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We'd love to hear which random events you like and why, and the first post in this thread provides excellent feedback, since it lets us know exactly what a player thinks works well and what didn't jive with them and why. If you have ideas on what you think would have improved certain events and made them more fun and engaging, please let us know. :)

1. Jar of Souls - awesome event. It has a definite beginning and ending (the timer is pretty clear on this), a clear objective, a reward, increasing difficulty as the event goes on, monsters to kill, and a stack of NV. Expand this!

2. The collapsing cave in Act 2. Get in, get your loot, or it's trash. Awesome!

3. Little girl. Yeah, it's great!

1. Alchemist's brother. I trek through a cave to find this dude's brother, then he gives me... 1 healing potion? Wut? (note: might have been updated since I last bothered with this event).

2. Merchant store / Save the Hut events in Act 2. Great, I just saved your tiny little family and hut from some bad monsters. But wait, they are normal monsters? No elite? No unique? Rewards? Oh, I get to BUY CRAP FROM YOU! YAY! wut? Terrible.

3. Pretty much any non-story event in Act 3. They're entirely too random, not enough rewards, and not enough clearly defined objectives.

4. Events in Act 4. Almost never any good, and there's no scripting to them. The areas are pretty boring as well.

tl;dr - Just look to nearly ANY Act 1 event and model after those.
Act 1: 90% Good events, well scripted, surprises, rewards (xp, loot, mob kills), etc.
Act 2: 50-50 mixture.
Act 3: 90% terrible
Act 4: 100% terrible
Not sure if this is true for all, but you don't get xp from mobs that spawn from an event. So I only do events if I have less than 5 NV. Sucks to get a 40 kill streak for 0 xp bonus.
The one where you walk into Leah's room, and she's in her underwear. It's a very rare event. Most of the time, she's standing there by Deckard, but roughly 1 in 10,000 times that you enter her room, she'll be in her underwear and practicing her dance moves in front of a mirror.

Actually, don't try it. It's a joke. Or is it? You never know, I might be serious. ;)

Aside from that, my favorite random encounter was the necromancer in Act 2.
the one in act 3...keep depths 1.

you get no experience killing all those skeletons for the blacksmith

The Jar of Souls and the Crumbling Vault are without a doubt, the best random events in the game.

The worst random even is........The Anvil of Sin in Act 3. It doesn't give NV, and I usually get a white or blue item at the end. What the hell...It's a real troll quest.
Okay, I've spent 4 days trying to get Wheel of Misfortune (starting at 4/10 and I'm at 9/10.)
I've gotten the foul lair three times.

In a sense, then, the Ancient Device is my least favorite event, but farming it has found me my favorite group of events, at least as far as rewards go.

I set my quest to "The Black Soulstone," leave, run across the bridge, and look for the ancient device. If it isn't there, I soul stone, warp to the "Ancient Path" and cross into the area proper and run up a bit to look for the ancient device. If it's not there, I soul stone and leave game.

Why is it good? Because both spots often spawn one (sometimes both in one game) of two events, both of which guarantee a resplendent chest: one in which you stand on a circle and fight dervishes, and another where you run through a spiral (you can ss out on that one to avoid most of the mobs.)

AND, if the veiled treasure spawns, you get two resplendent chests and a loot goblin.

As anyone might know, resplendent chests and loot goblins are the most consistent droppers of gems in the game. I get far more gems far quicker in this method than any other I've tried! Fantastic.

If I was going to actually say I hated an event, though, it would be the mini-dungeons in Act IV. The one with the disappearing platforms leads to a REGULAR chest, and the other one or two spawn a SINGLE elite/rare group if you run around them? Seems, like most of the events and cut-scenes in ACT IV, to just be unfinished.
Random events are best thing in D3, even better if they give achievements, who doesnt like achievements? :>

My favourite events are in a4, sadly they arent named and they dont give achievements, feels like that should be fixed, but who doesnt like rain of demons falling on your head when you build a floor from disappearing tiles.

Least favourite: One with spyglass, just because you can complete it in 5 seconds.
Random Events were one of the best additions to the Diablo series.

I haven't played in a while, so I don't remember many of them, but Jar of Souls was awesome. The timed Treasure Vault run was fun too, but the reward was very "meh" at the end, it was more lucrative to just kill everything in the dungeon.

If Blizzard expounded on random Events in the future, it would really beef up this game. Instead of having all of these boring Quests, "Go save my uncle!" "Ha! I captured Cain while you were on your Hero's errand!" blah blah blah, imagine having random Events that lasted several minutes, stretching through multiple areas, and providing substantial rewards!

You know that event on the Bridge of Korsikk where you have to help the Soldier dude defend against Demons coming over the wall? What if that event kept going for 10 minutes, and the Dude could actually die. If he did die, you were screwed and got no reward. If you saved him, however, he gave you his Armor or Weapon, a good Rare with 1 Affix of your choice.
I love the resplendent chest in the fields of misery with the trees around it cause I always just hit the chest and grab the gear then run like a lil school girl even though I could probably beat the tree guys.
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My favorites are the two necromancer events in act 2! Not sure why, but I just love running across them.

This, especially the one where you get the lore book that talks about how that necromancer is actually the apprentice of the D2 necromancer. It's just a nice moment of flavor. And of course I love the Jar of Souls too, although I wish that instead of the game automatically killing off what monsters are left at the end of the timer, it let you finish them and just didn't spawn any more.

As for least favorite... hmm... Probably have to go with Crumbling Vault or the Ancient Device because they hardly ever spawn for me, so it's going to take forever to get the achievements for them (especially Crumbling Vault since rushing through content is very much against my playstyle)...
Jar of Souls is absolutely my favorite, followed closely by the two treasure vaults in the Oasis in A2.

Also fun is the Crumbling Vault, also from A2, and the Wheel of Misfortune, in...again, A2. And I laughed the first time I entered a randomly spawned room...to kill the enemies in it and then have one of the worm caverns spawn in the floor of that room; yo, dawg!! It's a shame A2 got so many great events, given that in general playing A2 is not all that fun.

Least favorite...Holy Sanctum in A4. You kill all these enemies for no exp, and no loot. Even if you completely fill out the floor, even if you're fast about it and kill all the enemies...if the room spawned a regular chest you just get a regular chest. No elite spawns when you complete the floor. The chest doesn't upgrade as you fill in more of the floor and kill more of the enemies. Nothing happens. It's just a room with useless enemies and most of the time just a regular chest. Sometimes it's an "exquisite" chest, which isn't really much better (though again, I wouldn't mind the chest upgrading from Normal to Exquisite to Resplendent as you work on the room). The room had the potential to be something really cool, and instead it's just underwhelming. I want to love that room, but it's just a waste of time.


On the note of the underwhelming A4 rooms where next to nothing happens.... I hope that at some point in the future, you guys go back and spruce up A4 a little. I'm happy you're allowing us to carry our NV from A3 and treating Izual like the boss he is, these are a great start. However, the fact remains that almost every elite in A4 is still a Unique and thus worth 0 stacks, there are few elites of any sort in the act to begin with, and the side rooms are very underwhelming and the events don't give you stacks, either. A4 is a beautiful place and the whole thing just had so much more potential than this.
The Lyceum - does this count as an Event?

First, it's my favorite tileset of any act, so I'm already biased. But it's a neat looking above-ground area, and then it's a gigantic side dungeon with a cool-ish little mini-quest.

I also love the Tomb in A2 Oasis, where, again, the above-ground entrance is neat with the levers and a free boss spawn, and then a neat little dungeon underneath. It's nice for key farming because you get two NV stacks!

Least favorite? Obviously, the total garbage A4 side rooms. Some poor developer put in some effort in the little puzzle room with the permanent-making platforms, except they forgot to put a quest, or an NPC, or a freaking reward worth anything! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Fix. Act. Four.
tl;dr - Just look to nearly ANY Act 1 event and model after those.
Act 1: 90% Good events, well scripted, surprises, rewards (xp, loot, mob kills), etc.
Act 2: 50-50 mixture.
Act 3: 90% terrible
Act 4: 100% terrible

You can see how they got more and more hurried as release drew closer. Act 4 feels so half-finished.

It doesn't really count as events, but I just love the two ghost flashbacks in act 1 (deaths of Leoric and Asylla). Wish they had added more like this.

Least favorite is the act 3 stair climber. Blabla, and then the guy is killed. This just stinks.
My favorite event is also Jar of souls because you get experience, items, and nephalem stack. In my opinion these are the highest ranking reasons of doing an extra event and why you get excited when you see one. Bonus event should give Bonus rewards!
However, I really like the one in the fields of misery when you save the farmer and go into his home where his wife has been dead for some time and he keeps talking about and to her. Just because it is funny. You also get a resplendent chest! Bonus!
Least favorite is most of the events in Act 2 where you get no nephalem stack and hardley ever get anything good from them. I always skip a ton of them in the Oasis.
It doesn't really count as events, but I just love the two ghost flashbacks in act 1 (deaths of Leoric and Asylla). Wish they had added more like this.

Forgot about those. Loved them! And though it also doesn't really count, I also got a huge kick out of Imperius' reaction when Diablo reached the arch. I've never seen a more beautiful "Oh sh-" reaction out of something without a face.
Love Jar of souls. Also the large burrowing worm in Act 2, it always surprises and then you get to go in its tunnel. I know its the same as any other cave/dungeon but it seems like more fun.

Not a big fan of the cellars/cabins in Acts 1 and 2. Now they seem useless, no reward and the vendors are pointless.
I can't believe no one has said Development Hell! Just because I got to kill Jay Wilson and none of my friends have found it yet.

As for least favorite, any event that doesn't drop much loot. What's the point?
what makes a good event?

One in which both of these occur:
  • the monster density makes you say "OH S***t!!!"
  • the reward makes you say "SWEET!!"
  • Most exciting event: Jar of Souls
    Most disappointing event: Jar of Souls. -- it needs MORE monsters and at least one elite at the end.
    Least favorite: Act 3 spy glass (mainly because it is too short.)
    I'd also say the jar of souls. I loved finding that every time in the beta and I thought it was just the start in the list of some really cool random events as I would progress through the full game. I was really disappointed when I found out that really was the best the game had to offer.

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