anyone in australia still having lag problem?

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i was hoping that last night update will change the lagging problem.. i logged in the morning and everything works fine until the clock hit 12pm adelaide time and it start lagging stariight away.. i dont know whats wrong with this and i think its blizzard problem. i tried to complain to tpg so many times and when i do speedtest it''s all good with 25ms and 7.5mb download. the lagging only happen to diablo but not other thing. talk to customer support and they blame it on tpg.. i dont think its tpg problem for now because i saw ppl complain lagging everywhere around the world. im sure it's blizzard but why they want to blame it on our ISP ?
its still really bad.

think i got 10 mins of smooth game play last night before it was back to lagging.

then i have to put all graphics settings from high down to low. still lags and looks like crap.

what are our options here?

im in new zealand btw...
yeah I also have horrible lag. I'm also with TPG. I have a 8mb download and 30 ms ping.

ingame my best latency time is 300msec and im often playing around 500 msec and worse

I'm sick to @#$ death of it
Also with TPG spikes like crazy, gets unplayable. Sick and tired of it. Im in Adelaide too.
i also get lag :) sometimes 2-3 seconds
Until about a week ago I never had any lag problems that caused a negative game experience. The last few days D3 has almost been unplayable. My friends / family around WA are also having the same trouble. Can't be a coincidence, something is wrong on Blizzards end...
I'm in brisbane, and was trying to farm keys at mp3 solo. After last few days, d3 is getting shelved for a week or so, or until lag improves.
does anyone think that 1.0.7 will resolve this lag??

So annoying.........
Having played about 60 hours in this last week, I haven't had much lag that wasn't caused by my own connection.

If only they made enemy to player hit detection client side aswell like player to enemy hit detection is.
01/16/2013 03:29 PMPosted by DangerMouse
then i have to put all graphics settings from high down to low. still lags and looks like crap.

Graphic quality has no effect on lag...

My suggestion to you would be getting a better computer.
Yup, 3 days worth of lag. Today totally unplayable, can't even load a game, error 3006.
01/17/2013 03:08 PMPosted by Reverence
My suggestion to you would be getting a better computer.

Rook. I've been able to run graphics etc on the highest settings since i got the game ages ago. but for the past 7-10 days its been laggy, basically unplayable...

contact blizzard all they do is put you here:

it might have something to do with opening the correct ports on your Router / Modem.

For Example:

Port Start: 80 Port End: 1119
Port Map: 6881 Port Map End: 6999

Those are the digits that were supplied by Blizzard, but they don't work.

Well I know last week it was running well enough for me (250ms or so). I always get about 500-1000 when I first login, but it drops after a few moments. Sometimes the same when I enter a new instance.

This is from WA (near perth) running on iiNet Naked ADSL2+.

I'll check later and see if I am getting any lag today but it is normally pretty good for me.
Pingzapper, formerly WoWtunnels.
$3 US a month, and you get direct connection to locations in the US. I'm in NZ and I never get more than 250ms.

Also its free, but it will DC you after an hour.
Supports a lot of games now. I orginally got it for GW2 which was largely unplayable for most of the day.
i google information about third parties connection using ping lag something like that will cause ur account banned. so i advise better call blizzard and make sure before you want to try it. because last time i have one account got banned because i was using dragon naturally speak program which help you to type while u just have to speak on the mic. and this is the only third party program i have in my computer and my account is gone. they not even wan to unban me and say any ticket submitted again will not get reply. so guys if u wan to use 3rd party connection, better to ask them and make sure before u lost ur account.
Oh my.

Logged in to play this game for the first time this year and - I write this without hyperbole - the lag has been the worst I've experienced since playing D3.

I mean, c'mon, the game is still ******* up like this after all these months?!
Logged on again for the first time in about a month, and after the initial lag spike when you first connect died down i thought the game was fine. But then i started to notice periods of about 5-10 seconds of really bad lag that occur about every 10 minutes or so.

About a month ago when i used to play on the US server it was fine with no lag what so ever, and judging by all the replies to this thread id say its something on blizzards end.

Im with westnet and am in North Queensland by the way.
Nope. Melbourne, Bigpond.
AHAHAHHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA.... I can't believe there are people in Australia still playing this game. Blizzard will never EVER EVER address the issue of localised servers because they don't care. They aren't willing to compromise one iota of income potential in order to make the game better for their loyal AU customers.

This game will always be a laggy piece of bulldung so long as they keep servers 1000's of miles away from where we are playing.

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