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Demon Hunter
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You got max gear, and put 99.999% of dh to shame. You also have over 10k elite kills too so there is that. One piece of your gear is worth more than my entire gear put together.

looks awesome
Dam that Demon Hunter Sexy
@MadKeith Good start but i would suggest to get a ring with CC and or helm with CC. Also switching to hungering arrow with Spray of teeth is extra helpful. Other then that nice work. 7/10
@Apathy nice manticore ! I like the fact that u have max discipline in your chest and quiver and still have nice dps !! 9/10
@Apathy, If i end up anything like your DH in the next couple months ill probably cry. Looks like you put a lot of work into it and nice job. 10/10
@Drew Coming along nicely. Upgrade those gems. Just keep upgrading as you can. Get that CC up as you will notice big changes then.
@grimdigital nice build also. only suggestion i would have would be to get a witching hour belt with attack speed. really other than that you have good potential. 9/10
@drew You seem to be missing a head.
Maybe going for a Witching hour instead of innas belt.
Pretty good gems. I know the 100% are expenseive.
@teloh yea im kinda inbetween buying andriels visage or mempo
9/10 Because a build can always be improve oh and Drew I'm a stun tank Demon Hunter I don't use Hungering Arrow though thank you for the advice anyway. :)

also edit lol
@MadKeith nice setup, i have never used a box in d3, are they any good? you should look to upgrading your helm, 19% extra fire damage isn't good in inferno. also a socket with life/xp bonus is really handy.

eh.. this is embarrassing idk what a box is lol, also nice set up i want that necklace I know the fire damage is pushing it but can't afford a mempo at the moment i also want a witching hour I keep ussually to my stun tank but this build i like also.
doh, i meant bow. haha

get new Andariels with higer dex roll
get new Inna's Temperance with secondary Stats
@frozenarrow Nice gear, I like how you're working in the black damage with the zuni boots. Have you tried an Inna's belt? You could probably get more DPS and EHP out of a nice inna's over that WH with the black weapon I would think.

EDIT : 9/10 btw...
7/10 i guess this is your farming gear....

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