I will admit it Path Of Exile is Horrible!!!

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03/14/2014 06:19 PMPosted by Retloclive
You guys do realize you're talking to people from 2 months ago right?

No one cares for your input.
You were clearly looking for reason because all your issues are nitpicking and that is all. If you look at the game mechanics (replay ability) and the character customization abilities they blow Diablo away. However, I am not saying it is better than Diablo just that Blizzard could learn from it. For a free to play game that is roughly 5 year old, yes it has some rough edges.

Blizzard asked for our feedback so players are giving them examples of what they think would work in a new Diablo even if it is a other game that some of us think they got some game mechanics right.
- Huge passive skill tree
- Socketed gear
- Gems for socketed gear
- Charater customization
- Replay ability and so on ...
- OR just use one of the 15 standard class builds and have fun just the same

PoE has it all covered for all kinds of players.

However, your opinion is complete trash looking for an excuse to bash the game.
its f2p trash
[quote="75922599219"]I disagree with pretty much everything you said. The
I find Path of Exile graphics superior to Diablo 3's, and it's not just because it's darker and anti-cartoon. It truly does look better, and after playing for quite a long time I did not get bored of the graphics. The lighting is superb and that never gets old.

This is utter BS. It does not matter what you "find" or "feel" - the fact of the matter is that Diablo 3 is made from a budget so much higher than poe that makes it impossible for poe to compete when it come to graphics and polish.
I understand how you like the diablo 2 copied tone from poe - I too like the darker more gory settings compared to rainbows and wow-colors. But to state that the graphics are better is just wrong in any way. The tone and the setting might be more interesting to some, which I truely understand. Poe is truely outdated in turns of looks, polish and user interface.
this has aged well. LOL
04/17/2018 11:03 AMPosted by speTum
Well, after investing a good amount of time in both games, I can say that PoE makes D3 look like a smartphone ARPG.
The thing about D3 is the lack of depth. If you want to have an enjoyable experience, you have go for the meta. I'll use this as an example:

Last season in D3, to get into the top100 with Firebats WD, i had to use the exact same gear mods as the top10 guys. No more, no less. Well, if you have 3000+ paragon you probably can compensate that, but that's not my case (and farming paragon is dumb as hell, btw).

This season in PoE, i'm playing a melee witch that uses claws, and i'm able to beat all the endgame bosses.

In PoE, if you use a third of your brain and research, read and get into it, you can actualy build an archer marauder and enjoy all the endgame content with it. In D3, you can't even use a bow with a barbarian.
Also, in D3, you can farm all your gear by yourself in a day. In PoE, to get my melee witch working properly, i've farmed a hole month.

Different games, different playstyles. Both enjoyable in their own way.

My melee witch recorded with my 10yo pc:


Even D3 fans know a T6 isn't anything special ;)
But great work on a melee witch!
You buy too many MTXs, I'm jealous of course.
Nice vid, inpulsa's working as intended... to quote battery from Black Ops... Blow !@#$ up!
D3 is my arpg of choice atm. I just really like how premium it feels now that they fixed everything. But play it on the console for your full experience. PC version sucks in comparison.

I personally like poe. It's fun for free. It's got an engaging story and a final fantasy x leveling system. It's fun in short bursts.

I'm also excited for torchlight 3, made by the developers who originally worked on d2 & lod.

I hope we get a d2 HD remaster.

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