In need of a friend

Hi , well i have just started a new monk it's level 30 ish and i would like to have some monk friends to guide me along with helping me in a gearing advice kinda way . Tried asking on general thread and it seems dead would be great if someone will be a friend as well chatting stuff like that it's really boring playing alone as all my friends have already quit the game
Poor monk.... I'll TR run with you. Just add me. Put your funniest joke in the message thingy.
I'm on a plane in a hour but ill be on tomorrow.
le k. LegitBeastin#1971

I would add you but I can't log in ATM >.>
i'll add you guys once i'm home thank's so much ! =)
I'm also somewhat new to the game. I started playing in August and my computer fried in November. I haven't had much time to devote to the game other than theory crafting so having someone to play with in the event I come back after my friends have moved on from the game would be great!

I value fun over efficiency if that makes a difference in your ability to put up with my play style.
Me, me, me... too!!

I only have 2 types of serious "moods" - objectives when doing Ubers, and my own version of exp runs on MP0. These do get really boring too.

Other than that, I'm ok with all sorts of experiments and goofing around in-game. Add me folks!

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