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01/14/2013 11:16 AMPosted by MikeHoncho
I think they went a little too far with RD. It was really the only affix that presented a challenge on anything but the highest MP levels. I was hoping they would just fix the minion/health link/pet reflect bugs and leave it as is. The only thing that will kill me now is the occasional molten frozen arcane vortex pack.

RD never presented a challenge it was just a gear check, and on off switch. I challenge is something that requires change in actions. Not just "more gearing". If you want a challenge play alt specs, or go a little glassy and go "do or die" style.
+1 to OP

I will add this.

Please review, all the cinematics of WD spells. I always feel that everything is slow. Everytime I cast spells I have the feeling that I open valve before I get any impact from spells. Everthing is slow.... Even if I get max movement speed...I have the feeling that casting time and cinematic are affecting my movement speed or should I say efficiency. Not the movement speed itself but I am always waiting after cinematic to start and stop. When I am casting I am getting hit really hard before cinematic start. It could help much for WD to survive high mp's lvls if blizz could fix that. They made somes changes about that in an older patch ( I dont remember witch one) but its not enough. WD is getting to much time to cast spells and unsnap from target.
well it seems from the datamined ptr notes that wd was completely ignored. at the same time our best passive spirit vessel is now available to two other classes who just had major dmg buffs to a lot of their skills.

Any way it is become obvious that none of the points form discussions we have in our class forum are ever reaching the developers or any cm that conveys info to them.

this problem is compounded by the fact that we are the least played class which means less people to bring awerness to the needs of this class.

I will be making one last effort to bring some positive change to wd by being active in the ptr forum. I urge all my fellow wd to make your voices heard in the general forum and the ptr forum.

Im sad to say but if nothing comes of this effort I too will be switching classes this patch. wd just cant compete in its present state.
I hate to say it ... but I've been considering going "mainstream" as well. I hate to think of switching BACK to a Wiz, but if I must, I must.

I love the WD class the most. I've played all 5. Defeated Inferno with all 5. WD just is so much more legit than the others. I always feel that playing the other classes I have to spec out a single build (CM Wiz, WW Barb, TR Monk, etc).

I just don't have the time to farm Paragon/EXP all over again. Plus I refuse to spend real $$$ on gold or items, and unless I get some amazing drops, I'll have to start all over again on gear.

WD is my favorite, and I hope to be able to continue to play it.

Please don't screw us over, Blizz.
WD are sad :
- no mana buff or fix regarding the Attack Speed problem.
- no spells buff (zomg bear); why not buffing acid rain ?
- no reworked DoT spells; WD are supposed to be the best DoT class yet our spell do little damage(trolololol barb with rend).
- no spine buff: could help our pet with that godamned "fierce loyalty" passive.

the "nice" thing is all the changes work to compound the problems facing wd right now.

new gem to be on pare with 100crit dmg is a attack speed gem. amazing for every one except wd.

new benefits for higher mp. hardest for wd with its mana problems.

That make me loled hard.
Our mana regen is constant; yet our spell mana comsumption is based on attack speed.
This doesn't make any sense.

They should make either :
- mana regen be related to attack speed.
- mana comsumption of "focused" spell not related to attack speed.

BTW; please bizz buff shield/mojo/source socket by making their socket act as weapon socket, please!!!!!!!

Everyone ask for a stickie of this topic.
I will support any pro WD thread in general or ptr. Would love to stir up a nice debate that might get some attention. Although I don't think there would be much debating. I seriously doubt the other classes would be against WD getting a mana buff and making worthless runes actually usable.
I've resurrected my previous work on the topic of WD mana issues, itemization, and cast animations in the new ptr feedback forum for one last ride into the sunset from a pve crusading standpoint. Have at it.

But on the other hand, one of my pvp sets at ~260k unbuffed dogs has more than likely made me the most untouchable character in the game.

Feast or famine I suppose, but after an hour of the saltiest tears that ever graced a cheek from the top barb, dh, monk and wizards, I realized I would rather spend my days tending to my fields and gardens in retirement once more. There is no glory in this excuse of a pvp. If they allowed it, I'd mount the head of every barb on a pike from Arreat to Tristram in a game of high stakes perma death pvp.
and i can see Chunk getting his monk ready...

well Im still hoping for some mana buffs in the detailed patch notes but looks like they decided to buff the strongest class instead of the weakest class lol

Was really hoping for some buff to pet doctors, specifically thorn and fetish builds.

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