggest for resource regen (fury/disc and increased spirit) as well as making thorns potentially powerful. Then I could make a thorn doc and thrash it up.

This thread is the will of the people, blizzard please consider these things.
WOW! Absolutely astounding man. Thanks for your hard work in narrowing down many of the current itemization problems and proposing some really viable solutions. *High five* I also love you for this one:

"Another thing that needs to be mentioned is class specific items should only be capable of rolling the proper stat for that class. Not to mention that the block chance on shields should be affected by the shield type and the damage range on mojos and sources should be affected by the offhand type, like quivers. Mojos, shields, and sources need to roll 7 affixes to be good and this needs to be addressed."

I'd like to add that bows/xbows REALLY need to STOP rolling witch witch doctor skills. The way itemization is done, it makes no sense to EVER use a bow/xbow as a witch doctor, because they're budgeted to be used in conjunction with quivers. As witch doctors cannot use quivers, using bow/xbow is never better than MH weapon + offhand/shield, or even a regular 2h weapon that receives the full 2h stat boost, like 2h sword for instance.
This is a fantastic post.

I personally greatly appreciate the time put into fully fleshing out your argument and in this case you've made a very strong reasoning as to why D2 and D3 have such a looming disconnect. I think a lot of what you shed light on here deserves Blizzards acknowledgement as I agree with these concerns solely due to my personal D2 and D3 experience.

Your assessment of affixes in particular shows the extreme problems that exist at the heart of the game's core : flawed itemization.

While I think some of your proposed changes would need temperance overall you've started a fantastic dialogue that I pray Blizzard notices. I think the majority of us still playing would love to see a future patch (1.08, 1.09, etc.) revamp and 'fix' many of the affix issues you've discussed rather than add a new event, or some such. It would be nice to get what we have working rather than just keep piling new features on the unstable and dysfunctional foundation.

Particularly in the realm of build diversity you brought my attention to the fact that while tantalizing, thorns (for example) cannot function well now because it is too weak, and therefor a waste in its current iteration. As with your proposal, thorns seeing a reworking would promote diversity and enable some estranged passives and skills to become warranted. In the meantime, these items and skills essentially take up space, driving up the price on desired items and relegating more and more of the item populace to Charsi food or bargain bin.

I think a lot of the issues in Diablo 3 can be fixed from this angle as so much of the games issues (balance, items, economy) can be drawn back to origins in the issues you've brought up here.

Both build diversity and a much subtler striation of item prices would occur through such an affix revamp, adding a great deal of value not only to a much larger body of items but also to a players time. More importantly, by fixing affixes (tongue twister) they open up design space for unique item combinations in the future when we get a new level cap or new legendaries or an event. Along with that, the build diversity that would be promoted would elevate so many more items to a reasonable price,( unlike the current 1% elite items vs. a suboptimal everything else) , spreading the desirability and demand across a greater deal of items and again allowing blizzard more design space in modifying and implementing passives and skills. To return to the example of thorns, it would be beautiful future in which not only thorns (for example) functioned differently, but Blizzard was able to support it with interesting new legendaries and modification to under used passives or runes come patch time.

And after thinking more on the subject I realized how much this itemization aspect affects every issue the game has, every facet of the game itself. An example is how I think this issue relates in a manner to another relatively hot topic: Reflect Damage and the overall direction of builds. Currently a large enough group of players having trouble with reflect damage has given cause to modify reflect damage's function. The issue seems due to the fact that many players prefer to focus offensively and are occasionally presented with a unique and difficult situation: no way to handle RD mobs. The overall nature of the game is creating an environment in which Reflect is not constant and therefor certain forms of defense can be ignored except in particular cases. With a revamp to affixes defensive builds would not only become more viable (remember what Barbs looked like before 1.03, there were a great deal of low dps, high armor, hp, res all tanks out there) but more populace. Ive spent considerable time trying to relatively de-squish my demon hunter. It'd be nice to see the game incentivize balanced builds instead of the current environments propensity to promote glass cannon build and play. When the focus on characters becomes so narrow, we again see a 'best vs. rest' mentality when it comes to judging items and skills and builds and classes.

We want diversity! I want Diversity!

Thank you for this post as it serves a noble duty. The Diablo 3 community has been plagued with complaints and derision long before the game was released and it persists today. Your post, however, actually provides an informative dialogue and potential solutions. A truly rare and desperately needed trend!

I would play the !@#$ out of this game for years to come if Blizzard made some of these changes.

Fix the messed up itemization and you fix a lot of what's wrong with this game.
I think they should address the ACTUAL weapon types themselves. There is no diversity. Each type shouldn't be so set in stone. Example: Spears can roll 1.5 attack speed or daggers can roll lower AS with higher dmg. Give us some more diversity. Every class seems to use one weapon or two and every character is exactly the same. They need to make about 20 more different weapon types in my opinion. Different variants of swords, axes, maces, everything. Different graphics, different animations. Everything is so cookie cutter its a joke. Every barb has a Skorn or Ef/axe in mainhand. Most wizards have a Chantodo. ALMOST ALL DH have a manticore. It's stupid. Can we not spice up the actual weapon types themselves to be a LITTLE more random? This can also be done with armor. I mean, there is ONE, i repeat, ONE type of armor for each ilvl. Oh hey look another Archon armor. Why can't we have ten different variants of a chestpiece, each with different possibilities. One having a chance to roll higher armor and defensive type properties, and one with slightly more dps potential. Everything is just SO basic and repetitive that we need more diversity BAD!
+1, awesome post.
and hatred regen to disc on crit.

That exists, it's a passive called nightstalker and hatred regeneration is amazing, I wish more items had it. I don't even use a hatred generating attack.

Overall though, really well put IMO. I agree with 99.99% of what was said, especially in regards to "skill affixes." If they implemented the affixes across all the gear I'd be stoked. (I'm coming after you if they remove hatred regen though :@! )
Excellent post! Take note Blizzard, this is one of the major weak points of your game. Fix or lose more players.
The best post I have seen.
Very good post, thank you !

Just a bit disappointed that you did not talk about this stupid concept of core stats by class (directly taken from wow) and that this core stat can be found on items, making them immediately useful or not for a specific class.
@Prayze42 I agree with this. I play DH, and I got into a full game recently where we all looked pretty much the same (Natalya items, Manticore etc), and then there's the fact that I don't even like crossbows. It's getting ridiculous.
Great post OP, stickied and liked....

Very well thought out. Sadly, much of what you said has been around for awhile.

We need flavor people. All items need to be something that is potential for a build... ALSO...

Was playing the DH last night and obviously you can equip swords etc to their main hand... why not allow them to equip daggers and throw them (1 change to animation if you do have a dagger) Also, Allow for DH's who are close to enemies to slash a knife or sword similar to (metal slug 3) you might have to look it up, but it would be neat to see you actually slashing at someone when they are TOO close for a bow's use. Anyway, neat ideas... going to post an old thread I made about item synergies for "character specific items".
Let's make this a top post and keep it there, any well thought out ideas promoted in a positive fashion deserve to be seen.

I have faith in this game yet! Especially when I see community content like this
all wrong. the bar was set so low for d2 that you could beat the game naked, not because items were easier to get. you can beat d3 hell with whatever random stuff you find too. d3 inferno was not supposed to be beaten and farmed by everyone but people got the idea that it should be like d2 hell for some reason, when it isn't.

really, you expect GREAT items to drop all the time? it's not going to happen. it didn't happen in d2 either, you probably didn't even know what qualified as a top tier item in that game. hint: not your hwain's belt or whatever
i wish this post was created by a blueposter.
but lets be honest, blizzard should know whats wrong with d3s itemisation.
this game wants to be a real successor ? (in terms of making a new and better game) this has to be fixed asap.
thanks for your great contribution.
Testa for the dev

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