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I sorta have a love hate thing for the one event in Ac 2 in the desolate sands, where you hit a device and one of ten things can happen. Getting all ten to occur has an achievement, drives me nuts.

What would lessen the pain is having an increased chance of something good dropping, which seems reasonable for the added time it takes to complete the achievement.
Finding stilgard in Act 2 which trigger the great rock worm maker is my favorite. Least favorite is the crumbling vault.
LOVE the Jar of Souls, I always get bummed when I see the matron.
One I hate? Didn't like the one in Act 4 with the build a floor. I don't even think I got a blue from it.
One's that are...well unique.

#3. The Crumbling Ruin. Any kind of dungeon run with time mechanic is pretty cool.

#2. That giant sandworm boss in the desert, after you defeat him, you go inside him to kill more stuff.

#1 Jar of Souls, mostly because of it's simplicity . Plus I think Diablo 3's style of game play just begs for a Last Stand type survival mode. Jar of Souls just gives me a taste of that and I want more.
I think an easy fix for all events that are player-triggered would be to simply multiply the number of spawned monsters by x10ish. Then, if the player does not want to fight for his life, he can simply avoid the event; but for those who enjoy an epic battle, this would make those events amazingly fun to play. I would imagine most people would then start playing the game simply to play the game! (strange, i know). And to make things even more interesting, when a player activates an event, have there be a rare chance that it spawns an extra elite or rare pack (or both) ...just to keep us on our toes...

...just an idea.
Random dungeons , i mean REALLY random and "farmworthy" could be nice events.
01/19/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Connatic
That giant sandworm boss in the desert, after you defeat him, you go inside him to kill more stuff

yes! there is another one of these in act2. you go into a cellar, and there is a huge whole in the floor. one person in our group walked up to the hole and said over skype, "what is this?" as soon as he said that, the worm popped out and killed him! we were laughing about that for days.

the problem, of course, is that once you have done there once, there is no longer any chance of surprise scripted into the event. It would be interesting to make the worm randomly appear, or have a chance for him to be randomly 3 times as large, etc... it is probably too much to ask if a GIANT worm can swallow you one time and then you get to do a level where you have to fight your way out of his stomach...of course, you would have to battle everything else he has recently eaten.
I would like a monster wave event that spawn monster if u are able to kill them in a certain time for example:

  • First wave 10 monster 15 seconds
  • if u success kill monster second wave start
  • Second wave 20 monster 15 seconds
  • if u succes kill monsters third wave start
  • third wave 30 monster 15 seconds
  • If u success kill monsters fourth wave start
  • Fourth wave 40 monster 15 seconds
  • If u success kill monsters fifth wave start
  • Fifth wave 1 elite and 20 monster 15 seconds
  • If u success kill monsters sixth wave start
  • sixth wave 15 monster 10 seconds
  • If u success kill monsters seventh wave start


    When time elapse without you've done kill al monster a tresoure chest appeare within number of item equal to the number of wave u was able to do
    01/19/2013 10:04 AMPosted by As03
    Random dungeons , i mean REALLY random

    YES! I know everyone has asked for an "endless" dungeon. But an endless dungeon would really be awesome. Though, it need not be endless. If it had a random number of levels, that would be perfectly fine. The idea that EVERY SINGLE DUNGEON IN THE GAME HAS 2 LEVELS AND THERE IS ALWAYS A RESPLENDENT CHEST ON LEVEL 2 just does not seem very random. It seems kind of the same...like, exactly the same...every time...every dungeon, regardless of which act...it is exactly the same. even if there are different monsters in the dungeon, and even if the dungeons look differently...they are all exactly the same. No one wants to play something that is exactly the same as what they just did.

    here is just a random idea, but how about this :

    1%-70% chance: spawn a dungeon with 1-3 floors (reward: resplendent chest)
    71%-90% chance: spawn an additional +1 to +9 floors (reward: large resplendent chest)
    91+% chance: spawn an additional +10 to +99 floors (reward: legendary chest)
    (obviously, we would need to play with the numbers to balance it)

    (this would obviously exclude actual events...these dungeons would be different and labeled as "a cave" or "a tomb" rather than "the tome of sardis"):
    Random events IMO should be harder and more rewarding, as it is now I just run passed them. If they gave a larger loot drop and chunk of EXP i'd do every one I encounter, of course the monsters should be buffed instead of just feeling like every other monster I run into with a snazzy script event tacked onto it.
    I like the wormhole,and the treasure room in act 2... randomness like that keeps the game interesting..
    Random events are all a complete waste of time. Why would anyone even bother?

    I guess to just feel like you are doing something different, I get that.
    +1 to Jar of Souls
    I hope they add more events like this or fix the other ones to be really rewarding and fun, waves of enemys are always nice to kill. :]
    01/18/2013 02:05 PMPosted by Vaeflare
    We'd love to hear which random events you like and why, and the first post in this thread provides excellent feedback, since it lets us know exactly what a player thinks works well and what didn't jive with them and why. If you have ideas on what you think would have improved certain events and made them more fun and engaging, please let us know. :)

    I skip them all. At end game they are pointless and just slow you down. There aren't enough of them, a lot of them don't have elites that spawn, you even went out of your way to REMOVE elites from the few events I used to do.

    Like much of everything else in Diablo 3, there isn't enough variety.
    Want something fun and rewarding ?

    Here is a simple idea everyone would love just for the sheer pleasure of getting a chance to do it.

    Allow the goblin portals to have a small chance to be entered, spawn a random dungeon with X number of levels from the hundreds of suggestions for an "endless dungeon"

    If it were up to me i would have the portal occasionally dump you into a small room with a table with a few candles and a sign which read, "Gone portal hopping, back in never"
    (Goblins are funny)
    I personally like ANY event with mob density. I think all events could be more fun with more baddies to kill. I think all the events could use more of a sense of danger. Even in act 1 "jar of souls" (prob one of my favorites) I can run out of the room before the event is cleared. The gates should lock or something like that (and quadruple that timer!). Act 2 has some cool ones also, I just wish they were a little better. Example, the one where you travel in a kind of spiral to an unguarded chest, I can open the chest and just run out past most of the monsters before they actually spawn. I would like to see there be a wall or something appear at the end and actually have to fight "a battle" with some elites and LOTS more monsters in there. Maybe some of those big rock guys, LOTS of them, just a thought. The act 3 blacksmith event would be a lot more fun if WAVES of skeletons charged out of the lava (or whatever that stuff is). I stand around waiting for the skeletons to show up. MORE monsters = more fun, better rewards, more exp......blah blah blah!
    Like : the farmer event in act1, at end "oh, it looks like she's nodded off" - the farmer's dead wife's skeleton head drops from the chair - that made me burst laughing 1st time, as i thought of it as real diablo humor, evil but funny

    Dislike :
    --when having to save 20 villagers in act 2, near end of act, sometimes i gathered up more than half of them, only to have the counter dismiss the quest before all run in and hit 20 - it was so hard to make it without speccing just for it
    -- want more act 4 events , not even one comes into mind right now--no i can't call ghosts turning into minibosses event
    01/19/2013 12:48 PMPosted by Tornado
    Like : the farmer event in act1, at end "oh, it looks like she's nodded off" - the farmer's dead wife's skeleton head drops from the chair - that made me burst laughing 1st time, as i thought of it as real diablo humor, evil but funny

    There are some like this with great character, but offer little in the terms of game play. I think if we add more events in the future, it would be nice to have some more skill based events, similar to Jar of Souls, but much harder. Ones that you don't mind repeating because you want to try and beat your high score, instead of hearing the same joke for the 1000th time.

    Story events like these are great, but only for your first playhthrough.
    i don't really have a favorite event but i would like to see more events. Its rare i find something i haven't seen yet. Perhaps you could start implementing bonus temporary events. Say like on a special weekend or something theres bonus events going on that give rewards you usually don't recieve.
    I like Act I "Development Hell" where is Jay Wilson, and i like to clear it. But most disappointing that's not rewarded... even when you smash Jay Wilson you wont get yellow item, even when you clear all map no yellow.. it's very rare Event and i think it should be rewarded more. :)

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