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Wanting to start a new char with some people with the following rules:

Self found items

Trading amongst each other is fine, we just not use AH.

I was going to start tomorrow but i can wait a few extra days to have a fresh simultaneous start. One dude is up for it but hes from the USA hence the playing times will be a little bit of a bother. I would be regularly on in the evenings (almost every night) and much more for the moment (out of work and soon a student :))

Come on, any tough players out there??

good luck with that
i dont need luck, I need friends!!!
HC in Oz is dangerous
Na its not been playing HC fromNz and I have not died once to lag!
What class were you planning to run? MP10 from the get go with no AH will be tough.... And I suspect it could eventually get boring, even with MP10 drops. I ran a self find only DH on SC awhile back and was fine until I hit act 3 NM game. Drops just weren't good enough to progress and I got sicking of farming for crap.

I haven't died from lag either, mate, though sometimes it's been a close thing.
Well as you wish man, we have 3 people right now trying to make a poolof player for the mode to be viable when ever we connect, so add me if you like


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