My next big idea... for the socializing

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Okay, so in no way do I want to replace the chat system. That should remain. But I think there should be a way to enter and actual chat room. Like your character physically is in a.. I suppose a pub. You can walk around, trade, chat, hang out, whatever. You would be able to send invites, so your friends could join. I also think you should be able to play cards for gold. Buy chips from the bartender. Turn your chips back in for gold, with a 15% house fee of course. I know this probably isnt possible because of some gambling law or whatever but I think players need a place to chill out.
Social aspects of D3 have been gimped or removed altogether because Blizzard doesnt want you to trade, they want you to buy/sell so they can get a cut.

Like your idea though.
Ingame Tavern social area, im up for it! +1
I'll own and operate the bar

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