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Howdy all,

So, the other night I realized I was boosting vitality way too much at the expense of damage and armor. At one point, vit was 24K while damage was 600, and I was having a lot of trouble with Rakanoth as a result (was taking way too long to kill him, and he was inflicting too much damage with each hit). I fixed the problem and was tearing things up for most of a4, but now, as I approach the end I'm starting to get slowed down again. So, I'm thinking of running Raka > Span of the Silver Spire to see what gear I can turn up.

Note that I only use in-game gear (found and bought in town), and so my question is more about how to balance DH stats and what numbers I should be seeing for each attribute at lvl52. I will use any input to help me determine which dropped items I should vendor and which I should equip.

On a side note, I have recently switched back to the templar from the enchantress, and I find I really like having a "front line". Anyone else prefer him to the other two?

Here's the DH I'm working on:
if you want to use only in-game gear, you should upgrade your blacksmith and craft some gear.

You should try to use a bow and quiver for more damage. Archery give you 15% more damage with a bow.

Put an Amethis gem in your helm's socket for more HP. Remove the gem in your amulet because strenght is not really good for a DH and put one for more dext or Vit.

Did you try Elemental Arrow? You should try it because it's a really good skill (instead of grenade...)

Try to find gear with Dext and vitality and required level near 52. Attack speed and Life on Hit are good too.

For your ring, try to find: base damage (ex.: 15-25 damage), dext, attack speed and vitality.

At level 52, you can finish Nightmare and start playing Hell. You will find better gear in Hell difficulty.

In Hell, try to find gear with All resist.

If you need some better gear, add me and I will give you few gear for free.

sorry for my english.....

Good luck!!
Nice, thanks much! I'll take a run at Diablo tonight, hopefully, and will join a public game if I can't manage it solo. I figured that was the case with items on hell.

Any insight regarding stat balance though? In particular, should I reconsider my balance between damage, armor, and hp, or am I on the right track?

Thanks for the gear offer, btw.
Follower setup: Scoundrel with cold damage bow( it's fastest weapon he can have). I find this is the most useful follower setup. The cold damage effect slow down those fast warping behemiths and those spider monkeys jacked up on mountain hoping around all over the place. If you find spare rings/amulets with att.spd. put it on him. Vits helps too.. he can't help you if he is dead.

For equipment don't overlook a good quiver on the off hand. One hand crossbow wields with a good quiver is good too. A good bow with cold damage with a quiver maybe a good change and it will give you at least 15% more damage.

If you are happy with the life points then use shadow power - gloom. This will allow to increase your DPS gain carefree. Gloom on and you can unload more shots and move only when you have to. Guardian sentry/Gloom/Boar companion together will let you stand and fight for the most part. If you don't run away and kite as much then you kill them faster too. This will allow to continure to increase your DPS gain carefree. Steady aim/archery/and sharp shooter increases your DPS. Put a green gem on your weapon to increase the damage or a purple one for life on hit.

Use vault with tumble so you use less Discipline if you have to vault twice to get away.
Awesome, thanks BV. Last night I crafted a rare bow (lightening, not cold) and found a rare quiver that really boosted my damage. Unfortunately the bow rolled str, not dex or vit, but it was still a huge jump. The quiver is right on the money. +96 dex, +136 vit, +31 int (meh), +.9 hatred/sec.

I'll keep an eye out for an equivalent or better bow with cold damage. And, if/when I find a decent cold damage bow that isn't good enough for me, I'll try out the scoundrel again.

I really like the the skills overview you provided and will have to do some more experimenting along those lines. The idea of standing still more is appealing ;).

I do really like using (vault && (elemental arrow/lightening bolts || stun grenades)) to frequently immobilize enemies and only rarely vault to get away. The templar is good in that regard as he provides a front line distraction that keeps enemies at bay to some extent.

Interesting about the weapon emerald dex boost will increase damage more than ruby +min/max damage boost?
For your weapon socket:
Emerald is good if you have a high critical chance (30% or more)

If your critical chance is low, you should use ruby for +min/max damage.

You should use Spike trap/Echoing blast. It's the best rune for Spike trap skill.

One skill you should try is Elemental Arrow/Screaming skull. This skill is not very popular but is very usefull vs elite pack. Put down few Spike trap, fire some bola/Hungering arrow and then fire Screaming Skull to push monster on your Spike trap. Really powerfull in a bottle neck.

I will play a little bit tonight, so if you want some free gear, add me....

sorry for my english...
Did you try Life on Hit?

It's really usefull. Some skill have better proc coefficient. For exemple, Hungering Arraow/Cinder Arrow has a proc coefficient of 1.3(one of the best skill for proc coefficient). If you have 200 Life on Hit, each hit will give you 1.3*200 = 260 life. You can have LoH on amulet, ring and weapon.
I've used screaming skull and really like it. May go back after trying some other things first. I switched to elemental arrow last night as per your suggestion and it's great!

I will check out echoing blast again, too. I did really like it when it first became available.

Thanks again for the advice and the gear offer. For now I'm sticking to in-game items, though. I guess I'm a masochist like that ;).
I was masochist to until I reach Inferno

I think playing with only self found gear is the funniest way to play this game.

However, when you will reach inferno, if you want better gear for farming(to help you find your own gear) tell me and I will be happy to help you.

TIP for Inferno: When you reach inferno, try to get gear with All resist. It's really usefull, more than armor. Try to keep a 1/10 ratio for your All Resist/Armor. For exemple, 350 All resist and 3500 Armor. If you want to have big damage, stack critical chance and critical damage and put a Emerald in your weapon's socket.

Good luck my friend!
Sounds good, thanks again! I will certainly keep your offer in mind if/when I hit a brick wall...

Speaking of ratios, that's actually kind of what I was after for general stats. What would be a good ratio of vit : armor : damage? For instance, I'm currently at about 1 : 3 : 7 (538 vit, 1403 armor, 3527 damage).

edit: maybe life : armor : damage is better? If so, my ratio is 34 : 3 : 7 (16,843 life, 1403 armor, 3527 damage).

Is this even a useful way to evaluate character balance? If so, what should I change, if anything? I somewhat suspect I need more armor at the expense of life, if anything. But, I need to play more hell solo before I can be sure.
For life, DH (level 60) usualy play with approx. 35-40K.

For defense, only look at All resist/Armor ratio. 1/10 ratio. This is the only ratio you should look at.

Then, play and look how many shot (hit) you can survive. If monsters kill you with 1-2 shot, you need more life or more All resist/Armor. Some player like to have a minimum life because they try to avoid everything and do a maximum damage (max DPS). Personnaly, I prefer to get a lot of life (and All resist/Armor) and less DPS, but I can survive many shot. It depend of your playing style.

If you want to try a tank build, max All resist/Armor, life on hit and life.

If you want to kill monster really fast but be kill by 1-2 shot, max DPS (critical chance, critical damage, dext, attack speed)

You should try to balance your def (All resist/Armor and life) and DPS.

I think a good target is 400 All resist/4000 armor, 40K life and 100K DPS.

I play with 525 All resist / 5200 Armor, 75K life, 80K DPS and 1100 Life on Hit (and 1200 life regen/sec) and I like it. I like to be tanky.... lol.... but my DPS is really low......

Some player prefer 30K life and 250K DPS, faster for farming but difficult to play higher Monster Power level.

And some tanky guys play with 150K life and 30K DPS. Long to kill monster, but they can hold position and never die...

It depend on your playing style...

Good luck!
I play with 525 All resist / 5200 Armor, 75K life, 80K DPS and 1100 Life on Hit (and 1200 life regen/sec) and I like it. I like to be tanky.... lol.... but my DPS is really low......

I like to be slightly on the tanky side of full balance. I think I'll use your numbers as a basis for my ratios and adjust slightly for my play style (boost dps at the expense of life and armor).

I'm finally getting some good AR gear, but rarely does it come with other affixes I, now I'm carrying around three helms (AR, Dex/Exp, and MF/Exp) ;).

Thanks again!

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