Are shields useful for PvP ?

Witch Doctor
Int/Vit Shields used to be dirt cheap, and probably still are.

Does it matter for us ? I know best Barbs/Monks are SnB, but what about us ?
Defense is nice but I can't imagine ever sacrificing the stats on a mojo.
I mean....a shield with 200 int, 300 vit, 10%cc, 1200 armor and 20% block is cheap for what it is.

yeah mojo gives you a lot more DPS, but right now...if haunt can DoT some toons to death off one cast in PvP, I dont see a reason to have huge DPS'll still two-shot players and will definitely one-shot non-EHP based toons off a crit.
1h+shield is a change for WD. so far it's fun, but not worth the trade off 1v1 imo. i think 1h+shield will be viable when team pvp comes out. a WD can spec cc/survival while teammates dps or could spec cc/dps. w/e is optimal for the team
does haunt crit? i dont see it pve against white mobs or champ packs....
^ I believe haunt does crit, it just doesn't show yellow numbers.

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