Suggestions for WD Skills 1.0.2

Witch Doctor
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TLDR Basically I am compiling all suggestions I have read on the Witch Doctor skills with my own suggestions, while focusing on build diversity. This is a big post, use the letter sequences to access various sections.

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What do you think requires change in the Witch Doctor? Let me know in the comments below.

1. My thanks to those of you who have suggested such ideas. I have actually borrowed a great deal from what I have read on this forum and combined it with my own insights. I would love it if you showed your continued support in the betterment of our class. :)

2. I believe that Build Diversity does not pop out of thin air one day. It has to be built in the very framework of the character. So in line with this belief I present my suggestions.

3. I believe WD is the best and the most fun class. But it still needs work and more love from the developers. I have played and tested out all skills as much as I could over my "career" as WD. and I think I know how to improve him. Again, thanks to those players who have stated some ideas presented here.

4. I love Bears but I always wanted to play Spirit builds and later Fetish builds but they suck to be frank.

1.0.2 Changes
ABC0 - Spirit Doctor improvements
ABC1 - Spirit Barrage - Reword Phantasm tootip to indicate the cap + Mana cost should be 130
ABC4 - Haunt - overall buff + Consuming Spirit + Lingering Spirit redesign
ABC5 - Mass Confusion - various changes across the board
ABC6 - Rush of Essene - spirit skills buff

BCD0 - Fetish General improvements
BCD4 - Poison Dart - buff Numbing Dart and Snake
BCD5 - Big Bad Voodoo - Jungle Drums redesign and Boogie Man

Removed the suggestion to allow GotD - Death if Life, MC- Devolution and BBV - Boogie Man to summon Fetishes as well. I think the spells that summon Fetishes ought to be kept separate from those that summon Dogs.

CDE0 - Skills that require serious attention
CDE2 - Toad of Hugeness - unnecessary HP removed
CDE3 - Locust Swarm - buff skill overall, + other stuff
CDE4 - Acid Cloud - allow DoT to stack + buff KoD and Corpse Bomb
CDE5 - Wall of Zombies - different changes to each rune
Dead Rush is moved to this section

DEF0 - Single runes that need love
DEF3 - Fire Pit - increase proc chance
DEF6 - Unstable Form - increase damage and radius

also added a section for Passives
EFG0 - Passives that must be asserted
EFG1 - Circle of Life - Decaying Dogs

1.0.1 Changes
ABC0 - Spirit Doctor improvements
ABC3 - Soul Harvest
ABC2 - Horrify
-added different suggestions on the mana rune variants of SH and Horrify, based on their usage

CDE0 - Skills that require serious attention
CDE2 - Toad of Hugeness/Affinity -instead of previously suggested AOE damage, turn it into a meatshield or mana generator

DEF0 - Single runes that need love
DEF4 - Spider Queen - projectile attack or faster movespeed
DEF5 - Desperate Grasp - 0-4 second cooldown please

Table of Contents
ABC0 - Spirit Doctor improvements
  • ABC1 - Spirit Barrage
  • ABC2 - Horrify
  • ABC3 - Soul Harvest
  • ABC4 - Haunt
  • ABC5 - Mass Confusion
  • ABC6 - Rush of Essence
  • BCD0 - Fetish General improvements
  • BCD1 - Fetish Sycophants
  • BCD2 - Fetish Army
  • BCD3 - Toad of Affinity
  • BCD4 - Poison Dart
  • BCD5 - Big Bad Voodoo
  • CDE0 - Skills that require serious attention
  • CDE1 - Zombie Charger
  • CDE2- Plague of Toads
  • CDE3 - Locust Swarm
  • CDE4- Acid Cloud
  • CDE5- Wall of Zombies
  • DEF0 - Single runes that need love
  • DEF1 - Cloud of Bats
  • DEF2 - Wrathful Protector
  • DEF3 - Fire Pit
  • DEF4 - Spider Queen
  • DEF5 - Desperate Grasp
  • DEF6 - Unstable Form
  • EFG0 - Passives that must be asserted
  • EFG1 - Circle of Life
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    ABC0 - Spirit Doctor improvements

    The Spirit Doctor fights with forces beyond the living or dead. With his horrific visage, he harvests their souls for his bidding.

    This is the base build:!bef
  • ABC1 - Spirit Barrage
  • ---------------------------------------------
    I currently use this as a Primary to generate mana (and to counter reflects with Phlebotomize). Outside of using Spirit is Willing that I feel is an inappropriate use of the spell.

    Now the developers made Haunt and Spirit Barrage much better. love it. Reduced Cd of Horrify, cool. Spirit Walk and Soul Harvest do more damage. Awesome.

    There is still more work to do!
    What's wrong with Spirit Barrage?
    - Low damage vs other Mana spenders i.e. Bears and Cloud
    - Does not FEEL like a Barrage! Let's look at the other Decay Spells...Bears feels like a dangerous stampede! Acid Cloud feels giant dump of acid! These look and feel powerful and back that up with hugh damage (Bears) and proc chance (AC)! But Barrage...? It FEELS and PLAYS like a low-class primary ability.
    - And it's not a good damage dealer for the Spirit Doctor!

    It's free to use and weak when compared to other mana spenders. Make it into the opposite!

    Increase the damage of Barrage by making all Abilities like how Well of Souls functions currently! Buff the damage on the extra souls a bit. Well of Souls is the ONLY rune that FEELS like a Barrage. Make all abilities like this so they all feel like a Spirit Barrage.

    Now change the Well of Souls mechanism. Make it into a machine gun. Triple the number of souls that come out when Well of Souls is used! It should just gun down enemies with the souls.


    Also increase the damage of Phantasm to go along with the rest of the changes. Reword the tooltip so it's clear what the cap is.
    Summon upto 3 spectres that deals 325% (or more) weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds to all enemies within 10 yards.

    We understand that Phantasm needs a cap because normally a Wizard can only summon a 3 Wicked Winds, which is a skill just like Phantasm. However, it must be stated that wizards have a way o increase the number of wicked winds they can summon through APOC, WDs needs a way to increase the cap as well. See ABC6 - Rush of Essence.

    Ok now that Spirit Barrage kicks !@#, up it's Mana cost to 130 or something. To make it a Mana SPENDER. It should COST us to use it outside of Spirit is Willing.

  • ABC2 - Horrify
  • ----------------------------------

    Who uses this fear? Yet, the Spirit Doctor relies on this for the base build to function. It is a NO pet build, and Horrify is very necessary! Give it some love!

    Issues with Horrify:
    - Radius is too small, Frightening aspect is used for it's armour benefit and Stalker for it's movement speed. In itself, it is a poor fear spell.
    - Ruthless Terror is practically a useless rune with its small mana return
    - Even though it is a Spirit Spell, it synergizes POORLY with the Spirit build


    Increase the radius of Non-runed Horrify to 24 similar to Face of Death. Ok so what does Face of Death do now? Face of DEATH* increases the SPIRIT* damage that horrified enemies take by 10%!


    Ruthless Terror
    reads Gain 27 Mana for every horrified enemy. Simply change this to Gain 1% of your maximum Mana per second for every horrified enemy. Remember the spell only lasts for 4 seconds, so this is not that big but I believe it's better than the current mechanism and Ruthless Terror will now scale with your max mana and will synergize with Spiritual Attunement and also Swallow Your Soul below. This allows for much better mana return.

  • ABC3 - Soul Harvest
  • -------------------------------------------
    This is overall a great spell. But it has two useless runes.
    - Swallow Your Soul has poor mana return
    - Languish's 3 second slow is lame

    Swallow You Soul reads Gain 39 Mana for every enemy harvested. 39 mana is hardly Bear necessities. Instead make it so that you Gain 39 Mana and maximum Mana for every enemy harvested. For the duration of the stack. This is because Soul Harvest is used in the beginning of a battle, so gaining 39 mana is a waste. But if you were to gain a larger pool at the beginning... it starts to make sense!

    I can also see Ruthless Terror working with this mechanic. Increasing maximum mana is something WDs can benefit from. But currently only Spiritual Attunement explores this. I would like to see Max Mana skills in other places aside from this passive.


    Languish reads Reduces the movement speed of harvested enemies by 80% for 3 seconds. 80% slow is good but what's the use if it barely lasts. For a spell that requires that we enter melee distance the slow must have a bigger benefit. 30 seconds is too much, 3 seconds is too low. But we don't want a longer slow, simply because we have many of these already.

    What can we do about Languish?

    We don't want "effected enemies take more damage" that is what the spell originally does, and I really like idea of draining energy from the harvested monsters. How about if Languish also reduces attack speed by 80% for 3 seconds so that the spell reads: Reduces the attack and movement speed of harvested enemies by 80% for 3 seconds. What sense does it make that a monster who has physically been drained of energy, whose legs have slowed to a halt, can still move his arms, thrashing then about wildly. It makes sense that his arms and jaws weaken and he lose attack speed as well, when he is drained of his soul! BAM!

  • ABC4 - Haunt
  • ----------------------------------
    While some say that it should be allowed to stack, others simply want more utility out of one cast ie. they want Haunt to last longer.

    Stacking: - ZeMickey - Yours truly - Umbra

    More utility in one cast: - Jibikao - Neurf

    However, everyone agrees that Haunt needs attention and should be made more appealing. Everyone also agrees that skills like Haunt and Locusts should have a chance to Crit on each hit.

    Other than that, I think the following runes need some attention:
    Consuming Spirit
    It's simple, with the current rune 155 life is too small to be of any significance.
    The spirit should return 1250 life per second. If the Spirit Doctor ain't livin he ain't fightin.
    Each spirit increases your life regeneration by 2% per second. This will synergize this skill with passives like Blood Ritual and Fierce Loyalty, and your HP.

    Lingering Spirit
    I find there is no use of this rune. It offers absolutely nothing except give a couple of free casts of Haunt, which has little to no appeal. After contemplating this quite a bit, I have come to the conclusion that this rune should be changed to do AOE damage. Similar to its current VFx, I imagine two spirits circling a larger area. Along with its visuals and colour it is differentiated from Phantasm by its larger radius.

    Allow Haunt to:
    Summon upto 1 spirit that lingers over a large area dealing 575% weapon damage over 6 seconds.

    Just 1 spirit you say? See ABC6 - Rush of Essence

  • ABC5 - Mass Confusion
  • ----------------------------------

    Unstable Realm
    A lower cooldown is not all that great when you can do 20% increased damage. But what is great is a near-spammable MC! Keeping a few enemies on your side constantly is fun! Reduce the cooldown to 36 seconds. It should make MC spammable with Last Breath and Tribal Rites, thus making it more attractive.

    Mass Hysteria
    3 seconds? for a spell that has a cooldown of 60? It should be much more powerful. Up to 6 enemies who aren't Confused are Stunned for 12 seconds.

    Who uses this skill? I mean most of the time, we have all our Zombie Dogs with us. Boogie Man and Devolution suffer because of that. They seem good for no-pet doctors but in reality they still lack luster, as there are better options.
    Enemies killed while Confused spawn a permanent Zombie Dog and additional Decaying Dogs that fight for you for 12 seconds.
    Every now and then you will get a temporary army of Zombie Dogs to fight for you. How cool is that? These Decaying Dogs look like non-runed dogs but with their skeleton partly exposed. This is to indicate that they are only there for a very short time. (Similar to other pets with exposed skeletons)

    This makes the skill better for pet and no-pet doctors. To be clear, once you are capped out at 3-4 dogs, the WD will start summoning Decaying Dogs instead.

  • ABC6 - Rush of Essence
  • ----------------------------------

    Spirit spells return 49 Mana over 10 seconds. Increases the number of souls harvested by Soul Harvest, as well as number of Lingering Spirit and Phantasm by 2.

    While it gives fairly good mana return for the Spirit Doctor, allow it to increase the amount of Phantasms and Lingering Spirits that you can have out at once. With RoE, you can summon 3 Lingering spirits and 5 Phantasms.

    RoE does little for spells other than Haunt and Spirit Barrage as argued by Thanatosia and Jibikao, which kills it's appeal. So it should buff Soul Harvest as well, also increasing it's cap by 2. That's 260 more Intelligence. :) Just the right amount.

    Haunt and RoE now allow the Spirit Doctor to excel at AOE damage. Spirit Barrage now works as a strong decay spell, as decay spells should be. Horrify and Soul Harvest are now well aligned with no-pet, spirit doctor, allowing him to do more damage or provide him with better mana return or allow him tank a group of elites for at least 3 seconds :)

    BCD0 - Fetish General improvements

    The Fetish General relies solely on his ability to gather recruits and lead them into battle.

    This build uses Fetishes as pets. One should be able to run this build with nothing but Fetish pets.!hTV!cb.c.Z

    Skaak suggested that Fetishes be given Force Armour like our other pets, simply because they die too quickly on higher MP levels. Torto suggested that they simply be made invulnerable during their lifetime.
  • BCD1 - Fetish Sycophants - passive
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Give us more kinds of Sycophants, ie flamethrower, and gunner! This was previously suggested by someone and I completely fell in love with this idea as soon as I read it. It's effing brilliant!

    Allow us to Sacrifice our Fetish Sycophants! Why should sacrifice be limited to Dogs? What a brilliant way to add to the Fetish Sycophant build and make it more attractive.

  • BCD2 - Fetish Army
  • --------------------------------------------------
    They die way to quickly right now, so just make them invulnerable.

    And please don't kill all our Fetishes when the army is summoned! This sucks and it kills the fun and synergy of Sycophants and Fetish Army. I believe it's OK to have hordes of Sycophants running around poking elites to death!

  • BCD3 - Toad Affinity
  • ----------------------------------
    Completely useless skill OR is it? Give back it's mana cost. INSTEAD Make Toad of Affinity* have an AFFINITY* for Fetishes! When you use Toad Affinity there is a 2% chance of summoning Fetish Sycophants. Not much but remember we are using this with the 5% from the passive, in total 7%, and we are improving fetish life cycle, and improving toads overall later in the post. :D

  • BCD4 - Poison Dart
  • ----------------------------------

    Flaming Dart
    I can see the above being implemented in Flaming Dart as well. Dart does 160% damage (like it did before) but with a 2% chance to summon a Poison Dart fetish and a Flamethrower Fetish. Given my alternate suggestion for Toad Affinity, this maybe the way to go. See CDE2 - Plague of Toads.

    Flaming Dart then reads "Ignite the dart so that it deals 160% weapon damage as Fire. Whenever you cast Posion Dart, you have a 2% chance to summon a Caster or Hunter Fetish to fight for you for 60 seconds."

    Other Poison Dart runes that lack luster are Numbing Dart and Snake to the Face. ZeMickey suggests to buff their CC proc chance and effect. I have a slightly different idea.

    Numbing Dart
    It makes no sense that these toxins only effect the target's legs.
    Toxins in the Poison Dart reduce the target's movement speed and attack speed by 60% for 2 seconds.

    Snake to the Face
    I think this skill needs to do more DoT damage. I was either contemplating a full DoT skill like 360% weapon damage over 4 seconds with a 30% chance to stun for 1.5s
    It does 100% weapon damage + 80% weapon damage over 2 seconds. It reads:
    Transform your Poison Dart into a snake that deals an additional 40% weapon damage over 2 seconds. The snake has a 30% chance to Stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

  • BCD5 - Big Bad Voodoo
  • ----------------------------------

    I love this skill! Slam Dance is great in parties. Rain Dance allows me to spam AC as a Proctor. Ghost Trance allows me to Tank better. In comparison, Jungle Drums and Boogie Man are lacking quite a bit.

    Jungle Drums
    "All Fetishes are enraged and do an additional 80% weapon damage. Fetishes who die during the ritual, explode for 225% weapon damage."

    I think it's much more interesting than increased duration, and it compliments the Fetish General build greatly. The ritual affects all fetishes, including Sycophants, Army, Flaming Dart and Toad of Affinity. They are enraged/explode whether or not they (or you) are in the ritual area. And the damage on death stacks with Sacrifice, allowing for some interesting play-styles.

    Boogie Man
    Much like MC - Devolution, this skill suffers because we usually have all our dogs to begin with. No-pet doctors are better off with Ghost Trance or Rain Dance (for Proctors) if they need to tank. So change it to:

    "Enemies and Zombie Dogs who die in the ritual area immediately resurrect as a permanent Zombie Dog and additional Decaying Dogs that fight for you for 12 seconds."

    Because you can now couple this with Sacrifice, its DPS output is now much closer to Slam Dance maybe even higher in solo situations, thus it makes Boogie Man that much more appealing. It now allows for a good poor man's sacrifice build, where previously it did a poor job at it. And if no-pet doctors want some Dogs, it can still provide them with that.

    CDE0 - Skills that require serious attention

    ==================CDE1 - Zombie Charger============================

    This little buff should now go a LONG way!

    As we all know Bears totally dominate the other runes. There is a simple solution to opening up the other runes. And that is to increase their radius. DOUBLE IT!

    This is the state of Zombie Charger: You cast it expecting some badass Zombie that charges into battle, decimating everything in its path (the Dog comes close, I'll give it that). I mean you just spent 140 mana. You look at the screen and see one weak*ss Zombie limping slowly and decaying to it's bones, before it even moves 10 yards from you. And just to add to the hurt, it leaves behind a poison trail. As if that's going to add anything to the DPS coming from a Zombie collapsing in front of you whilst suffering horribly from the failed skill disease. You do it again and again expecting more damage but the damage sucks and the skill leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    I mean even the Zombie Bears go further than other Zombie Chargers!

    Make each Zombie "dance" all the way to the top most corners of the screen like in Thriller. They shouldn't just decay completely in front of your eyes. Meaning, buff the range of Zombie chargers, all except for Bears. Make them long range spells.

    Now buff their damage just a tad bit. This little buff should now go a LONG way! Literally! and Bears will still hold their position of being the highest DPS.

    Make explosive Dog also go far, and in addition, make it do tons of AOE damage over a large 12 yard radius. Seeing as it is just one dog maybe it should do 306% weapon damage + apply a burn effect of 70% over 2 seconds. Explosive Dogs build anyone?

    ===================CDE2- Plague of Toads======================

    I love little Toads!

    Toad of Hugeness is Toad of little usefulness. Give it the ability to swallow small Elites. Afterall if it's going to take up one skill slot it should have some use. BUT this has been suggested before, time and time again, and I'm guessing the reason why the developers haven't implemented it is because it might make us WDs OP when facing elites and players (the latter cannot be helped :). and I have to agree.

    Make the Toad aggro nearby enemies ie. turn him into a meat shield.
    Summon a giant toad that swallows enemies whole for up to 5 seconds, digesting for 20% of your weapon damage per second as Physical. The toad taunts nearby enemies to attack him. Adds a 5 second cooldown to Plague of Toads.


    Make it a mana-return spell.
    Summon a giant toad that swallows enemies whole for up to 5 seconds, digesting for 20% of your weapon damage per second as Physical and regenerating 1% of maximum mana per second. Adds a 5 second cooldown to Plague of Toads.

    I can also see the mana-return toad replace Toad of Affinity and meatshield toad replace Toad of Hugeness. I really like this idea, and if this is to be implemented, I would love to see the 2% chance to summon Fetish given to Flaming Dart with reduced dart damage.

    Other Toad runes:
    Currently RoT is great but as for other Toads make it so that they don't explode on walls and obstacles. They should instead bounce away or go around, and only explode when they encounter breakables and monsters! This is very important for making this skill viable and more attractive. Part of the reason why it sucks right now is because its only viable at melee radius or in wide open spaces with no obstacles, which are nowhere to be found!

    I want to use this ability give me some reason to use it. I really really wana see Toads on my screen! I love little Toads!

    ===================CDE3 - Locust Swarm======================

    Cloud of Insects is an opening for some new and interesting Locust Swarm designs

    The problem with Locust Swarm is that it has poor damage, and it does not have a chance to crit on every hit. ZeMickey and many others feel that the damage should be doubled maybe to 720% weapon damage over 8 seconds. This should make this skill much more appealing, even when fights come down to facing 5-6 enemies.

    Cloud of Insects
    I think the current design of this skill is unappealing. Even with a buff it would lack luster. I think Cloud of Insects can be an entirely new kind of Locusts, those that focus only one target "Locust Swarm attacks a single target for 1360% weapon damage over 10 seconds." as opposed to 720% over 8, and they only target 1 enemy, and die after 10 seconds. It's also a close-ranged spell so it does a hefty amount of damage.

    Cloud of Insects can also just hang around as a cloud in an area and attack monsters that pass through them. Or as Ororo suggested, it should move like Maghda's Locusts and damaging targets similarly. Either way Cloud of Insects is an opening for some new and interesting Locust Swarm designs.

    Diseased Swarm
    Jibikao suggests that this one should be a Poison Resistance Debuff. "Enemies infected by Locust Swarm become diseased and take 10% additional poison damage." I like it. Cast and forget skill that buffs poison skills.

    Searing Locusts
    Engulf the target with burning locusts that deal 876% weapon damage as Fire over 8 seconds.

    ===================CDE4 - Acid Cloud======================

    These bombs should rival those of Sacrifice

    As ZeMickey argues, the DoT effect of this skill is very weak when we compare it to it's mana cost of 170. If it were to stack then it wouldn't be a problem, as you could slowly build up a hefty amount of damage. So allow the DoT to stack on Acid Rain, Slow Burn, the individual Lob Blobs and Kiss of Death.

    With Kiss of Death we loose the safety of being able to cast from afar. I once heard someone (Fean?) suggest that it should have an inherent 5% chance to blind on hit. I think it could have double the proc chance that it currently has, and would work fine with CC gear. AC is known for proc so KoD can offer more of that but at the cost of being terribly close to enemies. Double it! :D

    Corpse Bomb takes away the strength of AC, its proc chance, but leaves very little to fill in its place. In my opinion, the corpse should explode for 580% weapon damage. These bombs should rival those of Sacrifice because AC is costly and cannot be spammed.

    ===================CDE5 - Wall of Zombes======================

    It's unrelenting 'nuff said

    I think this skill needs to have a built-in slow of 60% so it's damage output is greater. Currently it lacks luster because the enemies can simply move away from it. Listing WoZ under Tribal Rites sounds like a good idea as well I wouldn't mind a 15 second cooldown.

    MCP offers some great insight into this skill:

    Increases the width of the Wall of Zombies and duration by 2 seconds.

    Unrelenting Grip
    Your Wall of Zombies immobilizes enemies for 5 seconds. It's unrelenting 'nuff said.

    The 3 Creepers need to last longer perhaps 10 seconds and should come out as soon as the Wall is cast, dealing 25% weapon damage per attack as usual.

    Pile On
    After reading the experiences of Pile On Doctors, it has come to my attention that Pile On, being a clumsy skill that requires mastery to use well, does not output enough damage to cover the cost of reducing its cooldown to 0 seconds.

    One option is to make it more accessible by reducing the cooldown to 5 seconds. So that one does not have to sacrifice much dps to get it. Another option is to make it worth the cost by increasing the damage to 800%. It should be rewarding to learn how to use it effectively and to devote 4 gear slots to it.

    Dead Rush
    I don't know why this is not like Pile-On with 10 CD. It's possible to lower it to 0 CD with gear and create the Zombie Nova build anyone?

    But there are some issues with this skill even at 10 CD. Whereas Pile On is difficult to master, Dead Rush is completely random. Thus either the cooldown should be much lower like 5 OR the skill should reward with a much higher DPS.

    DEF0 - Single runes that need love

    =================DEF1 - Clouds of Bats======================
    (Fire Bats)

    A lot of potential for build diversity in this currently drunk and wasted skill. Allow us to move with 100% movespeed (or some say even 75%) while casting it! Same as the Barbarian whirlwind and Demon Hunter Strafe!

    WW Bats, melee WD anyone?

    =================DEF2 - Wrathful Protector=====================

    Anyone use this ability? I mean it's lacking when compared other runes, in terms of both damage, useability and duration.
    Make Wrathful Protector constantly aggro mobs like the Barbarian Taunt, then have HIM knock them back, doing direct damage PLUS burn them as damage over time. Meaning while Wrathful Protector is up, no monster, elite or boss should be able to touch the Witch Doctor. They should all attack Wrathful Protector. He is a Protector, isn't he?

    =================DEF3 - Fire Pit==========================
    (Fire Bomb)

    In 1.04, the proc coefficient of Fire pit was reduced from 0.67 to 0.067. ZeMickey and I agree that its proc coeff should be much higher than 0.067 for this rune to be of any use.

    =================DEF4 - Spider Queen==========================
    (Corpse Spiders)

    As argued by Umbra, it is slow and weak, and simply increasing the damage is not creative. He suggested that Spider Queen shoot out missiles that damage enemies. Many others have suggested missiles that create a puddle to slow enemies by 60%. I think that upping the movement speed of the Queen instead would be great.

    =================DEF5 - Desperate Grasp==========================
    (Grasp of the Dead)

    Desperate Grasp is just not desperate enough. Getting two seconds off is very lame. I mean the spell already costs 123 mana with low damage, how many times did you think we were going to cast it if it didn't have a cooldown? Try removing the cooldown altogether! or reduce it to 1-4 seconds if you really have to have a cooldown on it.

    =================DEF6 - Unstable Form==========================

    135% is too small of an explosion plus you have to work super hard to get something to explode. I mean the Hex shaman is random when hexing a target, and the it randomly selects other targets. So it difficult for the WD to aim and pick off the hexed targets. In the unlikely event that you get it right and the target does explodes, it rarely explodes with anyone around to notice it because by that time, you have killed everyone else off as well. And there is no VFx to tell whether there was an explosion.

    For this to work, it has to do well over 275% weapon damage over 15 yards, with a farily decent explosion effect like Sacrifice so that it can be seen in all the chaos.
    Hex shaman places a marker on all his Hexed targets so that they are destined to explode even if the shaman has moved onto other targets. Then it could certainly work even with lower DPS and radius.

    EFG0 - Passives that must be asserted
    So I have previously mentioned ABC6 - Rush of Essence and BCD1 - Fetish Sycophants and how they need to be improved and be made more appealing.

    =================EFG1 - Circle of Life==========================
    We talked about Decaying Dogs in ABC5 - Mass Confusion, these are temporary Zombie dogs that fight for you 12 seconds. Once you are capped out at 3-4 dogs, the WD will summon Decaying Dogs instead.

    So in line with Mass Confusion - Devolution, the new Circle of Life reads "Whenever an enemy dies within 12 yards, there is a 30% chance to summon a permanent Zombie Dog and additional Decaying Dogs that fight for you for 12 seconds. The range of this effect is increased by items that increase your gold pickup radius."

    I would also love to hear what you guys think. Any comments, criticism, free bumps are welcome!

    If you suggest an idea that is well thought out, I will add it to the list and give you credit. Think about what kind of themed builds you would like to play with the WD.
    good ideas, I personally love cloud of bats idea, I think 50% movement speed would be fine tho
    Besides, we need more life steal options.
    Give us some lifesteal belt or mojo!
    I agree the WD needs alot more damage with some of the skills that seem cool but in reality are very weak and worthless! Very interesting point on the WW attack movement vs how unfair it is for casters. It seems to me that the WD is the most neglected class out of all and it has been this way for a long long time........
    Supercash I would have to give them credit for fixing him up quite a bit e.g. VQ, Pets. They also made great changes to Wall of Zombies and GotD.

    But that said, there is potential for improvement.
    I think think life steal should roll on the mojo and masks
    Witch Doctors don't need extra lifesteal items if they are doing burst damage.

    For example, with 2 LS with Bears and you''ll always get back full health if you can cast it a few times.

    Get 600 LOH and use Acid Cloud. It procs LOH so much you'll be full health in a few casts.

    What I am saying for the Spirit Doctor is that Spirit barrage, esp Phantasm is low damage compared to the above Decay spells. Life steal and Loh suck when using it. So having a hard hitting but more costly Barrage is the key to increasing build diversity.
    I like the new Well of Souls mechanic in PTR WHEN applied to a weak-hitting well of souls. This new mechanic makes Well of Souls the best single target ability we have but I am not sure it is sufficient to make the Spirit Doctor viable in later MP levels. I would rather well of souls only have one soul hitting the target and the rest hitting others and that it be hard-hitting and costly to use. This is what a Decay spell is, hard hitting and costly. Look at Bears, Cloud and Wall of Zombies.

    The other Zombie Charger runes also suffer from exactly this problem as Spirit Barrage. They are costly but very weak. Barrage is worse. Our decay spells should burn off excess Mana, not regen it.
    They screwed up when they upped Gargantuan's damage. Back when regular ones were doing 30% weapon damage or whatever it was, the 15-second version doing 110% was a big deal. Still useless, but a bigger hitter than the others. For him to get that relative power back he'd have to be hitting in the 250-300% weapon damage range.
    Jasirio you are right. How'd they miss that???
    Another issue I have with Wrathful protector is that he is still vulnerable to CC. How bad is it to see him frozen half the time, and then die because his time ran out.

    250% might be too less. I mean look at Restless giant. He does 200% with increased atk and move speed for 15 seconds and stays alive after his enrage. Wrathful Protector should do over 300% with CC immunity.
    I actually disagree with the suggested improvements for fetishes; as I've stated elsewhere, I think fetishes need one of two fixes to be more useful: either they need to be unkillable and last the entire duration of their summon (possibly with a decreased duration for Fetish Sycophants in this case), or they need to actually deal some appreciable damage. I actually prefer the first option, personally. I really like that fetishes are less about the damage and more about introducing chaos to the battlefield in order to distract mobs and let me focus on kicking butt instead of having to kite around like a scared child all the time.

    The main problem with Fetish Army right now is that they don't live nearly long enough to justify their ridiculously high cooldown (I rarely have even part of the army last the whole 20 seconds, unless I summon them on accident when fighting normals). The main problem with Fetish Sycophants is that you either end up with a ton of them who are useless (when fighting demons that aren't hard to defeat anyway) or none (when fighting demons that you really need to distract, but who are able to one-shot the fetishes or take them down with molten/plagued/etc.).

    Just my 2 cents!
    I actually disagree with the suggested improvements for fetishes; as I've stated elsewhere, I think fetishes need one of two fixes to be more useful: either they need to be unkillable and last the entire duration of their summon (possibly with a decreased duration for Fetish Sycophants in this case), or they need to actually deal some appreciable damage. I actually prefer the first option, personally. I really like that fetishes are less about the damage and more about introducing chaos to the battlefield in order to distract mobs and let me focus on kicking butt instead of having to kite around like a scared child all the time.

    The main problem with Fetish Army right now is that they don't live nearly long enough to justify their ridiculously high cooldown (I rarely have even part of the army last the whole 20 seconds, unless I summon them on accident when fighting normals). The main problem with Fetish Sycophants is that you either end up with a ton of them who are useless (when fighting demons that aren't hard to defeat anyway) or none (when fighting demons that you really need to distract, but who are able to one-shot the fetishes or take them down with molten/plagued/etc.).

    Just my 2 cents!

    I think the Fetish would be good also if they were just made Imune to all aoe out side of pvp.
    I don't think I have seen anything here for fixing Spider Queen.

    So here is my try.

    I think she can stay slow.

    Keep her stupid AI.

    And still be a fun cool fire and forget aoe poison dmg spell.

    Here is how I belive that can be done.

    I would steal some from Firebomb Pyrogeist. It's a fire and forget single target spell that do's about 106% weapon dmg

    I would have Spider Queen walking around spiting out Poison or Spiders that have an 8 yard dmg area on impact. At her current dmg level of 42% weapon dmg per second.That's a spell I would use myself.

    Pyrogeist would still be much better at single targets as I know from first hand it strugles greatly the more targets there are. And Spider Queen would strugle at single targets but do much better at large groups.
    Thanks for the suggestion. After further testing I found that you are right Fetishes die way too fast. They do need Force Armour like our other pets. And are they getting thorns and life regen buff from Fierce Loyalty?

    What did you disagree with exactly?

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    What do you think is the problem with Spider Queen? Is she not worth 1 primary skill slot?
    Thanks for the input. I can see Cloud of Bats working with movement speed. How would the other runes work with movement speed?

    Pick up radius is a good idea, and I think it should work with character skills in general, across all classes. That would give the stat it's money's worth.
    suggest they should reduce the wall pile-on and Zombie Nova cooldown to 9 sec.
    support life steal mojo
    support improvement on firebats, especially cloud of bats.
    Thanks Luffy.
    Pile-On at 10 s is fine. People are able to run a 0s Pile-On build. Dead Rush at 10s would also work.
    Love your ideas on the Fetish General, I used to hate the fetishes in D2 and I would love to put that kind of fear back into people for pvp D3. Not sure if someone mentioned this but I think toads need to be less random when they are cast out and faster. No one uses toads at all from what i can tell except for RoT. They should make the toads bounce similar to "roll the bones" maybe not as straight or as fast but somewhat zig zagged (to keep the randomness sense still there) and slower considering they would do more damage than "roll the bones" and there would be 3 at a time for a bigger radius of attack. Sort of like a weaker Bear skill that can go much further but slower and more sporadic.
    After playing with Pile On for a while, I would suggest:
    1. Reduce over all cool down by -5 seconds.
    This makes it possible to get the regular WoZ out once every 3 to 5 seconds with 4 pieces of near perfect gear. Getting all 4 pieces really reduces your damage though. I played around with a 9s cooldown for regular Barricade WoZ and got an elightened shrine. It's not a big deal to be able to cast WoZ every 5 seconds. It's not going to permanently keep enemies away. Also affixes such as arcane and frozen make a player move around.
    It's also a reasonable DoT skill.

    2. Pile on is a clumsy skill. Having 0 second pile on is not that great and it reduces your over-all gear benefits. With a 5s base cooldown, one can get two pieces of gear and have a 0 cd pile on without reducing your basic gear set very much (for instance mojo and SoJ)

    3. I like the idea of dead rush being 10s, 9s, or 5 seconds with my changes.

    Zombie charger:
    Reduce cost of the other runes to 1/2 to 1/3rd of current cost. They do 1/2 to 1/3rd the damage of bears, so they should cost less.
    I would consider using leprous zombie (50% LoH per tick and stacks) if it cost 1/3rd of bears.

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