Rate the monk above you - PvP version

Same as similar threads, try to use 1-10 ratings and advise on best upgrades!

I picked up a 6cold/30/12sw 1.6 spirit soj last night to replace my hellfire with. Other than that, this is pretty much my ideal pvp gear for the moment. Ignore the talents, it's still cookiecutter pve.

Time to show off those sweet pvp profiles!
I don't have my profile on.. just wondering why you would use a SW soj for pvp? I have yet to see a SW monk hit enough time in pvp to proc nadoes..

Decent life, could be much higher in a pvp setup. Hits a little slow in SnB setup. Very nice dex/dodge rate though

edit: why haven't we dueled yet
@ Scrapz

I know you're setup. Probably the more difficult matchups for me. 8/10
btw... i can't remember since we tested so many different things but i think the hardest one was one that utilized crippling wave?
good point Scrapz, I was just browsing sojs last night after the news that it will work on players and couldn't resist sniping this one for the perfect cold dmg and 30%. Ideally i'd want one with WoL or FoT but this'll do for now, and perhaps SW will still be viable with inna's set which I use.

And yes, looking forward to duel you :) I'm at work most of the night but let's fight sometime :)
Fight fight fight
@ puddinghead.

Dueler 10/10. Fast adapting. Very precise timing
Gear: 9/10 (only because I've felt the power of jco's gear, I'm forever scarred)

I think in my regular gear, cw was the only one that was able to break your stunlock. Might have to try it again with my gearset and jco's weapon to see if the loh does indeed help me.
@scrapz - 9/10 cause you use a shield :D

gonna beat u next time we play. one of the skills i was using was bugged so it wasnt working at all :(
Did you duel Scrapz yet?
The one I show on my profile is my preferred setup when dueling melee.

Although I have found that when dueling barbs, mantra of conviction, and/or mantra of healing (circular breathing) works just as well.

Vs. Range

I switch out EP to Dashing strike (either stun rune, or dodge), and SSS (sudden assult)
I would also use circular breathing. For passives, I would switch out six sense and use beacon of ytar, or chant of resonance
@dracolich 9/10 nice gear

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