So getting one shotted is dueling?

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a) cap on crit (eg: 200%)
b) cap on cd (no infinite cds. sure it breaks cm and zerodog, but as a cm wiz, I think its better overall, serenity OP...)
c) give unkillable pets life. (eg; sentry and hydra, let players be able to kill them.. freaking sentries always kill me and the dh is nowhere near)
d) increase life regeneration
e) give all players force armor of sorts. (ie: after taking a hit, you become invuln for 1 second.) basically eliminate 1 hit kos and change them to 2-3 hit kos instead.
f) buffs in the buffs fall from the sky in globes. force armor globe, break crit cap globe, massive regen buff globe, invuln buff, monster affix buff)
g) debuffs in the form of globes as well , these aren't auto pickup with PUR gear, limited to 1-3 rad kind of thing..(eg: slow buff, take double dmg buff, drain resource pool buff) someone with good keepaway might hide behind these while allowing enemies to trigger them
h) no infinite stuns.
Suggestion, increase the damage reduction you have from armor+resistance by 25%
it is currently crap.

Blizzard, :

1) we totaly agree the class may be "unbalance"
2) THAT DOESNT MEAN every single spell must ONE SHOT

3) "infinite stun" or ridiculous stuff like that :(

your argumentation "its unbalanced we advert you" is really ridiculous.
You must insert a few damage reduction, like in diablo2 ..

i can't understant this.
Simple Solution: Only blue Items are allowed in PVP. Would be nice if we could go into the Dueling Arena and choose wether we want rare and legendary items allowed or only blue ones. That would give blue items a meaning and open up a new market for magic items.
WD & DH are too overpowered.

Fight between Barb and Wiz is fun, I like it. We are on par and had a lot of fun.

What ruins duels is invisibility/immortality skills.

DH/WD/Monks ruin duels.
* sigh * all you little PvP goobers running around p*ssin and moaning that there's no PvP...they put it out on PTR...and all you do is p*ss and moan about the way they did it. expect them to do a custom built game JUST for your satisfaction? o.0
i just look at it like this... blizzard was short handed and asked the public to help Deside what skills are better used, in this case alot of people are going for the DPS Builds as others are trying a EHP Build the thing i have noticed is Monk needs to Start off with atleast 100 Spirit, with 75 i Can only do 1 skill before i See a Person and Right now i have it on Dodge, cause 1 Shot kills are just BS, atleast make them work for it
01/15/2013 06:03 PMPosted by OrkoTheGreat
Diablo 2 did not have L/s or loh in pvping

d2 certainly did have leach mana and life. barbs used it all the time. it came from rings and gems. please do not be posting bs drible you have no clue about.
I think the most imortant thing is to nerf Crowd Control Effects like stun, freeze etc it is just stupid right now, and also if they bring back Faster Hit Recovery stat from d2 will be so awesome for PvP, sudden balance with only 2 changes...
01/15/2013 05:47 PMPosted by Lylirra
It was something the community has been asking for, and with additional PvP modes still in development we honestly didn't have a good reason to keep saying no.

Can you please elaborate on these new PvP modes?
01/15/2013 06:00 PMPosted by Lylirra
a lot of players are still dueling in their farming builds, rather than something that's been refined and tailored for PvP-style combat

so you're going to give us more stash space to store pvp-specific gear now, too, right?
Dueling isn't intended to be balanced, though, so don't expect a fair fight. That's not what dueling is about. There will probably be some match-ups in which you're one-shotted (this is a big reason why we have no permanent Hardcore deaths at the moment). There will also probably be some match-ups in which you one-shot other players.

How about a "Sparring mode" where players in Hardcore have the option to fight to 1% health and recover and a "To the Death" mode, where players agree upon a wager of gold. If you die it is permenant and you drop all your gear and the gold agreed upon.
Stop the suck

Your 30k hp 300k dps char deserves to be one shotted.

Try stacking some res/armor/hp and a shield, its funny how its ENORMOUSLY helps.
just let the game creator pick from 0-99% damage reduction and let the metagame decide what the best reduction is.
why not give a damage reduction for pvp. at least give every class the 30%

Like I said, we're not opposed to making changes, even ones along the lines of a universal damage debuff while in the dueling zone. The point of the PTR is to get feedback from players so we can make those kinds of tuning adjustments if necessary.

We've only got a few hours of feedback at the moment, though, and we'd like to get a better picture of what players' general experience has been before we start talking about possible changes. For example, I'm betting that a lot of players are still dueling in their farming builds, rather than something that's been refined and tailored for PvP-style combat -- which can make a difference. We also want to make sure that the people who are providing feedback understand what dueling is supposed to be (i.e. not a place you go to for super balanced battles).

Implement a massive dmg reduction I'm talking 50-70%, like how it would be if we had pvp armor on with resilience, basically it wouldn't matter if we're critting each other because our dmg would be insignificant enough to take several hits before dying, this will create a massive amount of depth to the duelling encounters. It will also create a ton of diversity with talents and itemization for pvp combat!

I think this was a no brainer, however I think your design team was waiting for the go ahead on the PTR feedback before proceeding with this feature....

I think it's safe to say, 1 shot duels is not popular, so go ahead with the implementation of the dmg reduction in duel zones already.

Some added features to consider:
Health globe drops upon killing an opponent, or increased health regeneration for a short interval (30 secs).

Cooldown resets on death, (this goes without saying how important this is)

Pvp shrines for dueling zone. Increased attack speed bonus, Godlike (immunity to all dmg for a short period of time). Stuff like this would add some more depth also and make the experience a lot more engaging.
Positive feedback time:

Since it's a PTR, devs should have put an invisible area based effect that works like missile dampening, affecting all attacks, covering the whole battlefield to axe ~50-70% of all damage everyone is dealing and start testing from there. Then, after receiving feedback, adjust how the aura-thing works.

I don't even had to download PTR client to know "n"DPS vs. "2n"EHP ends up in 1-2 hit kills. Maybe even playtest showed that, since, iirc, Jay Wilson said PvP wasn't fun. Devs should deploy the PTR already with a balancing feature included and reworked.

Ok, you don't fix until you know it's broken. But you also don't need to see it broken to know it would break.
01/15/2013 05:51 PMPosted by eviLal3x
The zero cooldown zombie dog build needs to be nerfed for both pvp and pve, its game breaking it needs MINIMUM to have 5 seconds between each recast of dog, no matter what reduction you have

You are kidding, right? The one gimmicky build the WD's have? And not even a majority of players use it. Unlike CM Wiz, or WW Barb or TR Monk in which most people use it and most people find insane success with it. 0-cooldown dogs is a viable build that requires some very, very, very specific gear for it. And that gear is no where near best in slot (the mojo is like a level 20 item or some such).

I don't use 0-dogs. Most WD don't use 0-dogs. Leave it alone.

WD is the LEAST played and least powerful class. It looks like we are going to FINALLY have a bit of success in PvP. We won't be the most OP. But we FINALLY won't be the weakest class.

Leave our one minority gimmacky build alone. Please?
01/16/2013 02:23 AMPosted by Lenks
I think the most imortant thing is to nerf Crowd Control Effects like stun, freeze etc it is just stupid right now, and also if they bring back Faster Hit Recovery stat from d2 will be so awesome for PvP, sudden balance with only 2 changes...

^^.. i think this would help PvP Alot, when i cant even come 20 Radious From Wizzard and im Dead, yes i understand i am beating Par LvL 20-60, but a Big key to this is i have over 60% Block, and over 80% with my Skills not co unting i have over 800 all Res So i should be able to get close enouph to use my dps skills but i cant even come CLOSE THE The Player...(pS)
i have BLind, i get alot of DPS Off before they Even Respond, i do like But it is Unfair...

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