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Since around 5:00 PM Pacific Time this evening, when I join a game everything is going smoothly as normal for Diablo 3 and then whenever I get out into the thick of it, I just start lagging out, and can't control anything until I am dead. I've checked my internet connection several times and it never moves. So I am positive that its not my computer or my internet provider or any other item in between. Any one else out their having this same problem?
maybe router ip reset? Ive heard people have problems if they dont have static ip and it changes.
i just got killed due to lag and i know its not my connection...this is annoying ..would be nice if we had some reliable servers to play on
Just happend to me, got my 5 stack mp5 heading for keywarden everything stops I'm still running around and bam, dead and disconnected. Now I can't get back in, something about server error something or other.
yEAH same lag in australia.
same lag in Turkey ..

Really congratulations BLIZZARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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