Black Ice Wizard a 1.0.7 Build (now live!)

Well Hello there!

I've been toying around with a blizzard farming build off and on for quite some time now so I am fortunate enough to have had gear to test with on the PTR.


Here are some items of interest
  • Perfectly rolled Frostburn Gauntlets (30 percent dmg to cold abilities)
  • 4pc of Tal Rasha's set (For the Cold dmg and Arcane Power regen
  • Offhand - Either Tal's or Oculus with high avg dmg and +3 seconds to blizzard
  • Pickup radius, pickup radius, and more pickup radius (I currently have 25)
  • Here's a link to the build:!WXa!cYYcaY

    Here's a link to the video:

    Here's a link to some footage of the build in action:



    ****MP5 Farming Footage Here*****

    This build has gone live and I'm now able to farm MP5-7 with very little trouble. I'd definitely argue this is faster at farming Demonic Essence than Archon/CM builds.

    I've made an adjustment
    1. Teleport - Wormhole instead of hydra. This allows me to teleport around without having to kill white mobs and just kill elites while farming demonic essences

    2. I've been swapping between Arcane Torrent and Arcane Orb for direct damage. I still find using Ray of Frost - Black Ice does more damage and allows you to create choke points very easily in Vault of the Assassin.
    I'm gonna give this a go in the PTR. Nice intro graphic btw that's pretty snazzy.
    It's pretty viable for low MP farming. I think this build could be awesome if Blizzard support it more, like buff the amount of damage or cc associate with frost.
    nice start, needs work -- effects of %CC RoF SoJ? Blizz %duration? AP cost and alternate AP generators? I'd experiment more, but nice start!
    I like the idea and I don't have the gear you listed but I am going to work at collecting it. I have some questions/observations:

    My gear is crap but I still cant manage without a defensive skill. I guess I will have to wait till I gear up.

    I seem to be doing OK without Power Hungry and the Pick up radius gear by switching Blizzard to Snowbound, I can blast RoF for quite awhile before I run out.

    Even with the cold gear I have my doubts they the frost hydra is better than poison, thoughts?
    Nice I will try that when patch hits, I always liked that skill just never able to put it to good use. The new buff seems to make it stronger so hope to face roll mp1 with that
    I'd like more insight as to the gear ect from someone else's perspective.
    So I spent 12M on a cheap set of tal rasha's to try this out on the actual servers. I also picked up one of these:

    I will report back my findings!
    I'd love to see a video of know....actually on MP5 or better. Just about any build will crush mp0 with descent gear.
    i'll be making one shortly
    Hi. First of all: thank you for this build. I like it and immediately started playing with it on patch day. I had the tal rasha set allready and bought perfect Frostburn gauntlets.

    After a few runs I (like yourself) missed teleport (wormhole) and got rid of Hydra as it didn't seem necesary. It's a shame it has such a long cd without CM though, so I'm still not convinced and seeking a solution for that. I thought about switching a passive to Illusionist, but I think the 3 passives you chose are pretty mandatory.

    Now here it comes:

    After running CM/WW (boring!) I ran and toyed with Raining Meteor this last month or so (

    I liked the Raining Meteor build alot, but it seemed a bit slower than your Black Ice build.

    Then it struck me that there's a 'cold variant' of the meteor spell: the Comet rune!

    I still had my Raining Meteor gear luckily, so I exchanged my 3 sec Blizzard Tal Rasha's source for the -5 meteor cost one and put back on my Skull Grasp and SOJ, which give -9 meteor cost combined. This costs me about 15K DPS on the sheet. I mostly ignore the sheet and really don't care that I run with less then 100K DPS. It's 84K now even.

    So I changed RoF for Meteor Comet and ran 2 act 3 runs on MP2. Until now I love it, even though I do run out of AP way quicker then with the Raining Meteor built. But Power Hungry really helps alot and because of the DOT's ticking on both Blizzard and Meteor Comet, mobs die really quickly.

    Another advantage of Meteor Comet, besides the huge (quick) damage obviously, is that it's AoE and goes 'through' mobs and walls.

    I'll report back here with my findings.

    Reporting back: RoF works better, especially on higher MP levels. Way more synergy and even with -14 meteor cost I kept running out of AP on MP4, mostly because of less health globes. On MP0, MP1 and MP2 it works pretty nice and it's a fun 'change'.
    This build has gone live and I'm now able to farm MP5-7 with very little trouble. I'd definitely argue this is faster at farming Demonic Essence than Archon/CM builds.

    I'd be willing to hear your argument.
    Been using a RoF build for a bit now. Recently swapped out meteor for blizzard and loving it. If I swap to black ice I will probably cool down on the ias a bit and go for more cd/cc/dmg in order to help with arcane management.
    Why aren't you using didtinigrate?
    Mp 7 with 99k dps.....if you do not die I don't see you farming mp 7 very fast with low dps good ideas though.
    not really low. 94k unbuffed.

    plus buffs - magic weapon, familiar.
    plus frostburn 30%
    plus set bonus 3%

    how about ubers? bosses?
    I feel like my dps is lacking a bit using this but I really like the idea of it. I do switch it around some for UBERS, prismatic armor and sometimes teleport. Still fine tuning it.

    Would anyone be kind enough to look at my gear and give me a few suggestions on how to increase my dps in a cost effective way? I don't have tons of cash so I am probably capped out till i get lucky on a 100mil legendary drop. If there is a solid, clear upgrade I would love to hear it. Thanks guys
    I tried this build last night and it's pretty fun...and finally gives me a reason to use my RoF crit items. :P Getting a nice cascade of Black Ice will tear a group of mobs to pieces.

    With three sources of APoC I didn't need the regen bonus from Tal's set at all. Probably will try again with just two APoC sources tonight.

    Frost Hydra is definitely superfluous to this build, I used Teleport instead.

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