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Charm section in progress!
Charms - Talisman:

Okay, now that you have made it so far you might be thinking what purpose can adding a talisman serve. Add more build diversity? Simply act as an additional item slot? A new unique way to allow for crazy affixes? Well, the answer to all three is NO. Talismans should NOT be build defining, they should NOT have superrare and unique affixes and they are NOT supposed to degenerate into a second necklace-slot. So what purpose do they have?

Charms and the talisman have to be an entirely independent meta-game where players can make lots of small and cool upgrades that on their own might seem trivial but when combined create a unique sort of progression. So, how is that accomplished?

To see where this idea is going I'll have to refer to a popular D2 mod called Median XL. Medians charm system sucked, but that's not what we are looking at. What we ARE looking at is the ridiculous amount of affixes items could have. Items could have 20 affixes and more. Looking through one of these items could take minutes until you fully understood what this item actually did. And this was AWESOME! Items felt very unique, even affixes that didn't serve any purpose felt sweet simply because they created this huge wall of text. To accomplish the same thing in D3 we need the talisman.

At the opposite side of the necklace we add this cute little new item. When clicking on this item a new 3x3 frame opens. Charms (1x1) can be put into this 3x3 frame and so the max amount of charms the talisman can hold is 9. So when you hover over your mouse the talisman is going to show a huge wall of text with dozens of varying numbers. THAT is cool! THAT is the main purpose of the talisman. To have this permanently changing item that nobody else has in a similar way. Every talisman has to be unique, every talisman has to be more special than a snowflake. At the end of each month you are supposed to have the desire to show your talisman to your friendlist and compare it with theirs. SO LET'S GET STARTED!

We introduce 4 (8) charms: Ar, Bon, Cur, Del, each of those has an elite version (Artis, Bones, Curil and Delta) that has a little higher stats and can be created by combining 3 charms of the same type. The regular versions drop as rarely as a unique with 400%MF (= it's a joy to find those!) and have one normal affixes ranging from "+1% increased dex" to "+5 pickup radius". Elite versions are ~33% stronger and should only be hunted by hardcore players. Normal charms roll the affixes when they drop, elite versions roll randomly when they are crafted by Shen.

Unique charms:

Additionally to the regular 3x3 grid there are 4 extra slots located above, left, right and below the normal grid. These slots are dedicated to one unique charm each. The 4 unique charms have a corresponding act they drop in. Unique charms drop from unique bosses, act bosses with a low chance (1%) or from special events with a high chance (50%). The player can carry only one charm from each act. The unique charms have 2 random rolls from the elite charm affix pool and 1 fixed themed affix:
- "Act 1" - affix: 1%-5% reduced cooldown (50%), 3-8% cooldown (40%), 5-10% reduced cooldown (10%)
- "Act 2" - affix: 1%-7% increased random elemental damage (70%), 3%-10% increased random elemental damage (30%)
- "Act 3" - affix: 3%-8% increased MS (50%), 5%-10% increased MS (40%), 7%-12% increased MS (10%)
- "Act 4" - affix: 5%-15% increased damage of random ability


As of now you simply find a charm that gives +10 dex or 50 life... so what? that's boring!!!!. So let's add a little spice to that and bring back the good old runewords for that:
In addition to each charm granting this small bonus it has the potential to be in a charmword.Charmwords are a combination of runewords and charms and are the main way to add spice to the simple statstacking character of usual charms. The main reason why the talisman was scratched was because it didn't add any unique mechanic, it didn't add flavour to the game and that's why it wasn't a great addition. With charmwords you can have an entire metagame around the talisman that doesn't have a clear choice and allow for much customization.

Aligning charms into a certain order allows for the new mighty charmwords to work! Aligning charms in a row, in a line, or diagonally activates the charmword:

123 |000 |000 |100 |100 |010 |001 |003
000 |123 |000 |020 |200 |020 |002 |020
000 |000 |123 |003 |300 |030 |003 |100

Example: The charmword Ar-Ar-Ar adds 5 to all stats.

0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar
0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar
0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar

This most simple version of a talisman grants additionally to each individual charms' affixes another "5 to all stats" bonus for every column and row -> + (8 * 5 = ) 40 to all stats.

In an ideal situation there should be about 4^3 = 64 different charmwords that are made by aligning 4 charms in a row. So such a talisman

Ar Bon Del
Del Bon Ar
Del Cur Cur

has completely different bonuses if you even chose to switch one charm.

Unlocking charmwords:
Every boss can drop a scroll to unlock a new charmword the player hasn't discovered yet. The unlocked charmwords are listed in a seperate window, showing their bonuses and how to create them. Only after finding the charmword the player can use it.

So lets create some charmwords:

- Ar Ar Ar: +5 to all stats
- Ar Ar Bon: 1% of your STR added to VIT
- Ar Ar Cur: 1% of your INT added to VIT
- Ar Ar Del: 1% of your DEX added to VIT
- Ar Bon Ar: 1% increased STR
- Ar Bon Bon: Increases damage by 2% of your VIT (additively to your main attribute)
- Ar Bon Cur: Adds 1 second to armorconversion-timer (crafted recipes)
- Ar Bon Del: Increases bloodshield regeneration by 10% (crafted recipes)
- Ar Cur Ar: 1% increased INT
- Ar Cur Bon: Increases damage by 2% of your VIT (additively to your main attribute)
- Ar Cur Cur: Adds 1 second to armorconversion-timer (crafted recipes)
- Ar Cur Del: Increases bloodshield regeneration by 10% (crafted recipes)
- Ar Del Ar: 1% increased DEX
- Ar Del Bon: Increases damage by 2% of your VIT (additively to your main attribute)
- Ar Del Cur: Adds 1 second to armorconversion-timer (crafted recipes)
- Ar Del Del: Increases bloodshield regeneration by 10% (crafted recipes)
- Bon Ar Ar: +12 STR
- Bon Bon Bon: +10 STR
- Cur Ar Ar: +12 INT
- Cur Cur Cur:+10 INT
- Del Ar Ar: +12 DEX
- Del Del Del: +10 DEX

These are just a couple of possible stats.
Don't forget that each charm on its own also has affixes just like the charms in D2!


Ok ok I see. You just putting down a few combinations at some point you got what you need and you are done with it, right? I don't want that, I don't like this idea and I don't like you for having it... So we need restrictions. Things that make the choice not as simple and obvious as you want it to be.
The first one we have is that you won't find the charms you would want. You might think about stackin Ar-Ar-Ar in every spot and be done with it. However, chances are you will find much much better Del charms and you will start thinking where to put those... Or you have crafted an almost perfect Bones charm. You wouldn't want to miss out on that bonus, would you? Scarcity of awesome charms is a good restriction but it's not enough.
So we need to make the spaces more valuable:

0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0

Currently the most important spaces in the charm grid are the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. If you get your desired charms in there you will be saturated very quickly so we need
Unique charmwords

1 0 2
0 0 0
3 0 4

After the player has found all regular charmwords, monsters can drop special unique charmwords with a very low chance (10 legendaries = 1 unique charmword)

These are mighty affixes and add a glow to the talisman (green, red, purple...) signalizing that it is a completed talisman.

- Ar Ar Ar Ar: 5% chance to summon a fetish on every finished attack
- Ar Bon Cur Del: 50% reduced cooldown on summons
- Del Cur Bon Ar: Increases stat gain from charms by 10%
- Bon Cur Bon Cur: Quadruples the deflected damage (Imbue of refraction)
- Cur Bon Cur Bon: Enemies within your pickupradius burn for 10x your fireresist per second
- Del Ar Del Ar: Increases damage by 10% of your STR (additively to your main attribute)
- Cur Ar Cur Ar: Increases damage by 10% of your DEX (additively to your main attribute)
- Bon Ar Bon Ar: Increases damage by 10% of your INT (additively to your main attribute)

Charms updated!
These allow players completely forgo the current critchance and critdmg affixes by granting the player an attackspeed bonus and increasing monsters vulnerability. Items crafted with these recipes have NO critical chance and NO critical damage at all. They can not be imbued and can not be traded. Obsidian items can be created for the boots, hands, amulet and head-slot. They have 3 base affixes:
+ 100-250 Attribute
+ 1%-5% increased attack speed
+ a) Vulnerability 50-375 (80% chance) or b) Vulnerability 50-750 (20% chance) (Vulnerability: Increases the damage taken by target by x after each completed attack (% increased by dexterity-attribute (2000 Dex = 2000%)). This damage is added after critmodificators and is therefore not improved by critical hits.)
Along with these set affixes there are another 4 affixes (excluding crit,critdmg):
1. + 2-7 pickup radius or + 2000-12000 Healthglobes/potions
2. random affix from the current affixtable
3. random affix from the current affixtable
4. random affix from the current affixtable

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