Fleshing out Heaven

Lore and Story
I myself am a huge fan of suspense and mystery, but I think Heaven, Angels, and the Angiris council deserve a little bit of fleshing out.

So the question is, what would you like to see explained or expanded upon?

My top 2 requests would be to delve into the Chalice of Wisdom and it's wielder Malthael.


In the following wikia page it elaborates that Malthael might have gone back to The Pandemonium Fortress which I find to be very alluring. I think if the expansion was released and they went this route I would very captivated by it. What are your thoughts on this?


My other request would be to expand on possible lesser angels like the ones you see through out your play through and even ones like Izual that were still considered to be of importance but lesser than the Archangels on the council.
I came back to say a few things. One: Post to my thread dammit! Two: The Pandemonium Fortress and Malthael idea can also be expanded upon to include Inarius since he mysteriously disappeared close by.
agreed. Ever since I read the book of cain and saw that drawing of Malthael I've wanted to know what he's been up to.
Malthael was the ArchAngel of Wisdom. We all know that obv.

"Wisdom shall be lost" <--- Prophecy.

What i'm thinking is that Malthael actually turn "bad" something in the lines of Angel of Death...

"Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all- as Fate lies shattered forever."

So this is either Malthael's doing, or none other than Tathamet himself.
Angels have Wings, Tathamet (the Dragon) has wings.

Either or, pick or choose ;p

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