In hind sight..Is going for High EHP a waste?

Ya. Haha. Sorrie from being irritanting. Those who had high fear proc EF, be glad you bought them. =)

Never regret one bit putting up so much ehp. And thx nike for the constant encouragement. :p
Bump for EHP.
Actually I'm killing like everyone on the PTR. I haven't had a single enemy I couldn't defeat. My EHP are around 8 mil with 48% dodge (warcry + sprint) and with only 34% block (lanterns lower my true EHP, so no thx). My DPS are around 40k, enough to kill some glasscannons with one hit. I got killed from glasscannons too. But most duels I had yet were strongly balanced and I killed glasscannons as often as glasscannons killed me. But not in one hit, no, some fights were going over minutes.

There is an awesome balance between DPS and EHP. The more DPS anyone has, the less EHP he has. The key is to find the right balance between them.

Here is a short video of my barb, killing some monks and getting killed from a crazy wizard with 2.6k lifereg. But he got what he deserved at the end. ;)

PvP is absolutely awesome. Just get some EHP gear and you will love it too.

Man could you possibly be the "super barb" that they are scared of??

Check ==>

EDIT: I LOL'D hard on this part

"I only had a second to look at his profile before he left.... I noticed two things. He only had about 50k dps! He was wearing a shield"

"I am afraid of him"

Looks like it might be him. If it is, no surprise. Pretty awesome. Glad to see there's potential for this class to dominate in PVP. Let's put our brains together, gents!
so the golden ratio is 8m ehp 40k dps? i guess everyone has been doing it wrong.
I think 8mil ehp is fine. Gratz to anyone who can get that. But 40kdps is not but still works. i am at 100kdps yesterday with full defensive buffs, and its not enough to take out monks in 1 or 2 shot of crit. Often need around 3. (without wotb)

LOL at the post! "BEWARE OF SUPER BARB 50kDPS!"
01/16/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Lorenze
so the golden ratio is 8m ehp 40k dps? i guess everyone has been doing it wrong.

@Lorenze - i think the guy whining is a noob lol, at the safest for S&B would be at least 2M/120-130k DPS raw to be able to compete with top tiered classes
Here's Quabble:

The incredible thing isn't just the EHP, but the life-regen along with Inspiring Presence. With that life, he's getting what... 5k life per second? Jesus Christ.
Ok i it is not our EU friend Quabbe but there are 2 clues on who the super barb is.

1. same awesomeness with Quabbe
2. its a chinese dude

check the thread again.
01/16/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Lorenze
so the golden ratio is 8m ehp 40k dps? i guess everyone has been doing it wrong.

Nah, I don't think so. But there are so many glasscannons running around these days, that you can't have enough EHP. So actually EHP > DPS.

Anyway, it's not easy to get much more DPS. I wont chuck out my "chance to X" stats for more DPS / EHP. But I am not really sure if these stats are really neccessary, when weaponthrow alone in combination with high aps stuns like hell. Will have to test this out. I also tried to reach 24% MS and two items with reduced CC timer, which are blocking some more DPS / EHP statslots. But it seems aswell pretty useless. WDs can still sheep me for hours.

Well, EHP I have far enough, but I definitely need to increase my DPS. Should be possible with some better rolls on my gear (which didn't cost more than 130m at all) and when I'm going dualwield. I'm switching to shield only versus high dps glasscannons for more true EHP. Not so much for the chance to block, which isn't really effective, when the incoming dmg is 1m+. Lanterns totally suck btw.

With really low dps it's kinda boring vs tanks, especially those with huge LOH or lifereg. When I meet those guys in FFA, I tend to ignore them and focus on the glasscannons. I'm not taking any dmg from other tanks and with juggernaught some clueless monk or WD is always going to cc me, which gives me permanently +15% HP.

Hunting glasscannons is a lot of fun! And fairly balanced in my eyes. Again, I am really impressed by the PvP in this game.

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