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I just wanted to say after a couple hours of PTR dueling, im very pleased with the current state of pvp in this game. I think dev team needs to get us some actual "content" with similar wow type progession/gear systems. I know you guys (blizzard) don't want to make this an Esport but its more fitting than WoW would be as an esport (way less skills to balance) and could prove more fun.
This could put the game over the top and bring back masses of bored fans you have playing other games.

perhaps not a "boa" type of gear system but maybe winning "the scenario" = Mad EXP+Loot Chests for example. (think TL 2 loot chest chambers, like 5 chests explode with loot, perhaps equivalent to boss fight loot?) Just a thought. xoxo diablo pvper since diablo 1.
PvP needs a bit of work it looks like. I think 1-2 shotting ppl is a poor way to battle. However, I will say that PvP looks very entertaining (I've only watched streams). But something needs to be done about the problem that mitigating is almost impossible.
its fine the way it is they just need gear to drop after deaths and gold with some scoreboard for your profile of kills and deaths etc
01/16/2013 05:00 PMPosted by dannyboi
yeah its it is fine for WD and DH that the problem.

for sure, like i said some balancing would be needed but blizzard could figure it out. If they wanted to.

Guess what blizz, d1? best end game was pvp, d2? best end game was pvp, d3? could have better end game pvp then both of them with actual content (rewards, xp, bonus items, loot, paragon, titles, special banners, achievements, you know FUN THINGS.) just a thought.

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